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    Chris Cuomo Decides to Not Report Indiana Polls Primary Morning Says They’re All Over the Place

    May 3rd, 2016

    This morning of voting in the Indiana primary, Chris Cuomo on CNN said he wouldn’t report the latest polling results going in because “they are all over the place,” while the other networks are saying it’s Trump for sure, so what does Cuomo know, or is he schilling for Cruz?


    Mainstream Geologists Archaeologists Dependent on Agendas Say Wide Range of Time for End of Ice Age

    May 3rd, 2016

    Before much was known and considered about what of humanity was flooded when the Ice Age ended, mainstream scientists said the Ice Age ended circa 12000 b. c., but when the submerged ruins of bronze age vintage in various parts of the world became well known, the “experts” were forced to lop about 6,000 years off their date to circa 6000 b. c., in order to try to rationalize the overwhelming evidence that the Ice Age ended much later than they are admitting.


    British Flood Legends in Arthurian Days Shouldn’t That Be Same Time as Dogger Bank Submergence?

    May 3rd, 2016

    Mainstream british scientists say the Dogger Bank circa 8000 b. c. was consumed by the sea level risen when the Ice Age ended, while british legends say the sea level rose to consume Lyonesse, Cantre ‘r Gwaelod, and the kingdom of Ys in Arthurian times circa 500 a. d., so which is the truth, or neither? It’s apparent the legends are based on fact (the sea level did rise when the Ice Age ended), so perhaps the real timeframe is somewhere in between? The book Oera Linda of the Frisians (Holland) gives us a better idea of when it happened, when Atland was consumed by the sea, some of which was the Dogger Bank, and some on the other side of Britain too.


    Apple of Elysian Fields Supposedly Garden of Eden Fruit Like Avalon Paradise to West Where Sun Sets

    May 2nd, 2016

    The greek Elysian Fields far to the west, paradise, where the sun sets, were of the same concept as Avalon, the arthurian paradise to the west, Avalon meaning fruit, not necessarily the apple which came from such as gallic avallo or ubull for fruit but for fruit in general, such as tangerines, the “golden apples” of Tangiers.


    Look at Second Ballot Primary Delegate Voting as Replacement for Logistically Impossible Runoffs

    May 2nd, 2016

    In elections with several candidates and none achieving fifty percent of the vote, runoff elections of the top two finishers ensue, which would happen if Trump cannot get to fifty percent of the delegates by convention time, but because runoffs in all the primary states would be logistically impossible, we can view the second ballot voting at the convention the runoff. Now considering whether Cruz or Trump head-to-head would win if all the states voted again choosing between only those two, it’s similar to the climate at the convention for a second ballot if it will be.


    If the Ocean Heated Up Again by Geothermal Activity then Ice Age Would Come Again Only That Way

    May 2nd, 2016

    Imagine that the volcanic activity on the seafloor would so greatly increase that the temperature of the world ocean would increase markedly, then we’d have another Ice Age, its intensity dependent upon the amount of heating from below, now analyze this simple hydrology as you try to think of anything else which would cause such prolific snowfall.


    Ice Age Dogger Bank Pastures Swamps Forests Streams Mastodons Mounds and Standing Stones

    May 2nd, 2016

    Studies on the Dogger Bank (now submerged in the North Sea) show that during the Ice Age, when the sea level was a few hundred feet lower, it was a land of rolling hills, streams, swamps, forests, and large mammals such as mastodons, along with ditches surrounding mounds and standing stones built by humans, also their tools, showing that during the Ice Age, near the ocean, because it was warmer (in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood), the coastal climate there though rainy was balmy because of the much greater cloud cover, for cooler summers and warmer winters.


    Istrian Peninsula Into Adriatic as Ister Danube Into Black Sea Name Known to Thracians of Balkans

    May 2nd, 2016

    The iron age Illyrians controlled from the Istrian peninsula in the Adriatic across the Balkans to the Ister river which is the Danube flowing into the Black Sea, the Illyrians who were of pelasgian stock (semitic of Peleg), so they probably brought the name Ister like Ishtar, after the Tower of Babel, to the Balkans during the Ice Age, that name Ister there learned by the Thracians (progeny of Tiras a son of Japheth) who used that name for the river, and later, the name Danube used for the Ister, named for the tribe of Dan who began to aggressively settle the region circa 1300 b. c. The name Dneister river to the east of the Danube/Ister seems a combination of the two.


    Who Wouldn’t Have Expected Contested Presidential Convention Beginning with Seventeen Candidates?

    May 2nd, 2016

    When seventeen candidates were running in the republican presidential primaries, what kind of moron would not have expected or at least seen the distinct possibility that no candidate would gain half the delegates before the convention?


    Islands of Scilly and Seven Stones Hilltops of Ice Age Land’s End Peninsula Extended Thirty Miles

    May 1st, 2016

    Unless you want to believe that “neolithic” people sailed 30 miles out to the islands of Scilly to entomb their dead, the obvious conclusion is that those burials occurred when the islands were highlands of the peninsula of Cornwall extended to the west over 30 miles when sea level was much lower during the Ice Age, certainly bolstering this notion that extensive ruins of stone houses, boundary walls, and buriel cairns are submerged between Scilly and Land’s End (mainland), halfway between the Seven Stones around which were legendary settlements.