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    Three Sections of Time Though Six Thousand Years Progressive Revelation Lamb of Salvation

    November 26th, 2014

    Two thousand years after Elohim killed a lamb to cover Adam and Eve in their guilt, Abraham was willing to kill Isaac on Mount Moriah, Isaac ‘though substituted by a lamb provided by Elohim saving his life, then two thousand years later, the Lamb of Elohim, Jesus Christ, was sacrificed for all who will receive Him, and now, two thousand years after the Resurrection, today is still the day of salvation.


    Ending Age of Grace Evangelism Good Strategy to Point Out Unlikely Ancient Predictions

    November 26th, 2014

    The soon to manifest predictions in Ezekiel 38 and then in the Revelation are great starting points for evangelism today, prophecies recorded anciently but now surely coming to pass.

    We are about 6,000 years from the six days of creation, the last 2,000 the so-called age of grace, when all who will receive Him are saved.


    After Atlantis Canaanite Phoenicians Explored Whole Earth Evidence Libyco Berber Script

    November 25th, 2014

    Google search Barry Fell Libyco Berber Script to learn about the many inscriptions by Canaanites in the Americas, the Berber language which resembles Basque, the modern remnant of Atlantean language (Atlas progeny of Canaan).

    By the proliferation of alphabetic writing from the Phoenicians throughout the Mediterranean not until after the Ice Age circa 1400 b.c., probably almost all of the Libyco Berber script etched in stone in the Americas was after that time.


    Camels Not Needed in Sahara and Arabia Until Iron Age When Deserts Formed Biblically

    November 25th, 2014

    Striking is that camels were not widely used in the Sahara until the time of Christ, which really proves that it was much wetter there just centuries not millennia previously.

    Camels were used as pack animals for their size and strength by such as Abraham in the Levant, no doubt in Arabia too for long hauls at that time, but they were not needed for reason of water until the great deserts of the world were fully developed in the iron age.


    Ferguson Missouri Program for Change Essay Contest Legal Pros and Cons of Michael Brown Case

    November 25th, 2014

    To encourage scholarship and civil participation in Ferguson, Missouri, an essay contest on the Michael Brown case for prize money would be great, the winning essays to be published by perhaps major regional newspapers.

    The grand jury testimony is online, so that with the law could be analyzed by interested people in Ferguson wanting that prize money too, seed money for perhaps new businesses in the Ferguson area.


    Progeny of Joktan at Al Magar of Empty Quarter Started Arabian Horse Breeding and Falconry

    November 25th, 2014

    Al Magar is a remarkable archaeological site in western Saudi Arabia where today only a few inches of rain falls per year in that stark desert, but where anciently flourished sheep, ostriches, horses, ibex, fish, and falcons, depicted in petroglyphic art and statuary found at the site beside an ancient riverbed just above where was a waterfall.

    An arabian dagger of stone was found there which with the falconry and horse-breeding loved by the Arabians is their direct link to the Ice Age, having ended actually at the time of the Exodus, when ancient Ubar a few hundred miles to the east also turned to windblown sand.


    Ice Age Hydrology Biblical for Millennium of Cool Down of Post Noah’s Flood World Ocean

    November 25th, 2014

    On average the world ocean is 50 deg. (F.), much of it very deep and cold, now imagine it on average 80 deg. (F.) top to bottom, having been heated from below.

    Think of the evaporation off that much warmer ocean worldwide, that was the Ice Age, and when you calculate how long it took to cool to 50 deg. from 80 deg., it was in about a thousand years, cooled down when the Ice Age ended.


    Inventor of Archaeometer Crichton Miller Says Precession Rate Anciently Figured in Decade

    November 25th, 2014

    Crichton Miller patented the archaeometer, a backup navigational device taken from the ancient wheel and cross (“celtic cross”) reconstructed by the design of the Dixon Relicts discovered over a century ago in the Great Pyramid.

    Miller says the ancients determined the precession rate of the earth’s axis (72 years/degree) in about ten years of measure, but they needed to have known the fact that the axis of the earth precesses, undoubtedly by revelation.


    If Michael Brown in Ferguson Had Been White Man Then How Would Things Be Different?

    November 25th, 2014

    If a 6′ 4″ 290 lb. white thief punched a black police officer and tried to grab his gun, then ran, only to attack again, would blacks riot in the streets if the black officer had shot the rampaging white giant?


    Roberto Mortari Pelasgian Finger Proves Bronze Age Transatlantic Voyages to South America

    November 24th, 2014

    Certainly google search Pelasgian Finger Roberto Mortari to know that the Pelasgians who built the great cyclopean stone complexes in Greece and Italy also built those of Tiwanaku and Machu Picchu in South America.

    Mortari says Pelasgus (Peleg) must have lived circa 10000 b.c., when he says bronze was being made, really in the 2000 b.c. timeframe, during the Ice Age and after.