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    Becoming Born Again Does Not Require Moral Behavior But You’ll Then Want to Behave

    April 23rd, 2014

    When one repents, it’s coming into agreement with Elohim about sin, changing one’s mind to His about sin, so upon becoming born again by asking His forgiveness of sins, newly arrived Spirit within hates that one sins again, yet Spirit now present forgives then helps the person know how to fight temptation.


    Healing Power Creator Preached Practiced Uniquely by Historical Resurrected Messiah Jesus Christ

    April 23rd, 2014

    What other faith movement but Christianity claims that the Creator is a loving healer whose main physician is the Son who actually sacrificed Himself in this fallen world so people could be healed in eternity and sometimes healed here in life in the physical realm by Spirit?

    Thousands witnessed the healings by Jesus in Israel, the accounts in the Gospels distributed near the time of those miracles not contested, and millions in the world today by His Spirit are healed too, nothing like it in the other religions, great proof that He is the Way.


    Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter Ken Ham Adrift on Atlantis History Ancient Mapping Submerged Ruins

    April 22nd, 2014

    Do you think how the ancients were able to accurately measure the earth and thereby navigate and map it is important to the timeline of history according to young earth creationism? ┬áIs the Atlantis mystery solved according to the biblical template and Plato’s own words important to showing biblical history reliable?

    Ken Ham has ignored these solutions, so now he looks way behind the times, even ignoring the submerged ruins found in many parts of the world which prove the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c.

    When Ham eschewed the ancient mapping finding several years ago, the finding under Earth Measure Geometry at the foundation website which explains why the royal cubit of 20.632 inches was used for Noah’s Ark, Ham locked himself into anything but, so he went with the obscure Nippur cubit of 20.4 inches, the Ark of his park to be five feet too short, and he’ll never explain how the ancients settled the earth so quickly after Noah’s Flood without accurate navigation.


    Ark Encounter Project by Ken Ham May Be More About His Ego Legacy Than Global Evangelism

    April 22nd, 2014

    With electronic media available to reach the world for Jesus Christ, why Ken Ham decided to try to raise over a hundred million dollars to build a Noah’s Ark theme park remains a mystery.

    Ham seems determined to become a legend in America, his Ark Encounter project which would be the great feather-in-his-cap if only he could accomplish it, now floundering it seems.

    He refuses to say how much money has been raised for use on the project, and continues to avoid setting a date for groundbreaking, so perhaps what Ham thought was the will of Elohim in reality was his own ego speaking.

    Perhaps Elohim views Noah’s Ark, its ruins on Mount Ararat, too sacred to be emulated then turned into a theme park at the cost of many millions of dollars, but that’s between Him and Ham.


    Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis Refuses Geometry Ancient Mapping Solution for Noah’s Ark Cubit

    April 22nd, 2014

    Several years ago, the solution to the real meaning of geometry, that’s geo metry (earth measure), for the length of the royal cubit, was refused by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, the solution under Earth Measure Geometry at the foundation website.

    If he would adopt this solution, his Ark Encounter project would take on a whole new dimension, the real length of the cubit by the stars according to the precession rate of the earth’s axis, how they measured and mapped the earth in ancient times, before and after the flood.


    Ken Ham Bores Answers in Genesis Readers with Constant Comparison of Noah Movie to Ark Encounter

    April 22nd, 2014

    The readers at the Facebook pages of Answers in Genesis and Ken Ham are growing weary of the constant chatter over there about Paramount’s movie Noah, about whether the readers would rather support that deeply flawed movie or the Ark Encounter project, their huge replica of Noah’s Ark as a tourist attraction for which they are trying to raise money.

    The movie Noah has grossed domestically about $100,000,000, near what Ham needs for his Ark Encounter, yet the status of the fundraising for the Ark Encounter remains a mystery, the bond offering having closed almost three months ago, but no announcement of when the groundbreaking nor how much was raised from the bond offering.


    Land of Shinar Tower of Babel Was Thousand Miles From Ice Age Ocean Shoreline After Noah’s Flood

    April 22nd, 2014

    When the survivors of Noah’s Flood and the first few generations born after the flood descended from the Zagros mountains (from the east) into Mesopotamia, the land of Shinar, what nearby now is the Persian Gulf was a land of freshwater marshes with a great river running through it, down from Mesopotamia, so they built nowhere near the ocean, apparently many not fully trusting that the ocean would not again cover the earth.


    What Would the Word Jesus Christ Tell Pastors Who Preach Old Earth Creationism for Genesis History?

    April 22nd, 2014

    Wouldn’t Jesus Christ the Word tell pastors teaching old earth creationism that many more generations would be in the book of Genesis back to Adam and Eve if what they are teaching were true?


    Noah’s Flood Survivors Stayed in Mountains Afraid of More Water Then Entered Shinar from East

    April 21st, 2014

    Although Noah knew Elohim would never again flood the whole earth by water, after the flood perhaps all of the survivors of the flood including Noah and their earliest progenies stayed in the mountains for a few decades until they entered the plain of Shinar from the east.

    The mountains of Ararat in eastern Turkey are to the northwest of Shinar of Mesopotamia, so from the east was from the Zagros mountains of what would become the land of Elam, the survivors having stayed at elevation across the Kopet Dag of the southern Caspian down to the Zagros.


    Religious Organizations Acknowledging Resurrection of Jesus But Harmfully Not Necessity Born Again

    April 21st, 2014

    Think of all the religious organizations which teach that Jesus did resurrect but not that one needs to be born again to gain salvation.

    Large churches and even whole denominations go without preaching the necessity of being born again, so what Jesus taught very clearly is ignored by all those organizations, and what is their purpose?