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    Wikipedia Says Sidon Means Fishing Place Not Son of Canaan Confirmed a Man by Philo of Byblos

    April 6th, 2017

    One of Canaan’s sons in Genesis 10 is Sidon, become known as Posidon, but Wiki says Sidon just means fishing place (from the arabic name Saida), not a canaanite person’s name, which is shady for sure considering Philo of Miletus said that Canaan (meaning low place to Wiki) was in fact a real person, so why not Sidon too?


    Required Miracle for Matter to Appear Out of Nothing so Whom Else is There But Benevolent Creator?

    September 27th, 2016

    Viewing the wonderful beauty and intricate design evident in nature, and considering that matter having come from nothing could thereby have happened by only a timeless Creator, the perfect world though now fallen could be deduced and is confirmed by the Word, the Creator’s love story of sacrifice for the creation fallen to see salvation.


    Salon Magazine’s Calling Ted Cruz a Wingnut is Like Adolf Hitler Labeling Winston Churchill Irrational

    November 15th, 2015

    Ted Cruz is a wingnut according to Salon Magazine, put in the same category as Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan we suppose.


    Geomorphology What Did Earth World Look Geology Like Right Immediately After Noah’s Flood Continents How Ocean Water Runoff Drainage Aftermath Deluge Landmasses Separation Pangea Prediluvial Global Map Environment Ecosystems Bible Book History Genesis

    August 20th, 2012

    They laugh that Noah’s Flood must have covered mountain ranges such as the Himalayas even ‘though the geology tells them that the mountains of sedimentary layers were uplifted after those layers had been laid down in water, by definition sedimentary, so once this fact is made clear that the mountain ranges rose after the layers of sediments composing them had been deposited, then it’s obvious that Noah’s Flood fills the bill, much to the chagrin of the uniformitarians.

    Read much more about the dynamics of the flood and the dating of it here http://globalflood.org, and to see the geomorphology of the earth during the Ice Age which followed the geothermal event Noah’s Flood, be sure to checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, making sense of the fact that bronze age ruins are now found in vast deserts, from the time when those regions were green with pastures and streams, and great inland lakes which long since have all dried up.

    After Noah’s Flood, when the ocean was much warmer than today, the dense cloudcover immeditiately was dumping much snow in the extreme latitudes and much rainfall where now are deserts such that remnant floodwater trapped in basins such as that of Lake Chad and the Great Salt Lake were greatly enhanced by the heaving precipitation during the Ice Age, present day deserts then were lush with greenery fed by rainfed artesian springs, where now are mere wadis.

    Importance Relevance Humankind History Table Nations Genesis Veracity Foundation Biblical Old Testament Chronology Preaching Teaching Whole Truth Scriptures Generations Lineages Good News Jesus Christ Word Ancient Sacrifice Sin Atonement

    April 18th, 2012

    When most preachers discuss for instance the life of Abraham, yet in other discussions say Noah’s Flood was probably not as described in the Bible (havng covered the earth), they make specious their claim for the historicity and significance of of the life of Abraham, who was just ten genertions from Noah and the eight survivors the global flood, because after all, what should be the significance of Abraham had he not been in the line of Shem (Semites) through Heber (Hebrews)?

    Do you see the slippery slope in not treating Noah’s Flood as the real history espoused by Jesus Christ himself?  If the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, the progeny of the eight on the Noah’s Ark, is not the true template for the settlement of the ancient world, then the Word’s claim that Hamites, Shemites, and Japhethites, and intermarriages among them, have been responsible for all the peopling of the world, is rendered historically invalid, crippling the message of the Word that it’s history to believe, not just a fairytale dreamed by sun-stroked iron age shepherds.

    The ancient nations were named after those biblical characters, the progeny which followed the eight on the Ark, names such as Canaan, Elam, Assur, Peleg, Heber, and Joktan.  And the major language groups today accepted by darwinian linguists are named (to their chagrin) after Noah’s sons, the semitic (Shem) language group, the hamitic (Ham), and and japhetic (Japheth/Indo European), so according to most preachers, this should be seen as all coincidence really, because without Noah’s Flood as described in the Bible, there were many other tribes on earth at the time of Noah.  Read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Table Nations Range Geography Atlantis Bible Sons Progeny Line Shem Eber Father Hebrews Iberia Hibernia Ebro River Peleg Pelasgians Ancient Greece Mediterranean Sea Joktan Southern Arabs Arabia Offspring Ophir Ancient Navigation Gunung Ledang Straits Malacca Indonesia Gold Mines King Solomon Books Exodus Genesis Veracity Foundation Biblical History Global People Group Migrations Voyagers

    February 7th, 2012

    That much of the world must have been reached and settled only within centuries of Noah’s Flood boggles the mind of the skeptic of the Bible, with the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 indeed written all over the ancient world, deemed ‘though just coincidence by those who deny that ice age mariners (after Noah’s Flood) could have sailed to the far reaches of the world from the Middle East, clearly necessitated by the ostensibly short timeframe laid out in the book of Genesis, yet when you digest simply http://iceagecivilizations.com/articles/article02.htm, you’ll see that they accurately mapped the earth by its wobble rate, so read it closely.

    The line of Shem, one of the three sons of Noah, includes the patriarch Eber, the father of the Hebrews and too the father of Joktan, whose 13 sons were the progenitors of the ancient Arab tribes today of Yemen and Arabia.  Of course Joktan’s brother Peleg was of the line which would produce Abraham, and so, the Jewish nation, and Peleg with his father Eber set sail to the west soon after the Tower of Babel, their progeny the Pelasgians of the Mediterranean and the Iberians (Atlantis) of Spain, having navigated by the method explained in the link, so read it carefully, the key to understanding the repopulation of the world after Noah’s Flood.

    And Joktan’s progeny were not settled just in Arabia, for one of his sons Ophir sailed to Indonesia to mine the rich gold deposits of Gunung Ledang near the Straits of Malacca, that mountain with gold anciently known as Mount Ophir, where king Solomon later would secure much of his gold as recorded in the Bible, global navigators all, with evidence of Hebrews and Phoenicians (Canaanites) all the way to the Americas too, unthinkable to the darwinists, yet the overwhelming evidence clearly demonstrated such as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com surely to convince even the most entrenched skeptic; the science of the future, old school man.

    Literal Young Earth Creationism Creation Account Bible Book Genesis Park Chapter 6 Verses 7 & 17 Website Chronology Timeline Noah’s Flood Texts Passages Deluge Covered Whole Earth Evidence Dinosaurs Dragons Lived Same Time Humans People Darwinists Dilemma Proofs Science Bible Genesis Veracity Foundation Essence Necessity Continuity Biblical Literalism Continuity Scriptures Good News Gospel Jesus Christ Messiah Real Historical Figure

    January 30th, 2012

    When anyone soberly reads Genesis 6: 7 and then Genesis 6: 17, how can it honestly be denied that the author intends to communicate that Noah’s Flood covered the entire earth?  Really pathetic are the disingenuous old earth creationists who act as if what’s written there is intended to describe the flood of some swollen river or limited sea level rise, when ‘though the holy text purposefully states that all air breathing creatures on the earth save those on the Ark would be destroyed?

    Of course those creationists (and darwinists) who try to shoehorn billions of years without the real Noah’s Flood into biblical history are hanging their hats on their vain imagination that dinosaurs, known anciently as dragons, were extinct millions of years before the appearance of the human kind, yet when you read the material at http://genesispark.com, you’ll see that their contention is baseless, and that they ignore the evidence revealing their intellectual dishonesty.

    Jesus Christ incarnate spoke about the real Noah’s Flood, and the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 from which all the people of the world descended is predicated on the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, including the ancient lineage of the Messiah through the progeny of Noah’s son Shem, so if Noah’s Flood was not as clearly described in the Bible, then the Table of Nations is out the window too, clearly not the case however, with such as Kush, Aram, Canaan, Ham (Cham), Sidon (Posidon), Eber (Iberia), Peleg (Pelasgians), Javan (Ionians), Tiras (Thrace), Japheth (Seskef), and Uz (Uzbekistan) labled all over the ancient world.

    And considering that only a warmer ocean having been heated from below could have been the cause of the ice age, it makes you wonder just how sincere are those old earth creationists who act like they can’t wrap their heads around these obvious facts of science and history.  If the Noah’s Flood and then the Table of Nations are out the window, then should not too be the lineage of Jesus Christ as clearly written in the Bible?  Read much more about all this at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

    Book Genesis Bible Word Root Aiguptos Egypt City Gebtos Names Etymology Biblical Progeny Misraim Son Ham Khem Khemet Cheme Misr Arab Ancient Egyptian Musur Assyrian Misri Akkadian Hebrew Misor Canaanite Phoenician Records Texts References Pharoh King Menes Namesake History Plato’s Atlantis Kingdom Mneseus Son Sidon Brother Atlas Atlantean Port Cities Ice Age Nile Delta Menouthis Heraklion Submerged Ruins Genesis Veracity Foundation

    January 27th, 2012

    To students of the Bible, the son of Ham named Misraim seems strange to have been the ancient name for the territory of what now is called Egypt, yet Egypt was named by the Greeks for the upper Nile center of worship called Gebtos (Geb the egyptian earth god), Aiguptos to the Greeks, the root of the word Egypt, that center of worship dedicated to Cheme or Khem, the Ham of the Bible, hence that Khemet is another ancient name for that region along with Misr and of course Egypt.

    Egypt was known as Musur to the ancient Assyrians, Msrm in the Ugarit texts of upper Mesopotamia, Misri to the Akkadians, and Misor to the canaantie Phoenicians, so that the Hebrews recorded Misraim and credited him to have been the first great builder of ancient Egypt clearly has historical validity, straight from the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, not at all what the darwinists want to think about, yet clear as the noses on their faces if only they would look.

    Misraim is considered a plural word, perhaps denoting that he was a progenitor of the people of the region of the ice age Nile Delta along with the people of the upper Nile south to the region of Kush, so he is often confused as having been king/pharoh Menes, the great uniter of upper and lower Egypt, yet Mneseus was a son of Posidon (who was Sidon a son of Canaan) according to Plato, the submerged ice age city of Menouthis off the Nile Delta surely his namesake, and nearby submerged Heraklion was almost certainly named after the original Hercules, who was Atlas, so king Menes, his name sounding much closer to Mneseus than Misraim was probably the son really of Sidon, a son of Canaan.

    Plato wrote that the empire of Atlantis extended inside the Pillars of Hercules all the way to Italy (Tyrrhenian Sea) and to Egypt, so since king Menes lived in the timeframe of Atlantis, circa 2200 b.c., and because submerged Menouthis apparently was named after him, we should seriously consider that a Canaanite, Mneseus, was pharoh Menes, not Misraim who though was an ancient namesake of that territory.  When you realize that the ice age actually ended circa 1500 b.c., and that Atlantis really was a great maritime empire during the ice age, the biblical chronology and the names therein come alive as the real history which it certainly is, seeing http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Young Earth Creationism Evidence Fossils Mankind Noah’s Flood Geology Michael A. Cremo Forbidden Archaeology Richard L. Thompson Hidden History Human Race Syngameon Catastrophism Geological Strata Rock Column Proofs Pre Deluge Antediluvian Civilizations Cultures Genesis Veracity Foundation World Chronology Human Bad Darwinian Scientific Theory Evolution Bible Anthropology Enigmas

    December 18th, 2011

    When you read hindu journalist Michael Cremo’s landmark book Forbidden Archaeology, you’ll see that humans and their tools were entombed in sedimentary rocks dating back to the Cambrian period, supposedly 500,000,000 years ago.  Cremo documents conclusively hundreds of finds by miners, archaeologists, and other professionals, in modern times dating back to the 1800’s, hundreds of them, really proving that humans have been around since the sedimentary column began to be deposited.

    The key to all this is that sedimentary means laid down in water, which Cremo knows, but being a practicing hindu, he doesn’t see that Noah’s Flood was the cause, because he sees cycles of time of millions of years chronicled by humans going back hundreds of millions of years, yet those cycles of time were conjured up from the ancient mapping method simply explained in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com/article.html, those hindu cylces of time called yugas denominated by the base six number 864,000, that’s ten times the number of modern seconds in a day, seconds which the ancients did not measure, but when you view the information in the link, you’ll see that the number was based upon timekeeping from precession, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis.

    Cremo is aware of the vedic hindu Flood of Manu, which according to legend covered the whole world as did Noah’s Flood, they were same flood, which devastated the old world, having then deposited thousands of feet of flood sediments upon the continents, then our current mountain ranges upthrusted at the close of the flood when the water slid off the continents into the then deepening ocean basins because of runaway plate tectonics during the flood year.  Cremo has proven that humans lived throughout geologic history, thus demolishing darwinian theory, but without young earth creationism as the chronological template, he is clearly left out on a limb of quandry.

    So the Bible is the answer to all this, not surprisingly to those of us who believe that Jesus was serious when he speaks from the Word, now read more about after the flood at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, making sense of all the evidence against darwinism with the biblical template, from the book of Genesis and even the Exodus too, the Exodus when the ice age was ending, the time that ancient Egypt dried out and the sea level rose to have consumed ice age port cities such as Heraklion and Menouthis found now off the egyptian coast.

    Jim Demint Venture Global Socialism Indra Solar Bill Clinton Quote Flush It Down Toilet Crap Quote Bill O’Reilly Trap Rick Perry Show Monetization Money National U. S. Debt Barack Hussein Obama Muslim Palestinian Global Socialist Where is Bill Clinton’s Communist World Plan Initiative George Soros

    September 22nd, 2011

    Disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton (on O’ Reilly’s show tonight) said the u.s. national debt, now 15 trillion dollars, should be “flushed down the toilet;” sweet Bill, who’s obviously a big advocate of the bibliophobic global communists’ plot to monetize the u.s. natonal debt for us to fall into world government, one of the darwinists’ best dreams.

    Oxford Bubba Bill obviously doesn’t care about America, and Hillary is worse, so keep them in mind for a photo-op on the beaches of Texas telling Rick Perry that he’s dead wrong about the Fed debasing the u.s. currency.  Just print more money, right?  Do you want America, or do you want the North American Union?  Think about it, and remember that Allah (the pre-islam arabic moon god) and Muhammed thought that all would submit, yet see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.