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    U. S. Aligned to Be on Right Side of Prophesied Wars President Trump Opposes Iran Backed by Russia

    March 27th, 2017

    Because Iran is backed mostly by Russia which also backs the Shiites in Syria and Yemen, president Trump in aligning with Israel thereby opposes Putin’s Russia and its proxies, the greatest of which is Iran, to be defeated as prophesied in Jeremiah 39 (vs. 34-39) and Ezekiel 38/39. The Sunnis (of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria) will too attack Israel, and will be defeated, prophesied in Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83.


    Fascinating Resemblance Pizzagate’s James Alefantis to Baphomet Wearing Philipine de Rothschild

    March 26th, 2017

    Wikipedia doesn’t say who are the parents of James Alefantis of Pizzagate fame, yet when you look at photos of Philipine de Rothschild, the resemblance is uncanny.


    Trump Would Have Preferred Healthcare Bill Now But Political Enemy Paul Ryan Neutralized Perhaps

    March 26th, 2017

    Paul Ryan may have learned the lesson to listen to the Tea Party members of the House of Representatives should he get another chance to lead for a new healthcare bill, while Trump probably wouldn’t mind at all that his political enemy Ryan be relieved of his leadership duties as Speaker of the House, so it’s really a win for Trump because a subsequent bill will either have been led by an admonished and corrected Ryan or by a new Speaker amenable to competition in the insurance industry across state lines.


    Big Health Insurance Companies Would Have to Start Earning Business If Tea Party Thrust Continued

    March 24th, 2017

    Imagine having to go from devising just a few individual and group healthcare plans to sell essentially as a monopolist in a state or several states, to having to devise dozens of plans offered in many states even nationally in order to compete, which gives you an idea of why the big insurance companies oppose real change. Yet should interstate competition be granted legislatively, the innovative insurance companies will expand their markets by new solutions to pricing problems from top to bottom of the healthcare delivery system.


    FBI’s James Comey Makes Unannounced yet Supposedly Routine Interagency Visit to White House

    March 24th, 2017

    Today (Friday the 24th), FBI director James Comey slipped into the White House, the meeting unannounced to the press, causing speculation that he may be seeking cover by resigning or by promising to work more in concert with the Trump administration. The citizens of Washington D. C. are demanding the FBI be called in to investigate the rash of disappearances of children in the area, so the meeting could have been solely about that, sex slavery.


    Congressional Black Caucus Members Alarmed for Missing Children Exploited in Washington D. C.

    March 24th, 2017

    House Rep. Cedric Richmond, the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, along with Eleanor Holmes Norton, the congressperson from Washington D. C., are urgently pleading with the Justice Department to call in the FBI to investigate the hundreds of children who have gone missing from the D. C. area during the last few months. The Pedogate Investigation Rally is set for March 25th (Saturday) at Lafayette Park near the White House at 11 am, so perhaps thousands of the grieving Washingtonians will be there, yet noteworthy is that the national news media are all but silent about this ongoing tragedy, now why do you suppose this news in not broadcast nationally?


    Washington D. C. Police Tell Children to Stay Home Pedophile Sex Slave Kidnappers Running Amock

    March 23rd, 2017

    Do you suppose the establishment media will report that the Washington D. C. police are telling families to keep their children at home because of the rash of kidnappings there? Police commander of child and family services, Chanel Dickerson, recently told a local talk show host that this is a precaution everyone can take.


    Gentiles Embracing Kabbala Judaism Pose Dilemma for Israel Asking Who is Really a Jew Spiritually?

    March 23rd, 2017

    Many Gentiles are embracing Kabbala made popular in modern times by Judaists, those Gentiles saying that they have “converted to the Jewish faith,” so Israelis are faced with the question whether such as Madonna and Ashton Kutcher should be considered Israelis because they embrace the religion (Kabbala) now typical of Judaism.


    President Trump Rejected by Notre Dame Accepts Graduation Speech Invitation by Liberty University

    March 23rd, 2017

    The modern tradition that the sitting U. S. president address the graduates of Notre Dame has been broken, vice-president Pence will speak there instead, and president Trump will speak to the graduates of Liberty University, so that future presidents may be emboldened to speak at the universities of their choosing.


    Dr. Phil Believes Testimony of Kendall a Victim of Child Abuse by Elite Society so What Happens Next?

    March 23rd, 2017

    On his March 21st show, Dr. Phil interviewed “Kendall” who told her shocking story of being sexually abused and forced to witness murders by global elites since she was a small child, her story which Dr. Phil has researched for four months and says he believes 100%, so wouldn’t one expect that this case (if true) to now go to prosecution in a court of law against those who kept Kendall in captivity and abused her for 20 years?