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    Ex Congressperson Green Party Candidate Cynthia McKinney Forewarns Trouble Ahead for Top Pols

    February 24th, 2017

    Longtime investigator of the pedophilia problem worldwide and former congressperson Cynthia McKinney attended president Trump’s meeting Thursday about the human trafficking tragedy still out-of-control, and after the meeting, she tweeted and posted on her Facebook page “Forewarning: this brings down Dems and Repubs! He (Trump) needs to go straight all the way because this goes to the top!”


    Establishment Media Hates Tea Party More Than Trump Proven by Populism Label Used for Only One

    February 24th, 2017

    Populism means looking out for the interests of the common person, the big reason given for Trump’s political success, that favorable labeling not given though to the Tea Party movement upon which Trump piggybacked to the presidency, as we recall that Ted Cruz might well have won the nomination except for the great disparity in favorable media coverage enjoyed by Trump during the primaries.


    Washington Post Hires New Columnist John Podesta Bet He Won’t Be Chronicling Much Pizzagate

    February 23rd, 2017

    Who would now probably be the Secretary of State if Hillary had won, highly controversial John Podesta, has been hired to write for the Washington Post, apparently with much to say, among which almost certainly will not be much talk about child sex trafficking, unless he wants to try to explain exactly how Pizzagate is a farce.


    CNN Online Editor Joe Sterling Says Manmade Climate Change is Settled Science Like Darwinism

    February 23rd, 2017

    James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released the first of the tapes recorded secretly by “Miss X” in the offices of CNN, the first batch which includes CNN online editor Joe Sterling saying that manmade climate change deniers are like biblical creationists, both (ostensibly) denying reality, yet has Sterling really investigated the evidences?


    Task of Determining What is Fake News Causes Public to Do Research Learning to Think Independently

    February 23rd, 2017

    Because of Trump’s propensity to speak hyperbolically, and mainstream media’s left-wing-bent toward fake news, the public (in order to make informed determinations) must do some research to see where the truth abides, for instance concerning human trafficking, both domestically and internationally, the topic avoided by mainstream media these days but of great concern to president Trump who today is holding meetings on the subject.


    Trump Rescinds Federal Transgender Bathroom Policy Signaling Intent for Abortion and Gay Marriage

    February 23rd, 2017

    Portending perhaps his strategy too for gay marriage and abortion, president Trump has rescinded the transgender bathroom mandate instituted by president Obama. Of course abortion and gay marriage would require the majority of the Supreme Court, which would rule that those issues are for each state to decide individually by referendum or legislation according to the 10th Amendment.


    Democrats Oppose Sanctuary Cities New Harvard Harris Poll Says Eighty Percent of Americans Agree

    February 22nd, 2017

    Harvard-Harris polling says that 79% of Americans oppose “sanctuary cities,” the poll sample which was 39% Democrats, 30% Republicans, and 27% Independents, so considering these numbers, perhaps half of Democrats oppose sanctuary cities (where criminal illegal aliens have been allowed to hide). The polling also says that 77% of Americans favor “comprehensive immigration reform,” that term though designed to be vague, successfully so.


    Charles Darwin on British Money is Kind of Thing Causing Such as Milo to Dismiss Word’s Plausibility

    February 21st, 2017

    Milo Yiannopoulos, the recently resigned editor of Breitbart News, grew up in Britain where Charles Darwin is on the paper money and the Word is treated as quaint myth by most, so Milo may have never considered the reality of the Word (particularly seeing a Catholic priest took advantage of him when he was 13), that homosexuality is not His plan for Milo’s life. The foundational book of the Word is Genesis, that which is maligned in Britain and the gay community, so we pray that Milo Yiannopoulos will discover the many great reasons that Charles Darwin on money is certainly worthy of his famously bodacious ridicule.


    Hollywood Silent on Pedophilia Problem Milo Resigns from Breitbart Plenty of Fodder for Discussion

    February 21st, 2017

    Professing homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned as senior editor at Breitbart News, because he had said during an interview that it’s good when homosexual men help pubescent boys “come of age,” which happened to him at age 13 by a Catholic priest. Yet Milo in his resignation statement said that such as that priest are wrong for having done that to him, even though he says he didn’t think it was wrong at the time, so Milo is either confused about or is badly obfuscating what he really believes, like the stars in Hollywood, where are they on this issue, why are they silent about the plight of Milo, why won’t they engage in the battle against pedophilia run rampant?


    Satanic Pedophiles Worship the Canaanite Horned God Moloch Children Sacrificed for Wealth Fertility

    February 20th, 2017

    Ironically, the Canaanites sacrificed some of their children to Moloch, the horned god, to gain favor for fertility and wealth, for happiness they would say, while today the satanic pedophiles carry on that ancient tradition, surely responsible for the disappearance of many children.