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    Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done Isn’t Christian Dominionism Rather Tasks to Do in Meantime

    February 23rd, 2017

    Some accuse Christians of being dominionists because of the the scriptural prayer “thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” but that bespeaks doing the will of Spirit in this fallen world, to cooperate with Him to evangelize the world and show His love during these frazzled tense days preceding the Rapture.


    Illiterati of Darwinism Don’t Understand or Admit Implications of Their Terminology for Gene Pools

    February 22nd, 2017

    When you consider that some gene pools are inter fertile up to the family level on the darwinists’ phylogenetic tree, and most to the genus level, obviously the term species is rather specious, for the only specific thing about the species is in name only, and therewith, only about twenty thousand syngameons (biblical kinds) of creatures need have been on Noah’s Ark.


    Homosexuals Should Consider by Darwinism a Gene for Gayness Would Have Long Ago Bred Out

    February 21st, 2017

    Faith that the Word is not true is a cornerstone of homosexual belief, that homosexuality is not a sin therefore not to be judged, yet if the Word is not true, that sexual morality is no issue and darwinism true, then any ostensible gene for homosexuality would obviously have not lasted long, thus it’s a choice according to that dogma too.


    Without Divine Instruction Depraved Human Society Could Mostly Choose Self Defeating Homosexuality

    February 21st, 2017

    Because homosexuality is acceptable according to the biblephobes, then it would be fine that everybody would be homosexual, right? That is where the destructive logic leads by the embrace of homosexuality as morally equal to heterosexuality in marriage, logic which without guidance from the Word would be even more rampant.


    Elohim Knew Canaan Would Begin Abominable Acts so Cursed Him Not Ham Who Had Been Blessed

    February 20th, 2017

    Because Elohim had previously blessed Ham (along with Shem and Japheth), when Ham sinned against drunken Noah, Elohim cursed Ham’s youngest son Canaan, knowing that he was the one who would begin child sacrifice as a means to please another god, the horned god Moloch.


    Limits to the Free Exercise of Religion You Can’t Sacrifice Children to Moloch nor Kill Infidels for Allah

    February 20th, 2017

    The 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says that Congress shall make no law establishing religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof, Islam for instance, aspects of which though are illegal in the U. S. and therefore prohibited, such as killing infidels who won’t submit, and really all of satanic Moloch worship prescribing the sacrifice of children.


    Homosexuals Saying They’re Helping Pubescent Boys Come of Age Assumes They’re Born That Way

    February 20th, 2017

    Trying to rationalize their romancing of pubescent boys, homosexuals say that they’re helping those boys “come of age,” in the belief (ostensibly) that those boys were born that way, just helping each boy realize his supposed true self they would tell you, but adults having any type of sex with underage people is rightfully taboo, and therefore, at that level alone, those homosexuals are wrong.


    Immoral Sexual Behavior Normalized Causes Kids to Do Crazy Things Hurting Their Emotional Selves

    February 20th, 2017

    When kids are taught in the public schools that premarital sexuality and homosexuality are a matter of choice, not a matter of morality, is it any surprise that kids end up doing the craziest things, much more than otherwise?


    Watching Biblical Prophecies Unfold Globalistic Biblephobes Swimming Upstream Against Destiny

    February 17th, 2017

    In not defending tiny Israel’s right to the Holy Land, the defiant globalists are casting their lot that there will be no consequences by Elohim’s judgment, denying many biblical prophecies about modern Israel already fulfilled, and many on the horizon, those which the globalists will subconsciously try to wiggle around yet will walk right into, continuing their disrespect of Israel (“the apple of His eye”).


    Any Supposedly Honest Truth Seeker Not Studying the Word Surely Denies the Design in Creation

    February 17th, 2017

    All seekers of truth should feel compelled to investigate the claims in the Word (the Bible) because He offers joyous eternal life (though in our carnal existence with some valleys which build dependence on Him), so any sincere seeker not honestly appraising his/her condition with what the Word has to say is really masochistic, prideful, or a combination of the two, sins which thankfully will be forgiven by Elohim if the sinner asks.