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    Spring Blizzard Predicted for Northeast Lesson in Ice Age Hydrology Meteorology for Much Snowfall

    March 13th, 2017

    A monstrous blizzard is expected for the U. S. Northeast, cold arctic air striking warm humid springtime coastal air, for a prodigious volume of snow to fall, as it was during the Ice Age all winter long when the coastal air was always warm and humid because the ocean had been heated during Noah’s Flood by the fountains of the deep.


    Sea Level Rise Would Have to Be by Solar or Oceanic Thermal Change Not Manmade Global Warming

    March 9th, 2017

    That the hydrologic cycle is not being thrown out-of-balance by “manmade climate change” is proven by the fact that the sea level hasn’t risen (for 3,400 years), further proving that only a longterm increase of solar radiation would cause the sea level to rise, and only a warmer ocean having been heated from below for the sea level to fall (because of greater evaporation off the ocean’s surface).


    Irrigation Works Not Begun Until Iron Age When Climate Had Changed Desert Southwest the Same

    March 4th, 2017

    You will find that the ancient irrigation works worldwide were not begun until circa 1000 b. c. (the timeframe of kings David and Solomon), such as the foggara aqueducts of North Africa, the qanat of the Middle East, the canal water works of the Hopi in the U. S. desert southwest, and the cistern drip irrigation system in Israel, because the Ice Age had ended several centuries previously in the timeframe of Moses.


    Hebrews May Have Laughed at Canaanite Seashore Cities Destined to Flood by Job’s Hydrologic Cycle

    March 2nd, 2017

    Job lived in the timeframe of Abraham during the Ice Age, so the Hebrews knew of the hydrologic cycle revealed in the book of Job through at least much of the Ice Age and therefore may have been able to surmise that the ocean had been heated during Noah’s Flood (by “the fountains of the great deep”) to eventually cool such that the great snowfall and rainfall during the Ice Age abated, when the skies cleared for the sea level to rise (by snowmelt) and submerge the Canaanite cities (including the city of Atlantis) near on the coasts.


    Biblical Job of Uz Uzbekistan Land of Aram Knew Hydrologic Cycle Better Than Leonardo De Vinci

    March 2nd, 2017

    Streams were anciently thought to come from subterranean sources, from fountains sourced deep in the earth, and Leonardo De Vinci actually thought water was lifted from the root of the mountains to flow down their sides, while the Bible in the book of Job has presented to the world the true nature of the hydrologic cycle, its antiquity confirmed by a copy of that book in the Dead Sea Scrolls of a “paleo hebrew script,” with heavy influence of the Aramean language, for Uz where Job lived was a son of Aram (a son of Shem), during the Ice Age.


    What Caused Ocean to Have Heated Sufficiently for More Evaporation for More Cloud Cover for Ice Age?

    March 2nd, 2017

    Challenge the scientists whom you know to calculate how warm the ocean must have been in order to generate the cloud cover for the snowfall of the Ice Age, also how long it took for the ocean to cool to today’s average temperatures, considering what could have caused that drastic heating of the ocean?


    Ice Age Great Basin Region of Western U. S. Covered by Lakes Stanford Scientists Say by Less Evaporation

    March 1st, 2017

    During the Ice Age, the arid Great Basin Region of the western U. S. held lakes in those now desert basins (such as Lake Lahontan), clearly because of much more rainfall, yet uniformitarian scientists in their peculiar avoidance of hydrologic (denying that the ocean was warmer to have caused more cloud cover) say that approximately the same amount of rain as today fell there but that because of colder weather, less evaporation caused those huge lakes to exist, begging the question of course about how all that water got there in the first place!


    Vast Plateau of Far Southwestern Egypt the Gilf Kebir During Old Kingdom Times Green by Artesian Flows

    February 28th, 2017

    Where the southeastern corner of Libya meets the southwestern corner of Egypt is the Gilf Kebir, a vast plateau the size of Switzerland rising a thousand feet above seas of sand surrounding, now one of the driest places on earth, but during the Ice Age verdant when artesian streams (now dry wadis) flowed from the base of the plateau, and Egyptians traveled there along the Abu Ballas trail.


    What Would Cause Thousands of Feet of Ice Age Snowpack to Melt More Sun Energy or Less Clouds?

    February 28th, 2017

    We supposedly are in a long warming phase between Ice Ages, the end of the “last” Ice Age which therefore was caused by global warming, yet the sea level hasn’t risen for 3,400 years (actually when the Ice Age ended), so not increased energy from the sun rather dissipated cloud cover caused the end of the Ice Age, when the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, greater evaporation off the ocean for the Ice Age ended.


    Overlay Twenty Inches of Annual Rainfall on Today’s Deserts to See State of World Before the Exodus

    February 27th, 2017

    The engine for the Ice Age was the ocean warmer, having been heated from below, for more evaporation for more cloud cover, so where today are deserts were green, when wadis were perennial streams and lakes abounded in basins, born out by the ruins of ancient civilizations now stranded in vast deserts. Imagine thirty inches of rainfall annually on where now are the deserts of the Middle East, the Great Indian Desert (Indus Valley Civilization), and ancient Egypt including far from the valley of the Nile, until the time of the Exodus when the Ice Age ended.