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    Technical Explanation Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Study Global Flood dot org Told by John Baumgardner

    May 9th, 2017

    Noah’s Flood is a joke to the wrongly educated biblephobes, but when they are challenged to study the material at John Baumgardner’s fabulous Global Flood dot org, the scales will either come off their eyes or remain yet with the seed planted that the Bible is true.


    Old Young Earth Creationism Silly Saying Garden of Eden at Uniformitarians’ Time of Ice Age’s End

    April 18th, 2017

    By Bishop Ussher’s commonly accepted and accurate count of years back to the six days of creation in 4004 b. c., there is no reason for some ostensible young earth creationists to say that it was not six rather ten thousand years ago other than the fact which probably has irrational bearing on those supposed young earth creationists that the uniformitarians say 8000 b. c. was the time of the end of the Ice Age, and that the old earth creationists say the same, the end of the Ice Age according to the old earth creationists Noah’s Flood.


    Date of Noah’s Flood Can’t Be Cited by Judaists That Would Expose Their Seder Olam Rabbah Fraud

    April 13th, 2017

    The timeline between Daniel and the Roman occupation of Jerusalem was compressed by over two hundred years in the hebrew history book the Seder Olam Rabbah, written in the 3rd century a. d., that timeline compression of glaring proportion obviously to throw off the prophesied time of the execution of Jesus (see Daniel 9), which is why this is only the year 5,777 since the six days of creation on the hebrew calendar, while it’s really about the year 6,021, with the counting of 6,000 years ’til the end of our current age begun when Adam and Eve fell, perhaps just a bit more than twenty years after the six days of creation, later Noah’s Flood circa 2350 b. c.


    Judaists Espousing Noahide Laws for Gentiles Admit Global Flood Happened But Where is Exegesis?

    April 13th, 2017

    In saying that the “Noahide Laws” were given to the eight people on Noah’s Ark for non-hebrew folks thenceforth to obey, the Judaists are admitting Noah’s Flood was global, as the Bible says it was (so bad that only eight of the whole world survived), yet these days no expositor of Judaism teaches young earth creationism, so that is deception from top to bottom. Also consider that there were no “Hebrews” until Heber, three generations after Shem, no Hebrews or Gentiles at the time of the Flood.


    Comprehensive Bible Study is Moronic Notion Without Young Earth Creationism for Variety of Reasons

    April 13th, 2017

    If the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) the tribes of the world descended from only the eight people on Noah’s Ark is not true, then what would be the point of believing the rest of the written Word? And if judgement in fact did not fall on the wicked world by the global flood, then why should the biblically prophesied future judgment worldwide of the spiritually rebellious be taken seriously either?


    The Lost Ancient Cities in Desert and Sea Hint Time of Exodus Climate Changed Twas End of Ice Age

    April 5th, 2017

    Everyone agrees that there certainly was a big climate change when the Ice Age ended, when the sea level rose to submerge manmade structures since discovered in many parts of the world, the same true when vast verdant landscapes desiccated to strand ancient structures in parched desert wastelands, so isn’t it logical to think the catastrophic climate change was the same time, that the Ice Age ended actually circa 1500 b. c.?


    In Pre Flood World Wickedness Abounded with Little Recorded Word Then Flood Came Warning to All

    April 2nd, 2017

    Before Noah’s Flood, the wickedness in the world reached such proportion that Elohim destroyed the whole thing by water except those who survived on the Ark deemed righteous, so ever since, all the world has been aware of that judgement by the Creator, proven by that over six hundred ancient tribal legends speak of the global flood of righteous judgment.


    Early Race Bias by Frisians Said Progeny of Lyda and Finda Unruly While People of Frya’s Land Not

    March 31st, 2017

    In the ancient frisian book Oera Linda, mother Irtha (earth) gave birth to three daughters who bore three lineages of humanity, Lyda (blacks), Finda (yellows), and Frya (whites), the first two said to have been unruly, while in Frya’s land, Freslond, Friesland (Netherlands), the people obeyed fair and well-thought-out laws. Actually of course the “races” selected naturally during the Ice Age in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, no discernible “races” before the Flood, the global flood which was conflated in the book Oera Linda with their flooded Atland but consumed by the sea really because of the end of the Ice Age, confirmed by limited extent of the rise of the sea in the story.


    Judaists Should Be Expecting Messiah in Two Hundred Years But Stressed Times Today for Pleading

    March 24th, 2017

    Most Israelis are feeling very threatened yet confident that the Messiah will come to protect them in these dark days of islamic aggression, the Judaists who though should be expecting Him a few centuries from now (2017 is year number 5,777 on the judaistic chronology, significantly short of 6,000), so they look forward to the Antichrist while born again jewish Christians know that Jesus will arrive to battle and swiftly defeat the Deceiver.


    Jesus’ Incarnation Then Resurrection Four Thousand Years After Creation His Return Yet Six After Fall

    March 24th, 2017

    The only Messiah Jesus Christ the Lamb of Elohim incarnated then was crucified but resurrected four thousand years after the six days of creation, His return expected after six thousand years, that period just past, however, the six thousand years of humankind’s separation from Elohim is what’s operative, Adam and Eve having sinned apparently twenty or thirty years after having been created.