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    Gun Toting Anti Abortion VP Selection Sarah Palin Exposes Hipocrisy of Barack Obama’s Liberal Abortion Stance Favors States Rights for Gay Marriage Legislation but not for Pro Choice Legislation at State Level if Roe v. Wade is Overturned by Conservative Supreme Court Majority

    August 29th, 2008

    With pro life advocate Sarah Palin now the vp candidate for the Republicans, the hypocrisy of Barack Obama’s position on abortion rights vis-a-vis gay marriage rights will become obvious to the voting public, as Obama says each state should individually decide the gay rights issue, but not the abortion rights issue (in his opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade).  In reality, all that overturning Roe v. Wade would do is leave the abortion issue to the individual states to decide, some states, such as New York, undoubtedly, would make abortion legal, while other states, such as Texas, would make it illegal (in most circumstances), which is the scenario now in place for the gay marriage rights issue, because there is no Supreme Court decision banning gay marriage, as there is a Supreme Court decison against denying abortion on demand, Roe v. Wade.

    And Sarah Palin is a gun totin’ mama, longtime member of the NRA, mindful of the individual’s right to defend his/her family, property, and own life, which appeals to women who want that right to protect themselves, their families, and their property, which the liberals oppose, giving millions of women another reason to support the McCain Palin ticket, against the Obama Biden Laden ticket.

    Republican VP Selection Pick Sarah “The Barracuda” Palin Calls Her Running Mate John S. McCain Makes Point to Include with S Initial for Sidney Foreshadows Calling Name Barack H. Obama with H Initial for Middle Name Included Sarah Palin May Use Forbidden Hussein Word in Fall Campaign Debates Rally Speeches to Question Obama’s History Ties to Islam

    August 29th, 2008

    In her acceptance speech today, Sarah Palin called her running mate John S. McCain, making a point to add his middle initial S, for Sidney, when she declared that he’d be the next president of the United States, which leads one to believe that she’ll similarly call Barack Obama, Barack H. Obama, “or maybe even worse,” Barack Hussein Obama, opening that whole can of worms of Obama’s associations with Raila Odinga, Louis Farrakhan, Tony Rezko, and Jeremiah Wright, detailed in Jerome Corsi’s runaway bestseller, The Obama Nation, which the mainstream media sure doesn’t want to talk about.

    Palin, known as The Barracuda in high school, will not back down in the fall campaign, she’s tough and smart, ‘though inexperienced, but is a quick read, and will defeat Joe Biden in the debates I predict.  She’s extremely knowledgable at age 44, very pretty, and keeps her cool in a crunch, I’ve seen her answer tough questioning on news shows before, and she is shrewd and compelling in her presentation.

    Are Hillary Supporters Feminists Serious about Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Presidential Politics Will Diversity of Opinion be Allowed for Woman VP Selection Sarah Palin Will Equal Rights Advocates for Women Support Sarah Palin or Revert to Statism in the Restrictive Democrat Party?

    August 29th, 2008

    The ball is in the feminists’ court, Sarah Palin is on the brink of becoming the first female vice president of the Untied States, but will the feminists put their money where their mouth is to support Palin and McCain, or will they shrink back to the den of the Democrat party, denying their sister this opportunity for a milestone in feminist history?  If many of them shrink from Palin, we will know that they never were serious about the advancement of women, but of forwarding the socialistic secularist agenda of the far left.

    But millions of american women will support McCain and Palin, for reasons in addition to that she’ll be the first woman vice president of the Untied States; she’ll fight for school choice, offshore drilling, and a strong stance against islamic jihad, all winners with the american people, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she convinces McCain to get tough on illegal immigration which is sapping the hospital and school systems in many parts of the country, key issues with most women, so this choice was a very good one by Team McCain, as Obama continues to sink in the polls.

    Did you ever wonder if the ancient Egyptians surveyed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid by the stars?  Well they did, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    Sarah Palin “The Barracuda” Named Introduced as John McCain’s VP Running Mate on Republican Ticket Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is Maverick Like John McCain Attracts Millions of Hillary Supporters Spells Trouble for Barack H. Obama Campaign

    August 29th, 2008

    Sarah Palin was known as The Barracuda in high school on her basketball team, so Joe Biden has a hint of what to expect in the vice-presidential debates against her; look out Joe, she’s tenacious, intelligent, articulate, female, and beautiful, certainly not like Joe, who will have his hands full for sure in the debates.  I’ve seen Palin interviewed several times on tv, and at first, I thought she was some movie star, with her great beauty, but it was a news show, and she was talking policy, compellingly, for offshore drilling, school choice, and aggression against islamic jihad, not what you will hear out of Joe Biden or Barack, what the american people want to hear however.

    Hillary’s backers will be all the more tempted to bail from Obama’s sinking ship with this pick of this probable first female vice president in the history of the United States, as McCain was leading Obama in the polls before this pick, and now, will surely extend the lead.  Obama’s campaign is in big trouble, particularly with the information in Jermoe Corsi’s bestselling book The Obama Nation becoming known to the general public.

    And if you ever have wondered how the ancient Egyptians determined the astronomically derived number and length of royal cubits for the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    Fox News Carl Cameron Confirms that Miss Alaska Contestant Excellent Basketball Player Governor Sarah Palin is John McCain’s Pick for VP Vice President on Republican Ticket Brings Tenacity Beauty and Intelligent Conservatism to Republican Ticket Gains Women Hillary Backers to Support John McCain against Barack H. Obama

    August 29th, 2008

    The rate of the stream of Hillary supporters moving to back John McCain against Obama will surely increase with the designation of Sarah Palin for vice president on the McCain ticket.  She played basketball in high school, known as “the barracuda” for her tenacity, she was a contestant in the Miss Alaska pagent, very beautiful, and as Joe Biden will find out in the debates, a very intelligent and persuasive advocate for offshore drilling, school choice, and strong defense and offense against islamic jihad.  She’s young and beautiful, what McCain is not, so it’s a great deal for the Republican party, and surely, millions of Hillary’s supporters will be further spurred to abandon B. Hussein Obama to back Sarah Palin and John McCain.

    And checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com if you’d like to know how the ancients, during the Ice Age, accurately measured and mapped the earth.

    What was Official Actual Real Attendance Figure Number How Many People Were at Barack Obama’s Invesco Field Mile High Stadium Speech Address Friday Night Peggy Noonan on MSNBC says Only 60,000 Attended Obama’s Mount Olympus Acceptance Speech Event in Denver to Close Democrats’ National Convention?

    August 29th, 2008

    Political talking-head and ex-speechwriter Peggy Noonan said on MSNBC this morning that Obama spoke before about 60,000 at Invesco Field last night, not the 75,000 advertised by the mainstream media, and Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski didn’t object to her number, so 60,000 appears to be the actual number, because you can bet that Scarborough and Mika, apologists for Obama, would have quickly corrected her if inaccurate on her number.  The number defies the scattered reports on the mainstream media outlets that tickets for the event were being scalped, but with a surplus of 15,000 seats, the economics of the situation says that the ticket holders would have had to pay people to take their passes, and I bet Team Obama people were out there begging for people to come to the stadium to hear Obama, who ended up being 15,000 admirers short of a full house.

    Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee Have no Plans Friday Night to Fly to Dayton to Be Named John McCain’s VP Pick so Apparently It’s Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota Younger Version of John McCain Cagey Thoughtful Clever Good Sense of Humor Boy Next Door Look and Attitude for Born Again Christian Tim Pawlenty as Vice Presidential Pick Will Energize Republican Party’s Conservative Evangelical Base All American Boy Tim Pawlenty

    August 29th, 2008

    MSNBC reports tonight that neither Mitt Romney nor Mike Huckabee have plans to fly to Dayton, Ohio, to be with John McCain on Saturday morning, so it looks like Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, who cancelled interviews Friday night, will be John McCain’s pick for VP.  Pawlenty is a strong conservative, and a born again Christian, thus solidifying and energizing the base of the Republican party for the general election against B. Hussein, whose base is composed of Muslims, global socialists, and other enemies of Israel and Christianity, who see this as a golden opportunity for one of their own to move into the White House (the soon to be Black House according to Ludacris in his song for Obama), so the choice is clear, America does not want that kind of change.

    Pawlenty is a breath of fresh air, he’s young, I’m sure the ladies would say he’s cute, he’s clever and smart, and a staunch defender of our beloved U. S. Constitution, as it reads, not as the liberals wish it would read, so he will be an excellent compliment to McCain, adding relative youth to the ticket, and more commitment to strong national defense, offshore drilling, and school choice, all popular among many Democrat voters, which will be pointed out to them during the general election campaign.

    So it’s McCain/Pawlenty vs. Obama Biden Laden, the choice is clear, as Team Obama continues to sink in the polls, with revelations about Obama’s past in Jerome Corsi’s book The Obama Nation causing shockwaves across the country.

    Same Tired Old Liberal Democrat Ideas Policy Positions in Barack Obama’s Democrat Nomination Acceptance Speech Address at Denver’s Invesco Field Barack Obama’s Proposals are Nothing New but Stale Impractical Solutions so Obama Will Depend on his Blackness to Try to Win General Election

    August 29th, 2008

    Barack Obama’s speech at Invesco Field tonight, policy-wise, was just the same ol’ tax the job providers with more government spending for social programs routine, including for illegal aliens, making more people dependent on the u.s. government, not less, the same ol’ political philosophy which lost the elections for Al Gore and John Kerry, and soon, Barack Obama, unless the mainstream media can convince millions more Americans that they should vote for the black guy even though they disagree with his failed policy proposals, predicated on still bigger and more instrusive government, and even though he has disturbing ties through the years with communists, liberation theologians, and rich islamic busissmen, obviously bent on influencing american politics through their pal Barack Hussein Obama.

    Barack H. Obama’s Childhood Background Experience in Hawaii with Mentor Black Communist Poet Frank Marshall Davis Subjects Not Mentioned in Barack Obama’s Nomination Acceptance Speech at Mile High Stadium Invesco Field in Denver Obama’s Communist and Islamic Support Mostly Ignored by Obama Loving Mainstream Media Covers for B. Hussein

    August 29th, 2008

    In Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech tonight, in the autobiographical portion, he predictably failed to mention his relationship with black communist poet Frank Marshall Davis for several years as a youth in Hawaii.  Obama’s grandfather would take him to Davis’ house to talk for hours on end, all three apparently grooving on the communist vibe, during Obama’s early teen years, detailed in Jerome Corsi’s excellent book, The Obama Nation, which has become a huge bestseller, because the mainstream media is not doing their job, and the american people know it.  Also predicatably, Obama failed to mention that Malcolm X’s attorney Percy Sutton, with the help of rich muslim businessman Khalid al Mansour, saw to it that he was accepted to Harvard Law School, strange bedfellows for sure, just as Frank Marshall Davis would have it.

    Bill O’Reilly Reports Team Barack H. Obama Campaign has Written Letter Filed Suit Petitioned to Department of Justice DOJ to File Criminal Charges Against Texas Billionaire Harold Simmons of the American Issues Project for William Ayers Weather Underground TV Video Ad Commerical No Grounds for Obama Campaign’s Action Against Harold Simmons of Texas for Ayers Commercial

    August 29th, 2008

    Bill O’Reilly reported tonight that Team Obama has petitioned the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against the American Issues Project and its principal donor, Texas billionaire Harold Simmons, for their tv campaign commercial for McCain which goes into greater detail about Obama’s longtime relationship with Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers; nothing untrue in the commercial, but Team Obama has filed at the Justice Department anyway, in an attempt to intimidate others who are planning commercials too, maybe about Obama and Raila Odinga, or Obama and Tony Rezko, or Obama and Louis Farrakhan?  We shall see, they will surely follow, because this lawsuit by Team Obama is groundless, and will be rejected by the DOJ for that reason, it’s just a desperation move by Team Obama as the avalanche of negative information about him is finally reaching the public at large.

    Apparently some tv stations are refusing to air this commercial which would make them money, in the important battleground states of Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, for what reason I’m not sure, except that they seemingly favor Obama, so you folks in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and wherever else the commercial is playing on some stations, but not on others, contact those stations which refuse to air it, and give them a piece of your mind; the Simmons people are offering the money which those stations ask for that airtime, but are being refused, in other words, those tv stations are treating politics ahead of their companies’ bottom lines, so let them know that you think they are plainly biased, and that you don’t appreciate it.

    O’Reilly will go into even greater depth about Obama’s relationship with Ayers, much more than Obama has ever wanted to admit, all next week, the week of the Republicans convention, so tune in then, and look forward to many other revealing commercials about the real Barack Obama by concerned Americans such as Harold Simmons, whose money is certainly counteracting the thousands of donations which Obama has received from Muslims in the Gaza Strip, and who knows how many other Muslims from around the world, over the internet.