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    Born Again Christian Convert Rifqa Bary Flees Sharia Law Honor Killing Custody Battle Threat from Islamic Faithful Sri Lankan Father Muhammed Bary Gems Business Sold 07/29/09 Columbus Gahanna Ohio Girl 17 Year Old Student Ex Muslim Convert Rifqa Bary Fears for Life Seeking Asylum with Christian Internet Friends Young Spiritual Brothers Sisters in Jesus Christ Global Revolution Church Spiritual Battle Against Islamic Jihad Orlando Florida Judge Rules Father’s Death Threat Republican Florida Governor Charley Crist Legal Strategy Plan to Stall Delay Court Proceedings to Adulthood Legal Independence for Fearful Runaway Rifqa Bary Seeks Refuge Church

    August 23rd, 2009

    With 17 year old, recently born again christian, Rifqa Bary now granted asylum by a wise judge in Florida, away from her menacing muslim father, Muhammed Bary, in Ohio, who said he would kill her for becoming a christian, America is finally awakening to the threat of sharia law in our country, where muslim family members receive honor for killing relatives who leave the muslim cause, a common occurrence in muslim countries, where such “honor killings” are expected and therefore commonplace, as the strangely ambivalent american press clearly has underreported these occurrences, which certainly leads one to wonder.

    Muhammed Bary owned a jewelry store, Bary Gems, in Gahanna Ohio (outside of Columbus), until he very recently sold it, July 29, 2009, suspiciously, as he apparently was sure his recently fled daughter would be returned to him, to then take her to Sri Lanka where he could do that which sharia law requires of him, as he has threatened already?  Or perhaps, knowing the growing publicity of all this would probably hurt his business (unless the muslim folks would increase their orders), he sold the business before the value of it would have dropped precipitously, selling to get out, and probably to Sri Lanka, where Rifqa, if returned to her supposedly loving father Muhammed, would almost certainly be slain, so pray christians pray, that she be delivered from his evil clutches, and that she become a great spokesperson for christianity, as millions more muslims continue to see the true light.

    Rifqa Bary gained asylum with christian brothers and sisters of the Global Revolution Church in Orlando, Floridia, a church dutifully committed to fighting spiritual warfare against powers which oppose the free speech of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, opposing by the censorship, even by death, those who merely seek to explain the christian faith to others who have not heard, without fear of having their heads cut off for doing so, is that too much to ask, really?

    The jihadi muslims have a supernatural hatred for Israel, because Muhammed told them to kill all ethnic and religious jews (and christians) who do not bow the knee to Allah, but there sits tiny Israel, surrounded by muslim nations much greater in geographic size and population, thinking that Israel should not even exist there, and not anywhere, as the muslims are pledged to drive Israel into the sea, which won’t happen, as foretold in the biblical prophecies, which the jews know, or are learning, as young preachers such as Rifqa Bary emerge with the Good News.  And see how the ancients measured the earth with nautical mile mapping numbers, the chaldean system, manifested in the precisely calculated dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, click on article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    Bible Study Course Options Electives State Public Schools Texas Georgia Tennessee Breach Separation Church State Violation Issue Controversy Bible as Ancient Literary Historical Reference Book Record Black African History Filmmaker Carolyn Battle Cochrane Biracial not Black Damn It Tribes of Biblical Ham Global Dispersions Color Pigmentations by Sun Exposure Natural Selection Gene Mixing of Human Syngameon Biblical Kind Make Biracial Children Darwinism Race Relations Survival of Fittest Natural Selection Darwinian Roots of Black White Racism

    August 22nd, 2009

    State public school educators are now adroitly offering elective courses to students integrating biblical studies, using the Bible as a historical reference source and literary guide to understanding much of western culture and literature since the time of Christ’s incarnation and then resurrection (whether the progressives like it or not), where western civilization, in many ways, is an outgrowth of christianity, because most of the real reformers have been christians, and the art, literature, and political thought of the western world, have been dominated by biblical doctrines, the history, and teachings of Jesus Christ (whether the progressives like it or not), which the public schools are finally acknowleging with these course electives for the students.

    Topflight college professors at Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, and others, are telling the public school educators that biblical literacy is a necessary tool to understanding the development of western political and religious thought through the centuries, now taken to heart by the educators, finally, as we’ve been saying all along that the Bible is a fantastic reference book for ancient historical studies too, for instance understanding the “races” of humanity in a non darwinian way, an alternative to the dogma proponed by the darwinian progressives, their model actually racist, but the biblical notion of the biblical human kind (syngameon), along with the tens of thousands of syngameons (not millions of species) of animals, actually matching what we see in genetic studies.

    Genetic blackness is a function of sun exposure, natural selection, as darker colored people live longer with greater sun exposure, so the gene for dark skin has dominated in the middle latitudes, with the opposite being true for lighter colored people in the more extreme latitudes, just genetic drift in response to differing environments, as well as, the probable predisposition to darker color for the progeny of Ham (Cham), with God knowing they would be the first great navigators criscrossing the equator across the oceans to settle ice age India, Sunda Land (now the islands of Macronesia), and the islands of the Pacific, all the way to South America, and to the west, Sidon, a grandson of Ham, was Posidon, who founded the great maritime empire of Atlantis, with Atlas having been a son of Posidon.

    The progeny of Ham were not all black, as the Berbers of northwest Africa, whose distant ancestors were of the Atlanteans (along with Japhethites of Tarshish), probably of Sidon (Posidon), are lighter skinned and blue eyed, with legends of their connection to the ancient stone ruins of Morocco and Algeria, abandoned since it all became desert, actually circa 1500 B.C., when the Ice Age ended.  So there is much to learn in the Bible about very ancient history as well, of which you can learn much more as you peruse the categories at this blogsite, and know that as the students examine the history in the Bible, comparing it to the archaeological and ancient literary records, they will see why it has been the foundation of western thought and innovation, now under seige by the progressives who would bring down the teaching of the Bible.

    Carolyn Battle Cochrane Feedback Review Reaction Commentary Documentary Film I’m Biracial not Black Damn It Historical Implications Race Relations Mixed Ancestral Background Beige World Carolyn Battle Cochrane Definition Black White Race African European Heritage Relations Ancestry Lineage Gene Pools Racial Makeup Small World Global Travel Ice Age Times Black African European History Family Trees Back to Noah’s Flood Spread Global Dispersions of Kinds Syngameons of Animals and Humankind Post Deluge Migrations Human Races Carolyn Battle Cochrane Racial Tension Historical Realities

    August 22nd, 2009

    Probably the fastest growing group of people in the world is “mixed race,” after all, what is a race anyway, so who is “genetically pure” and who is not?  With whatever vague definition of race you may choose (acknowleging for instance that the Dalits of India are black and the Berbers of Africa are white), it’s clear that the term race really has no meaning, just as Darwin’s term species has no meaning, because members of differing “species” interbreed, such as lions and tigers, just as people of differing races mate to reproduce (hopefully within marriage), demonstrating the racism inherent in darwinism, the logical conclusion of the scheme that the “races” are engaged in a “survival of the fittest,” as Adolf Hitler believed.

    I don’t know that documentarian Carolyn Battle Cochran is a student of the Bible, but with her controversial documentary, Biracial not Black Damn It, she demonstrates her realization that her mixed racial genetic makeup (white and black) does not make her a black (while our president says he’s black), but mixed race, as she calls it, not wanting to be called black, for that is what the white slaveowners called anyone with “any black blood” in their genetic makeup, so Obama and his darwinist “progressive” buddies, who call Obama black (not mixed or perhaps beige?), are using white slaveowner mentality, oh the irony!

    Only through an understanding of the record in the book of Genesis can you understand the phenomenon of the “races” of humankind, as we are of one syngameon, just as the lion and tiger are of one syngameon, rendering Darwin’s term species meaningless, which comes as a great surprise to many, because the syngameons (biblical kinds) of animals and the human kind naturally selected within their respective gene pools, moving off into new ecological niches during the Ice Age in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the flood year), read more about it under the various categories here, to learn that biblical history indeed matches the archaeological and geologic records, much to the chagrin of the darwinists, who say we morphed from tree shrews, go figure.

    With blacks now rightly claiming their ancient ancestors were master navigators, disputed by the darwinists, yet evidenced with such as the gigantic african stone head sculptures of the archaic Olmecs of Central America, and the black Tamils of southern India, who navigated by the same system by which the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt were determined (http://IceAgeCivilizations.com), students of ancient “black history” are coming to understand that the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) in the Bible is the template for the ancient dispersions of the people groups during the Ice Age, take for example Kush, who established Kish in the Middle East, Kush in Africa, and was the namesake of the Hindu Kush mountains of western Asia, he really got around, as did many of the rest.

    So not curiously, the ancient mexican unit of length, the hunab, is exactly twice the length of the ancient egyptian cubit unit of measure, both calculated by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, measured 72 years/degree (explained in the link), which when considered with the fact that the olympic greek foot was also a subdivision of the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid (3,000 olympic feet), makes plain that it was a much smaller world back then than imagined by the darwinists, who really can’t imagine ancient blacks having been as smart as ancient whites, just ask them.

    Rush Limbaugh Says Hawaii was Kenya in 1961 Jabs Barack H. Obama Eggs On Prods Encourages Vault Copy Official State Document Birth Certificate Birthers Rush Limbaugh Segment Notes Fiftieth Anniversary of Hawaiian Statehood Except Year of Obama’s Natural Born Birth Citizenship 1961 When Hawaii was Kenya Government Silent on Kenyan Population’s Belief that Barack Hussein Obama was Born in Barack Sr.’s Father’s Hometown in Kenya

    August 21st, 2009

    If not born in Kenya, then why does half the population of that nation think Barack Hussein Obama was born there?  Today Rush Limbaugh noted this, the fiftieth anniversary of hawaiian statehood, citing the state’s fame for leis and flowery wreaths, then saying that but in 1961 (the year Obama was born), Hawaii was Kenya, then mumbled “the folks against the birthers aren’t gonna like that one,” then moved on to another topic, just a quick jab at Team Obama, a reminder that they still are refusing to produce Obama’s official vault copy birth certificate, with the only “proof” of his supposed natural born citizenship now being a demonstrably altered certificate of live birth (colb), fairly easy to gin up, as has been demonstrated (google Obama’s COLB Tech Dude Atlas Shrugs), so Rush is certainly no right wing loon, he’s just waiting on Team Obama to come up with the real proof.

    And as the progress of science marches on, young earth creationists are steadily deducing valuable information about our ancient history, such as the archaic star mapping method by which the bronze age stonemasons surveyed their constructions, for instance the Great Pyramid of Giza, according to the method to accurately determine distance, calculated from the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, at 72 years/degree, simply explained in short article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, the same method used to draw the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood).

    Teaching Reading Bible Book Curriculum Texas Public Schools Statewide Education Mandatory Elective Course Offering Bible Studies Biblical Literacy Ancient Literature History Role in Development Evolution of Modern Media Culture Biblical Historical Scientific Perspectives Analysis Rooted in Genesis Text Ancient Exodus Jews Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Address Entering the Promised Land Modern Cultural Awareness of Common Biblical Stories of Origins Noah’s Flood Garden of Eden Common Prehistoric Myths Collective Biblical Genesis Ancestral Deluge Recollections Legends

    August 21st, 2009

    The wonderful state of Texas is requring that its public high schools offer students biblical studies as an elective, enabling interested students to analyze the Bible as a literary and historical reference, its role in the development of many cultures and nations of the world, and its impact on science and the arts, as the Bible has impacted the world in truly undeniable ways, born out by an intellectully honest appraisal of history, but much of that history is now in jeopardy at the hands of the nefarious “progressives” who certainly would like everybody to never discuss the Bible nor its powerful influence through history.

    However, the state of Texas educators know better, acknowleging that the Bible has a rich history of influence on many cultures of the world, not the least of which is the history of Israel, the people of the Exodus out of Egypt who removed the Canaanites from the Holy Land circa 1400 B.C., memorialized by Martin Luther King Jr. who talked often about the Promised Land, the land promised to the Jews by God, the creator, Elohim (plural of El). 

    Many of the bibliophobic progressives know that the Bible is rich in demonstrably accurate history, with the catastrophic climate change worldwide at the time of the Exodus born out by the bronze age ruins throughout the Middle East and North Africa now in vast deserts, where once were fields and streams, when those civilizations were flourishing, during the Ice Age, and they know that the hundreds of sites of submerged bronze age ruins around the world definitively indicate that the 1500 B.C. timeframe fits this scenario, when the Ice Age ended, so the more the students of Texas look into the Bible as a source of actual history, going way back, the more they will see that the darwinian system is nonsense, which is not music to the ears of the self proclaimed progressives, who are actually regressives in terms of intellectual honesty.  So good show Texas!

    What Caused Ice Age Radio Show Rush Limbaugh Exposes Cap Trade Carbon Credit Eco Fraud Hoax Scheme Scientific Evidence What Environmental Consequence is Solar Flare Activity Global Warming Maximum Minimum Phase Functions Flux Fields Sun Spots Solar Flare Magnetic Energy Indices Releases Atmospheric Heating Rainfall Snowfall Hydrologic Cycle Meteorology of Global Warming Rush Limbaugh Ocean Temperatures Cause Effect Climate Change Controversy Biblical Analysis Water Cycle Book of Job Ice Age Post Deluge After Antediluvial World Noah’s Flood Ancient Historical Catastrophic Past Global Meteorological Changes Upheavals Disasters

    August 20th, 2009

    Rush Limbaugh is doing a great job explaining why the manmade global warming scare is a hoax, because increased solar activity, solar flares, sunspots and such, increase the amount of heat coming from the sun, which obviously warms the atmosphere, so there is your global warming, which has not occurred for the last decade, because the solar flare activity has lessened during that time, it’s really just as simple as that.

    And with solar flare induced global warming, the surface of the ocean is heated, which causes more evaporation, to form more clouds, which then help cool the atmosphere: the negative feedback mechanism of the hydrologic cycle, alluded to by Job of Uz (Uzbekistan) in the Bible way back around 2000 B.C., noting the mists which rise off the water, to then fall out as rain, to flow back into the sea, knowing that warmer water (assuming a constant air temperature) produces more clouds, indicating his knowledge of what caused the Ice Age, which was ongoing during his day, when the Land of Uz and the rest of the Middle East was much wetter, because of much greater cloudcover worldwide during the Ice Age, which was caused by a warmer ocean, according to hydrology 101.

    And that warmer ocean was from Noah’s Flood, which covered the world (the mountains rose as the Flood was ending), fueled by the heat from the “fountains of the great deep,” from the bowels of the earth, where the supersaturated and pressurized steam in magma, when released upon geothermal eruption, is mostly water, through the rift zones in the oceanic crust, the source for most of the water for Noah’s Flood, while the supercontinent Pangea broke up during the Flood year.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Tom Delay’s Appearance Dancing Shoes with Stars Shows Chris Matthews Hardball Birther Question Answer Request to Produce Hawaii Birth Certificate Challenge Guest Star Dancer The Hammer Tom Delay Asks Chris Matthews Suggests Barack Obama Produce Authentic Full Form Birth Certificate to Stop Rumors Why Doesn’t President Barack Obama Indonesian Barry Soetoro End Birth Certificate Controversy?

    August 19th, 2009

    As proof that Barack Obama is ostensibly a natural born u. s. citizen, the progressives of Team Obama, such as Chris Matthews, are waving around copies of the demonstrably forged certificate of live birth from Hawaii, which was shown on Obama’s website, with no hospital nor doctors involved listed, not a full form birth certificate for Obama, which the authorities refuse to release for reasons which we may never discover, as the Supreme Court has turned back numerous attempts to force the state of Hawaii to show the supposed document.

    Demon to the progressives, christian conservative Tom Delay of Texas, was on Matthew’s Hardball show tonight, yucking it up about his upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars (even showing Chris his spiffy dance show shoes).  And Chris then (as he’s wont to do) asked the guest if he’s a birther, one of those “moon howlers” who wonder if Obama’s actually a natural born u. s. citizen, to which Delay replied that he’d like to see the authentic birth certificate, the one being hidden by the state of Hawaii, which left Chris pointing out two birth announcements in the hawaiian newspapers, to which Delay asked, are those newspaper announcements official documents proving his birth there?

    Obviously, if Obama was born in Kenya, his family’s friends in Hawaii, such as famous black communist poet and longtime family friend Frank Marshall Davis, with pull in the writing community in Honolulu, could have handled the birth announcements, looking forward to days such as this when they could need some evidence that he was born in Hawaii, with the supposed hawaiian birth certificate actually either non-existent, or with information on it other than what Obama has been saying, but even if “the real birth certificate” never sees the light of day, the damage has been done, because all Team Obama needs to do to end the controversy is produce the document, as Obama’s credibility continues to erode.

    And if you ever wondered how the Egyptians handled the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, see how they did it by measuring the earth, then subdividing it, for the half nautical mile base-perimeter-length for that magnificent pi value embodied monument to geometry, which means earth measure, simply explained in short article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    Rush Limbaugh Says Barney Frank is Hanging Around Your Anus Uranus Woman Town Hall Dartmouth Boston Meeting What Planet Do You Spend Most Your Time Barney Frank Fights Back Against Barack Obama Nazi Fascist Signs Comparison Democrat Republican Senator Jim Demint Outfront Leadership Role Legislation National Health Care Plan Insurance Reform Interstate Competition Individual Medical Savings Accounts Portability Voluntary Small Business Co Ops Implementation Rush Limbaugh Mocks Barney Frank’s Homosexuality with Circles Hangs Around Your Anus Uranus Play on Words

    August 19th, 2009

    Because disgraced progresssive homosexual congressman Barney Frank childishly asked the woman with an Obama as Hitler sign “on what planet do you spend most of your time?” (after she had questioned him about his support for the fascist proposed takeover of the health care industry by Team Obama), hero-for-liberty Rush Limbaugh stepped in today on his radio show, swiping back at Mr. Frank, saying that Frank should be quiet because he hangs around Uranus; an obvious play-on-words with the words, your anus, quite funny really, and off color sure, as that’s the way Rush rolls, a very funny and intelligent guy running a great show proponing american liberty, reflected in his high ratings and leadership impact on the conservative movement fighting back against Obama’s fascist policy initiatives (backed by the sophomoric alleged denizen of Uranus).

    The republican solutions for the health care industry, led by senator Jim Demint, make alot of sense, allowing insurance companies to compete for business over state lines for more competition, promoting individual medical savings accounts for individuals to buy insurance within voluntary co ops if so desired for still more reduced insurance premiums, and promoting charity hospitals by tax credits for private giving for them (where the indigent and oblivious, many of them illegal aliens, go for medical emergencies), and tort reform, so if a bill is signed by Obama, it will be more along these republican guidelines, without the Trojan Horse for the fascist takeover of the medical industry to be implemented by Team Obama’s planned bankrupting of the insurance companies through excessive government regulation, then Obama’s stepping in to bail ’em out and thereby control ’em, his tired old trick.

    That woman up near Boston sure got Barney Frank’s goat at the town meeting, probably surprising him in that normally liberal bastion of progressive fascist thought and promotion, as the Massachusetts state health care plan has proven a disaster, right under their noses, Frank’s included, who acts as if the solutions mentioned in the previous paragraph would not solve many of the problems with the health care industry (provided your goal is not the fascist takeover of the health care industry).

    And for a little side-light, Ur was a prediluvial city, the namesake of the bronze age city Ur in Chaldea (Babylon), and anus means circle, the circle of the zodiac worshipped by the ancient chaldeans, so that is the origin of the planet name Uranus, and the ancient knowledge of the zodiac actually entailed geometry, which means earth measure, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    Teach the Bible of Course Contributor William R. Mattox Jr. Newspaper Article Forum Editorial Opinion USA Today 08/17/09 Controversy Teaching Holy Bible’s Influence World History Classical Western European American Writing Thought Literature Public School Education Pop Culture Harvard English Professor Robert Kiely Propones Teaching Bible as Historical and Poetic Literature Educational Tool Texas Tennessee Georgia States Pass Laws Public School Instruction Role Bible History of Nations Epic Novels Movies Martin Luther King Jr. Promised Land Moses Israel Jews Exodus from Egypt Symbolism Cultural Allusions References Undeniable Keystone Role of Bible in Course Path of Cultural History

    August 18th, 2009

    So-called progressives want the Bible removed from the schools, as if it’s pornography or just a pack-of-lies (an ostensibly evil influence on our children), but as Harvard english professor Robert Kiely says, a good working knowledge of the Bible puts students far ahead of the biblically ignorant in studies of classic english literature, such as the works of Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Pope, Spenser, and Milton; the biblically ignorant students not having a clue about the multitude of allusions from the Bible which are key elements of those (and many more) authors’ famous works. 

    In a great opinion piece in the 08/17/09 edition of USA Today, regular contributor William R. Mattox notes that many professors are stressing the importance of students’ biblical education for success at the college level, with the Bible being the most important book in the history of the development of the world, with many prominent scientists, such as Issac Newton and Niels Bohr, having been Bible believing christians, just two of the hundreds of millions of people through the centuries who believed the Bible is the real deal, not hocus pocus as alleged by the “progressives” in academia who’d like us to think that christianity has been just a minor oddity in the course of human history.

    Because the Bible is such a valuable tool-text for a solid general education, the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas, have passed laws allowing Bible study in the public schools as a book of ancient literature and history, which has been the cornerstone of western civilization, a must to understand to become educated about history and the arts, for a good liberal arts education, but that which the progressives deem anathema because of their hatred for the Bible, so what do they have to fear, why do they fight the reading of the Bible with such vigor, when it’s only being taught as one of many books of ancient literature?

    The Quran should be taught as literature also, helping to explain islam’s impact on the world through the centuries, to understand the clearly important roles which the world’s religions have played while history marches on, even discussing the Flood of Noah, known as Nuh in the Quran, and how that legend has affected the thinking of the cultures of the world through the millenia, a key component of the template of ancestral recollections from our distant ancestors, who were there, recorded by those eyewitnesses, all the way back to the six days of creation, read article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

    See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Barack Obama’s Way Out West Townhall Meetings Rhetoric Trojan Horse Plan B Backdoor Strategy Public Option Healthcare Plan Legislation Deception Plan to Attack Medical Insurance Companies Limit Cap Policy Deductibles Mandatory Preexisting Conditions Coverage Acceptance White House Strategy Bankrupt then Government Bailout Medical Hospital Treatment Insurance Companies Barack Obama Plans to Regulate Drive Insurance Companies into Red Wreckage Financial Ruin Insolvency Federal Government Control of Doctors’ Practices by Fascist Control of Private Medical Insurance Firms

    August 17th, 2009

    Has president Barack Obama really giving up on his plan to inject the federal government into the medical insurance business?  Listening to Obama’s minions over the weekend, it seems that Team Obama has backed off their plan for the “public option,” so what will be their new tack, how do they plan to scheme their way through now?  I think the tipoff was in Obama’s address out West over the weekend where he banged mercilessly on the insurance industry, demanding that they limit high deductibles in their policies, and accept applicants for coverage whom they normally wouldn’t insure, unless at very high premiums and/or deductibles.

    Obama’s strategy now is to try to force medical insurance companies into bankruptcy.  He almost certainly will propose regulations that the insurance companies must cover high risk customers while requesting artificially low deductibles, a recipe for financial disaster for the private sector medical industry, what Obama will try to engineer, intending then to step in with a bailout for the insurance companies, to then control them, which is the backdoor way for Team Obama to dominate the medical business.  

    If Obama were really serious about controlling medical costs, he would propose tort reform and insurance companies’ competition across state lines.  And to provide more charitable healthcare for the economically poor, why not provide tax breaks for those who donate to charity hospitals, would that not be a better way to cover the indigent and indifferent without overhauling the whole system by fascism as sought by Team Obama? 

    And to know that all of the Bible, except the six days of creation, was recorded by eyewitnesses, be sure to checkout the explanation in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.