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    This Week with George Stephanopoulos Barack Obama Says ACORN Problem Not an Important Issue Claims Ignorance of ACORN Legal Woes Except Video Tapes Prostitution Tax Evasion Barack Obama Sunday Morning Acts Like ACORN Disaster No Big Deal Ignores Congressional Outcry Barack Obama Fuels Fire of Distrust of White House Administration

    September 20th, 2009

    Barack Obama really blew it on George Stephanopoulos’ show This Week on ABC this Sunday morning, saying he hadn’t heard about about his ACORN problems, except the virally spreading videos of ACORN employees promoting prostitution, illegal immigration, and tax evasion, saying he has much more important things to think about than an ostensibly few rogue employees at ACORN.  So how do you like them apples?  Do you suppose he really doesn’t think and nightmare about ACORN, when it’s virtually his organization, having been instrumental in vaulting him to the top, both legally and illegally?

    After Obama said ACORN’s problems are not important during his interview with Stephanopoulos, you could tell he knew he had really stepped in it (as perhaps the well-humored Stephanopoulos made a weird winced-up face or put his hand over his mouth with raised eyebrows or something), the president had that quisical expression looking at Stephanopoulos as if asking “was it really that bad?”  This will just pour more fuel on the fire against Obama’s obfuscation of his long sordid history with ACORN, having even thoughtlessly admitted it’s a left wing political arm, federally subsidized, a federally designated “non profit apolitical community organization,” but that legal status now being challenged in Congress, this too of which Obama claims he is unaware, I guess they just call that ignorance.

    Reactions Political Implications Sarah Palin Losing Value Voters Summit Straw Poll Vote Will Rockefeller Country Club Republicans Support Sarah Palin in 2012 Presidential Campaign Run Social Issues Problems Anti Abortion States Rights Academic Freedom School Choice Act High School Biblical Education Elective Option Courses Sarah Palin Intelligent Design Creationism Public Schools

    September 20th, 2009

    Probable presidential candidate Sarah Palin lost the vote to Mike Huckabee, 28% to 12%, this weekend in D. C. at the Values Voter Summit conference, that result which begs the question why Palin drew tens of thousands to her campaign events last fall, while Mr. Huckabee drew just tens or hundreds to his primary events (‘nough said), so knowing this, will the rockefeller republicans, those who oppose states rights on abortion and school choice, stand behind Sarah Palin if she wins the republican nomination? 

    Certainly republican presidential nominee Sarah Palin would attract many democrats and independents in the general election against Obama (or Hillary Clinton), but the question is would more rockefeller republicans crossover to vote for the democrat than democrats and independents would cast their ballots for Palin?  I don’t think so, because many women like Palin’s kind of politics, drill here drill now, strong defense, u. s. international border enforcement, and school choice for their kids.

    And since millions of blacks would actually like government to get off their backs, and enjoy the option of school choice for their kids, they too may be tempted to vote for Palin, realizing that Martin Luther King’s way, not Jeremiah Wright’s, is the way to go here in America, where the situation of blacks in these United States is the envy of blacks all over the world, or haven’t you heard?

    The high schools in Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee are offering elective courses on biblical studies, about its history, causes and effects on cultural and political movements, and on art and science, that for which college professors have been requesting, for good college prep, to study the classics, which are largely rooted in the history written in the bible, so the rockefeller republicans must decide if they will side with the college professors seeking thorough educations for our kids, effectively supporting Palin on this, whose intelligent design biblical creationism should be taught under “comparative religion and their sciences” or something, teaching how the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate, to establish to length of the cubit, that which was used to establish the dimensions for Noah’s Ark, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Why Sarah Palin Lost Values Voter Summit Straw Poll Votes Cast Washington D. C. Meeting Morality Issues Conservatives Fox News Show Host Mike Huckabee Attended Stoked Flames Reason Sarah Palin Didn’t Attend Values Voters Summit Conference Son Track Military Back from Iraq Hong Kong for Big Pay Day Speaking Engagement Building Campaign Personal Coffers Bank Account Funds for 2012 Republican Campaign Presidential Run Nomination Sarah Palin Triangulating Priorities Political Realities Reason Decision to Not Attend Values Voter Conservative Opinion Pow Wow Summit Why Huckabee Won Vote

    September 20th, 2009

    Sarah Palin lost big in the straw poll at the conservative Values Voters Summit in D. C. this weekend, where ex preacher and arkansas governor Mike Huckabee garnered 28% of the vote, with Palin back in a pack of four with Pawlenty, Pence, and Romney, those at around 12% of the conference vote, where all except Palin attended and spoke to the participants, certainly having hurt Palin in the poll there, where attendance at the conference by the prospective repubican candidates was surely rewarded.

    With her and Todd’s marine son Track just back from a tour in Iraq, and a speaking engagement in Hong Kong on the very near horizon, Mrs. Palin apparently has rightly (no pun intended) calculated that winning the straw poll at the Value Voters Summit would have been nice, but raising funds and her international respect is more important at this time (not to mention that Track is recently back), knowing that her rise to the top of the pack is already virtually assured because she can go out and draw twenty thousand people, while the others would be approaching lucky to get two thousand, that’s about all you need to know regarding the importance of that straw poll vote this weekend.

    Think how Sarah Palin electrified the huge energized crowds during her campaign speeches last fall, and how the left wing mainstream media sabotaged her at every turn, with “progressive” Hollywood types closely allied, because they know she is their real threat amongst the republican presidential hopefuls, the true populist, who will attract many more crossover voters than the Democrats are willing to admit, and so they rage against her with everthing they’ve got.

    But the legions of Palin’s enemies in the press will soon punch themselves out, failing to battle her popular policy ideas, such as stopping illegal immigration, shrinking the federal government, lessening needless regulation, proponing strong national defense, (helping Israel too), and school choice, generally, the fostering of free enterprise and liberty according to the Constitution, with Israel of prime concern overseas, the homeland of the Bible, the Word, all the history of which was recorded by people who were there, except for the six days of creation, see how this is so in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

    Barack Obama Solicits Books Univision Television Disses Fox News Sunday Morning Talk Shows 09/20/09 Obama Rally Base Illegal Aliens non Citizen Spanish Speakers La Raza Republica Del Norte Activists Aztlan Atlan Controversy Homeland of Ancient Olmec Mexicans Robert Gibbs Says Tea Party Participants not Wide Spectrum Variety of People Team Barack Hussein Obama Terrorism Invasion Across the Border Sunday Morning Talk Shows

    September 20th, 2009

    Have you noticed that an important part of the liberal playbook is to say that those opposed to Barack Hussein Obama (and his coddling treatment of illegal aliens) are opposed to immigration?  Of course, we oppose illegal immigration, not immigration per se (legal), so the big lie continues on many fronts; and here’s another whopper of untruth, white house talking head Robert Gibbs maliciously implied (speaking about Obama’s five Sunday morning talk show interviews) that Fox was rejected to inteview Obama because the viewers of Fox News are not people, that’s right folks, not people.  

    Robert Gibbs said that in selecting which networks would be allowed to interview president Obama, they wanted to make sure they would reach a wide variety of people, so in dissing Fox, with the largest cable network ratings (much larger than CNN), the White House’s message is that Fox viewers are not people, I guess because we oppose illegal immigration, so instead of Fox, they go with spanish speaking Univision Television (“cuando es amnesty?”), to drum-up support from the La Raza (the Race) crowd, who say that illegal aliens from the south belong here because this was their ancient homeland Atlan/Aztlan, while nothing in reality could be further from the truth.

    The word root Atl means water, Atlan, and that’s supposed to be the desert southwest of the U. S.?  Other mexican legends and the written Popol Vu say that their ancient ancestors had sailed from across the eastern ocean, the Atlantic, and where are the Atlas Mountains of Atlan?  The ancient Frisians of the Netherlands called the ancient submerged kingdom off western Europe Atland, and an ancient northwest African tribe was known as the Atalantes, so it’s really quite evident that the La Raza people should go try to take Spain and Morocco rather than the u. s. southwest, and Obama should read some history (and the U. S. Constitution). 

    La Raza friendly Univision had not even requested to interview Obama this Sunday, he solicited them, so who does he really represent?  Many who view spanish speaking televison such as Univision are indeed legal u. s. citizens (hopefully learning English), but how many tens of millions are not?  Obama always said 47 million people need health insurance coverage, but now he says 30 million, so you can bet that those 17 million will be carefully watching presidente Obama’s Univision interview, looking for the sign that he would backdoor amnesty for them, as promised in the campaign, to obtain their health insurance that way, in your face Fox viewer.

    The ancient Olmecs were the first in Mexico, circa 2000 B.C., not from the deserts of the u. s. southwest, but from across the Atlantic, and the Pacific too (google Olmecs Meggers Malmstrom), having navigated to the western hemisphere by the rate of the apparent movement of the stars because of the wobble of the earth’s axis, the same method utilized to survey the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, the unit of length, the Cubit, derived from the method for the dimensions of the  Great Pyramid of Giza’s, and not coincidentally, twice that cubit length, the ancient mexican Hunab, known for our modern archaeological purposes as the Standard Teotihuacan Unit, the measure utilized to survey the dimensions of the ancient mexican Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan.

    So see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Stone Age Sat Nav System Discovered Triangle Grid Matrix Britain England Hilltop Markers Isosceles Triangles Geometric Layout Manmade Landmarks Timekeeping Mapping Cartography Distance Grid System Discovery Writer Historian Tom Brooks Honiton Devon Cornwall Wales Prehistoric Ley Line System Wembley Stadium on Atlantean Global Positioning Satellite Like Grid of British Peninsula Ice Age Atlantis Mining District Island Hilltop Scilly

    September 19th, 2009

    The 1,500 ancient high-ground manmade marker sites spread across England were built for their positions on a satellite navigation like grid system of isosceles triangles, some of the triangles a hundred miles long on the equal sides, the markers along those lines within eyeshot of the next, so the ancients could travel without a map from Wembley in the east to Lanyon Quoit in the west for instance.  The ancient calculations for the positioning of the corner point sites of the geometric triangles of the huge grid system across the countryside are off by merely a few hundred feet (calculated from a hundred miles away), compared to modern global satellite positioning readings for the still more precise triangles intended by the ancients, which is truly remarkable accuracy, achievable by only timekeeping for accurate mapping, as is our nautical mile mapping system which is based on very accurate solar timekeeping. 

    Groundbreaking historian and writer Tom Brooks of Honiton, Devon, England discovered the geometric system, rightly surmising that those ancients either were far more advanced than currently given credit by mainstream scientists, or received their knowledge from friends from outer space (which would certainly delight the ET crowd), but Brooks is apparently unaware that the system used was the same used to calculate the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, the method used by rulers around the world during the Ice Age (which ended much later than popularly advertised), simply explained for you in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com

    The lines of the geometric triangle matrix across England are called ley lines, hence Wemb ley stadium, on the ancient grid system, and the same across France (google ancient ley line system France), so these supposedly ignorant people of the “stone age” were in reality carefully measuring and mapping the earth by its wobble rate, much to the consternation of mainstream scientists who are saying “cave men” believed the earth is flat, just like young earth creationists, however, obviously, they are wrong on both counts, as they also continue to ignore the submerged bronze ruins off Cornwall at at Scilly, and in Cardigan Bay, and off Brittany (of the legendary kingdom of Is), all of the Atlantean Empire actually, with the tin mines of southern Britain one of the plums of that empire, the product shipped down to the ice age coastal cities near Gibraltar, the ruins of which are now found submerged in many locations off Spain and Morocco.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Real Flat Earthers Advocates are Egyptologists Near East Studies Experts Archaeologists Doubt Spherical Circle Geometry Knowledge of Ancients Round Face Earth Arch of Sky Global Ice Age Navigators Prove Awareness Earth Sphere Axis Wobble Rate Precession Sophisticated Archaic Cartographers Proof Awareness Round Spherical Globe Matrix Earth Mainstream Science Really the Flat Earthers Darwinists Scorn

    September 18th, 2009

    Both humorously sad but yet satisfyingly ironic is the fact that dogmatic mainstream scientists mockingly call young earth creationism-believing christians flat-earthers, also insisting that the ignorant ancients too thought the earth is flat, and so, certainly could not have been savvy transoceanic navigators, fearing they would fall off the world at any moment if they sailed too far, but who actually did accurately measure and map the earth, ironically, from their knowledge that it’s a sphere, and by their knowledge of its wobble rate while it spins as it rotates around the sun.

    Some “common people” in ancient times, probably not the brighter ones, were not aware that the earth is a sphere, perhaps told it’s flat by the elites (much like darwinism today is being foisted upon us), so those commoners wouldn’t be tempted to compete on the high sea against the ruling elites, with the utilization of their interesting astronomical timekeeping methodology, simply explained for all in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, proving they surely were aware of the spherical nature of the earth, and so, were certainly not afraid nor ill prepared to navigate all over the globe.

    So today’s flat-earthers are actually the mainstream scientists and egyptologists who refuse to believe the ancients were sailing all over the world with an error of navigational precision of only 0.5%, having used that same method for the calculations for the astronomically derived dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, what’s been a mystery, now solved however, by a young earth creationist, so who are the real flat-earthers today?

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Albert Einstein Big Bang Theory Problems Internal Contradiction of Premises Effect Gravitational Time Dilation Age Universe Cosmos Disputed Event Horizon Factor Astrophysics General Relativity Big Bang Theory Expansion of Matter Bounded Universe Dictates Time Dilation Young Universe and Earth Genesis Veracity Historical Account Proof Scientific Model Conformity Observed Natural World

    September 18th, 2009

    Did you know the Big Bang Theory is predicated on two mutually contradictory notions?  I’d bet they never told you, but it’s true, and fairly easy to deduce on your own if you really think about it, because with the rapid expansion of matter outward from the beginning (point), there must be an edge of the expanded matter, but the Big Bang Theor posits disingenously that the universe is boundless, no edge, and therefore, the distant stars must be billions of years old, because gravitational time dilation was not in play, the mutually contradictory premises of the theory at work.

    The so-called event horizon, which collapsed as time was dilated outside it during the rapid early expansion of matter away from the beginning center, caused the distant stars to now appear much older than they are, because the light from them early in their coalescences was greatly accelerated, so they are not billions of years old, ‘though hundreds of millions of light years away, but only thousands of years old, when the contradictory premises of the Big Bang Theory are corrected, and so, good science once again lines up with the biblical account of the history of the earth and universe.

    And be sure to avail yourself of the strong evidence that all of the bible, except the six days of creation, was witnessed and recorded by characters in the bible, from Adam to Noah, and on to Moses, who compiled, edited, and redacted (as the Spirit led), the inherited tablets faithfully passed down through the generations starting with Adam, refer to article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, to see further that christian young earth creationists believe for some very good reasons, ‘though many still call us flat-earthers.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Why Militant Atheistic Darwinist Idealogues are Enemies with Muslim Alliances Ezekiel 38 Prophecy Hate Against Israel Christianity Jesus Christ One World Materialism Global Government Barack Obama Cancels Nuclear Missile Shield Program Eastern Europe Iran in Biblical Prophecy Islam Almost Ready

    September 17th, 2009

    The Obama administration announced today it’s cancelling the missle defense shield program for eastern Europe, seventy years to the day after Stalin’s communist Russia invaded Poland, so do you believe in coincidences?  And today experts are announcing that Iran is just a few ticks away from having nuclear rockets ready, so do you really think Barack Hussein Obama is a friend to christianity, democracy, and specifically Israel, as he has tactically claimed to crowds sympathetic to Israel?  (If you say yes you’re kidding.) 

    Many militant atheistic darwinists, like Hitler, would like to see Israel, judaism, and christianity go the way of the dodo bird, because the only rival to darwinism is the Genesis account in the Bible, which continues to be a thorn for them, as they vainly attempt to falsify that which is written in the scriptures, plainly to no avail, as even their term species has no meaning, so why bother with their theory at all? (Google syngameon natural selection.) 

    So the secular atheists of America, the haters of christians and judaists in Iran, and other great enemies of religious freedom in Russia, all have common interests here.  Will America end up on the wrong side of God’s history?  Will we effectively be Israel’s enemy (as president Obama’s current policies indicate), and so, potentially face serious judgment from God?  Obama claims to be a christian, yet his actions only bring closer the events prophecied in Ezekiel 38, the attack no doubt in the name of Allah, righteously rebuffed however, and then the tribulation period.

    Christians can’t defend the veracity of the scientific historical account recorded in the book of Genesis, and so, generally are intellectually bullied by zealous darwinists on the prowl, because chrisitians either don’t believe Genesis as it reads, much like many darwinists, and so, don’t contest (if not agree with) the feeding darwinists, or because they are (willfully or not) ignorant of the latest in young earth creationists’ offenses and defenses, also rendering them puddy-like in the darwinists hands.  But read on here at this blogsite, to see that there is much healthy debate to be generated.

    See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Federal Community Organizer Barack Obama Plays Race Card Says Proclaims Racially Motivated National Health Care Plan Speech Address College Park University of Maryland No Written Plan from Barack Obama Compares Equates Opposition to Civil Rights Movement to Conservative Opposition National Health Care Insurance Coverage Federally Subsidized Plans Affirmative Action Insurance Premiums Barack Obama Speech University of Maryland Medical Treatment Funding Insurance All U. S. Residents

    September 17th, 2009

    Speaking to a loyal throng at the University of Maryland today at College Park, Barack Obama equated the strong national opposition to specific plans (none from him) for government guaranteed heathcare insurance coverage to the opposition to the civil rights legislation for blacks back in the 60’s, still again demonstrating the president’s zeal to play the race card whenever he foolishly thinks it’s good strategy, trying to organize the base, community organizing Chicago style of course, bringing out the ACORN and SEIU thugs no doubt to convince people that the president is  always right. 

    The president’s Team Obama is futily attempting to paint half of America as racists, but supposedly Obama fairly won the election over a white guy, McCain, so what are they talking about?  I suppose (quite facetiously) that they’re just trying to say that the twenty percent swing to the downside against Obama in the poll ratings (over the last few months) is because those twenty percent have only recently become racists, so they became racists by Obama’s policies is the obvious inference (haha), therefore, perhaps, the new president should change his racist policy thrusts in order to cut down on what he perceives to be the racism against him.  There y’ go.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Plate Tectonic Paleontological Sedimentary Record Evidence for Literal Biblical Genesis Account Science Noah’s Global Flood Model Deluge Earth Crust Thickness Dynamics Mantle Flows Plate Subduction Isostatic Equilibrium Subsea Volcanic Magmatic Eruptions Extrusions Intrusions Catastrophic Sedimentary Strata Interpretation Geologic Column Radioisotope Dating Method Problems Proofs for Noah’s Flood Genesis Runaway Plate Tectonics

    September 17th, 2009

    We think the earth’s crust, floating (so to speak) on the earth’s semi-molten mantle, is very thick, thirty miles thick for the continental crust, and the oceanic crust about five miles thick, but when you consider that those depths for the lithified crustal material relative to the diameter of the earth are approximately proportionate to the thickness of the skin on an apple, it’s obvious that the earth’s crust is fragile, really subject to the whims of the superheated steam within the pressurized semi-molten mantle material confined below.

    The earth’s mantle contains much compressed steam, which when extruded at the surface, becomes water, lots of it, as was the case during Noah’s Flood, when the fountains of the great deep (through the oceanic rift zones) vented much water with magma during the catastrophic biblical flood year (see http://GlobalFlood.org), as the supercontinent Pangea broke apart while billions of tons of eroded sediments accumulated back on the continents, entombing billions of creatures, 99% of them marine creatures, because the terrestrial creatures mostly fled inland until overcome, explained at astute Dr. Sean Pitman’s excellent http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html).

    The major mocking-talking point for the darwinists at the Noah’s Flood young earth creationism scenario is their perjorative yet ignorant question how did the flood water cover the mountains such as the Himalayas?  (“Hahaha.”)  Well the answer, evidenced plainly in the geology, is that the mountains rose at the close of the Flood, with many lava extrusions of pillow basalts of mountains (they were extruded into water), and folded flood deposited sedimentary layers of mountains, obviously “rapidly” folded while the layers were not yet lithified, because the folded layers show no radial tension cracks indicative that they were folded ostensibly long after the layers had lithified, indicating all this happened not very long ago, relative to the ages the darwinists say for that supposedly slow process. 

    When Mount St. Helen’s erupted in Washington state three decades ago, a newly lithified lava flow from the volcanic eruption was dated by the potassium argon method to 2.8 million years, giving you a  good idea of the real state of the reliability of the much touted radioisotope dating methods, the dirty little secret being that what are thought to be good rock samples are thrown out when the results don’t match the age that the rock should be according to the darwinian timeline, so putting much faith in these methods is good only for the sake of that really baseless faith, one of the cards which eventually will fall to collapse the whole old earth scheme.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.