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    October 20th, 2009

    To successfully jump into the academic ring against old earth believing darwinists, to aggressively contend for the christian faith, biblical young earth creationists must be scientifically equipped with answers to the predictable objections to the biblical model recorded in the book of Genesis which almost always come up in discussions with the scientific antagonists of the bible, such as the mainstream academic contention that Noah’s Flood could not have covered the mountains of the world, which is a strawman argument actually, because the geology reveals that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, with the mountains composed of grading layers of sediments with billions of entombed mostly marine creatures, and/or extruded lava material, both which were demonstrably deposited in water, laid down within the waters of the global cataclysm described in the bible some forty-four hundred years ago, by eyewitness account (see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

    And darwinsits will say that if you’re a young earth creationist, then you don’t beleive in evolution, another strawman arguement however, because we do believe in evolution per se, that is natural selection within the biblical kinds of animals, syngameons of animals in modern scientific parlance, but not in darwinian evolution, which posits that goo morphed into you; ‘nough said, what a joke is darwinism, particulary when you consider that Darwin’s term species is genetically meaningless, another strawman contention by the mockers of the bible, which in fact explains what those darwinists cannot, such as the origin of the “races” and why members of differing species, such as lions and tigers, or chihuahas and wolves, can interbreed, rendering scientifically vacuous Darwin’s supposedly genetically diagnostic term species, obviosly not at all what the darwinists want seen addressed in debate format.

    When it’s made known that the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe is based upon mutually contradictory premises, that the universe is boundless, but began and expanded from an original starting point, so thereby must have an edge, and correcting this discrepancy, Einstein’s gravitional time dilation according the his Theory of General Relativity comes into play, so because of gravitaional time dilation during the the first four days of creation, those distant stars are really only thousands of years old, as indicated in the bible, therefore, I hope you bring this discrepency in the Big Bang model to those you know who mock the biblical account, which really has science on its side as you can see when you read further the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

    One of the biggest yet specious excuses that the biblical account of ancient history must be false is the great ages indicated with results from radioisotope dating methods for rocks, but did you know that Mount St. Helen’s lava flows from its eruption in 1980 show dates at around two million years of age for those lava flows?  And did you know that dates obrained from “good samples” are thrown out when the dating results don’t match preconceived notions about how old the rocks should be?  In other words, had you ever heard that the Mt. Saint Helen’s eruption lavas from 1980 dated to two million years of age?  Read more about the problems with the radioisotope dating methods at http://GlobalFlood.org, and equip yourelf with this rebuttal info against darwinists, so that you can jump into the ring and do serious damage to the foolishness of darwinian old earth dogma disingenuously taught as fact in our public schools.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Young Earth Creationism Apologetics Unanswered Questions Challenge to Darwinian Uniformitarian Scientists Cause of Ice Age Submerged Port Cities Megalithic Stone Block Column Ruins Astronomically Derived Precession Dimensions Proof Great Pyramid of Giza Maps Ancient Sea Kings Charles Hapgood Confirms Base Six Sexagesimal Ancient Chaldean Babylonian Numbering System Arc Circle Measure Biblical Origins Geometry Book of Genesis

    October 20th, 2009

    To the bible believers out there, I need your help.  Mockers of the Word of God in the scientific community are avoiding clear indicators that the the biblical model of history actually has much scientific explanatory value, for the cause of the Ice Age for instance, yet because christians by and large are not equipped nor willing to broach these subjects with scientists of the anti-biblical darwinian persuasion, they are not forced to address the obvious, in the case of the cause of the Ice Age, that only a warmer ocean, heated from below, could have been the cause of all that snow and rain, that’s hydrology 101, and guess what caused the ocean to have been heated from below?  It’s in the bible.

    And when the average ocean temperatures had cooled to about today’s numbers, the Ice Age ended, so the coastal port cities built of stone blocks or bricks were consumed by the sea, but the scientists of the darwinian model say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., so submerged ruins of navigating cultures is out of the question for them, which is why they don’t like to talk about the extensive ruins off India, and Japan, off Spain, Greece, Malta, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, and elsewhere.  They don’t want to talk about them because it proves the Ice Age ended much later than they have been telling us, so confront your favorite scientists, and National Geographic and the History Channel too, asking them about all these ruins, and why they seem fearful to discuss them.

    The Great Pyramid of Giza, its dimensions and perfect alignment to true north achievable only by accurate timekeeping, has been a great mystery to the mockers of the bible, who even insinuate, if not flat out say, it must have been designed by extraterrestrials, but this young earth creationist figured out how they did it, according to God’s intelligent design of the universe, by the rate of the earth’s wobble, but do we hear about it now in mainstream scientific circles?  Of course not, it takes the fun out of all that ET stuff, plus it’s consistent with sophisticated ancient knowledge indicated in the bible, with the cubit unit of length used by the ancients a suddivision of the radius length of the earth, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    Anti biblical scientists can’t explain these phenomena noted above, so they really don’t like to talk about them, try it yourself, you’ll see, they go blank, therefore it’s imperative that you christians out there ask your pastors to address these issues too, because they have also been largely asleep at the wheel not regarding this strong evidence comporting with the Genesis account in the bible, when it’s the leverage needed to pry open the door to expose the serious flaws in the timeline for ancient history which we’ve been taught in the public schools according to darwinistic and uniformitarian dogma.  And if you really think the book of Genesis was just dreamed up by some imaginative middle eastern iron age shepherds, then think again, see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

    For sure checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Constitutional Implications President Barack Hussein Obama’s Global Warming Treaty United Nations Climate Change Summit Conference Copenhagen December 2009 Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas Science Alarmists Seek Global Government Overseeing Emissions Controls Third World Nation Socialism Wealthy Nations United States Tax Energy Consumption World Governance Control Energy Consumption Limitations Carbon Tax Rationing

    October 19th, 2009

    Barack Obama intends to sign the United Nation’s global warming treaty in December in Copenhagen, but treaties must be ratified by two thirds vote of the U. S. Senate, so does Obama really expect almost all the Democrats and half the Republicans in the Senate to  ratify such a thing, or does our current president plan to enforce the treaty on Americans without Senate ratification as I’ve read he may be planning to do?  If put to a national referendum here in America, I would bet the global warming treaty would be rejected by 70% of Americans, but what might our elected leaders have up their sleave? 

    Why would Obama sign the United Nations global warming treaty if he knew he didn’t have the necessary Senate support?  Are our Senators ignorant of the fact that the proposed climate change debt treaty would transfer American wealth to the Third World countries because the Western nations have been evil energy consumers?  With the treaty, unelected global officials would dictate U. S. energy policy, effectively seizing our means of production, making a mockery of our Constitutional rights, which makes it imperative that we vote out these global socialists and Drill Here Drill Now, as Sarah Palin would have it, so let’s get started in 2010 with the midterm elections, and be sure to contact your Senator about Obama’s treaty plans, intending to sign over our constitutional rights to the UN.

    And checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Ancient Israel Central Government Village Judges to Iron Age Monarchies Kingships Transition Kings David Solomon Nationalized Agriculture Terraced Farmlands Vinyards Hills of Judea Catastrophic Climate Change Ancient Jewish Takeover Land of Canaan Adaptation Changing Environment

    October 19th, 2009

    When the Hittites were raiding from the north, and the Philistines from the southwest, with the Moabites and Midianites on the east and south, the nation of ancient Israel, at the time of legendary King David circa 1000 B.C., clamored that a national king be declared, to rally the hebrew tribes under one banner, selecting the champion over the philistine Goliath, the shepherd warrior King David, the first king of Israel, who organized the nation of Israel as a cohesive unit of cities and villages, united by their common bond as the twelve tribes of Jacob, which had come out of Egypt with the great chosen one Moses just over 400 years previously, when the ice age was ending.

    The Jews who came out of Egypt through the wilderness and then into Canaan Land crossed the Jordan River from the east at the north end of the Dead Sea, migrating and fighting the Canaanites at Jericho and Ai as they took control of the mountains of Israel, which run north to south from the today’s Golan Heights bordering Syria down along the west side of the Jordan River and then the Dead Sea to the Negev Desert, with the canaanite cities Urusalim, Hazor (north), Megiddo (west), and Gezer (south) having been rebuilt as fortress cities by kings David and Solomon when they solidified centralized control.

    They commissioned huge building projects in conjuction with the phoenician Canaanites who controlled the northern ocean ports of Akko and Atlit, with the Philistines having controlled the south coast along the Mediterranean until the Assyrians permanently ended their nationhood two hundred years after Solomon’s reign, during the time of the hebrew prophet Isaiah, when Assyria injured Israel, and ended the Philistines, their name only to be resurrected spitefully by Alexander the Great, four hundred years later, having named Israel Palestine, long after the disappearance of the Philistines from the pages of ancient history, but known to Alexander from the pages of the Old Testament.

    Farming was carried out by the Canaanites, before the arrival of the Hebrews, without irrigation or terracing of the hillsides of Judea, with plenty of water for crops by the rainfall back then, but by the time of David and Solomon, ‘though irrigation was never necessitated, extensive terracing projects on the hillsides were commissioned, to retain more scarce rainfall runoff for crops, the national farming strategy for the new nation state of Israel, by which time the canaanite fortresses in the Negev had been abandoned to desert, with only Abram’s old fort at Beer Sheva retained by Israel in that desert, only a few centuries before which had been lush with pastures and forests, actually during the Ice Age, that ended circa 1500 B.C., when the sea level rose to consume the first port cities at Akko and Atlit, the ruins now photographed at those sites.

    Google Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Hapgood to see that the ancients were measuring and navigating the earth during the Ice Age, confirmed by these navigators’ ports now submerged on the shallow seafloor, with the cubit used by the Hebrews and the Egyptians having been an earth commensurate measure tied into those ancient navigational maps, because the cubit, like the ancient olympic foot, is a subdivision of the radius length of the earth, really simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, that cubit length used to survey the dimensions for Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem, which really was the rebuilt canaanite City of Jebu, also known as Urusalim.  It was a much smaller world during the Ice Age than we have been led to believe as you can see, as you read on under the various categories here, and be sure to show that ancient mapping finding to your professors.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Bronze Iron Age Collapse Cause Transition Trade Patterns Mass Migrations Sea Peoples Philistines Peleset Mycenaean Influence Ancient Gaza Strip Canaanite Egyptian Hyksos Tell es Sakan Origns of Gaza Philistine Empire Eastern Mediterranean Sea Raiders of Bronze Age Chaos Famine Collapse

    October 18th, 2009

    Mainstream archaeologists really don’t have a clue why there were mass migrations of people groups in the ancient world when the so-called bronze age civilizations collapsed, when the Mycenaeans of Greece destroyed Troy, and the Sea Peoples invaded Egypt in a thousand ships, among them the Peleset, who settled the eastern Nile Delta circa 1200 B.C., establising the port city of Pelusium, the Peleset also known as the Philistines, their pottery showing great affinity to the Mycenaean, with the shards of such clay ware found from that time up the coast to Gaza, the realm of the Philistines, who controlled the coastal region of the eastern Mediterranean from eastern Egypt up to Gaza, beginning circa 1200 B.C., at the time that the Jews were subduing most of Canaan, with Gaza and that coastal strip, previously controlled by either the Canaanites or the Egyptians, having been taken by the invading Philistines of biblical record, who suddenly came on the scene at the time of the Judges.

    Something caused those mass migrations, but what and why?  There are extensive submerged ruins off the coast of Egypt and Canaan (Israel and Lebanon) of bronze age vintage, such as of Heraklion, Menouthis, old Sidon, Tyre, Yarmuta, and Byblos, so would that not indicate serious climate change which caused the sea level to rise to end the bronze age?  And with that sea level rise, would not many civilizations have been disrupted, with the ruins now submerged in many parts of the world as they are, those ancients forced to relocate by hook or by crook?

    Recollections of Atlantis?  Indeed.  The greek Plato repeated an inaccurate date, the sea level rise was actually circa 1500 B.C., with most of the rise completed in about a hundred years, leaving many port cities now on the shallow seafloor, from an obviously very inconvenient time for most scientists, when the Ice Age actually ended, which certainly is the reason why National Geographic and the History Channel assiduously avoid the submerged ruins topic.

    When the sea level rose, about three feet per year, the people now doubt abandoned there port cities, moving inland, but as the climate was drying at that time too, as the Ice Age was ending, rich pastures and forests lost their water sources, because of much less rainfall, so tribes and clans were forced to sail away or migrate by land, as was the case of the Aryans down from central Asia into India when the Ice Age ended, also difficult for mainstream scientists to understand not admitting that was when the Ice Age ended, really quite obvious, but anathema to mainstream scientists, because it comports with the biblical timeline, and when’s the last time you noticed a darwinist consulting the book of Genesis for guidance?  Please see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    GE Rumor Sale General Electric May Sell NBC Universal MSNBC to Comcast Corporation Market Speaks Morning Joe Scarborough Moans Liberal Progressive Propaganda Gig is Up Will Comcast Fire Chris Matthews Keith Olbermann Potential Future Employers MSNBC CNBC News Talent Market Forces Dictate Change Programming Conservative Bent

    October 16th, 2009

    Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe is freaking out, he asked business reporter Erin Burnette what’s with the rumor that Comcast may buy their employer, NBC Universal, from parent company General Electric?  The NBC Universal unit, including MSNBC and CNBC, is running ten to twelve billion dollars in the red, so Comcast (no doubt) would shake things up with the programming, perhaps with Joe, and Mika, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and others, going dodo bird. 

    MSNBC’s ratings are dismal as the ratings of relatively fair and balanced Fox soar, so in selling NBC, General Electric would save themselves the ignominity of firing all that loyal yet ineffective talent, in order to turn the operation around, with new and more conservative talent, perhaps bidding for Glenn Beck’s services, who knows?  The Comcast folks know that conservatism sells on the airwaves, and cable tv, so that is the direction they most certainly would take, as Joe Scarborough cries in his Starbucks Morning Joe, his faux conservative gig all but over now, unless he starts to agree with Rush.

    And to really revolutionize cable tv, perhaps Comcast would program debates between biblical creationists and proponents of darwinian dogma, since half of America believes history is as the Bible says, according to Gallup Polls, and since darwinists actually run and hide from such encounters, because they rarely fare well, which is the word they’ve spread amongst themselves, so let’s call ’em out to see what they have to say in defense of their version of the history of the earth and universe, to see if it really holds up under scientific scrutiny.

    Darwin’s term species is meaningless, as many species interbreed, so we look to a more appropriate term for the different kinds of animals, which can or could hybridize, syngameons of animals, such as the syngameon including llamas, alpacas, and camels, a breeding group, demonstrating the uselessness of the term species in genetic studies, revealing that the biblical kinds of animals described in the bible are in fact the syngameons of animals, with many variations, which we see in the world today, such as the humankind, the human syngameon.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Barack Hussein Obama’s Church Search Place to Worship Camp David Evergreen Church Pastor Marine Chaplain Carey Cash Relative Great Nephew Johnny Cash Evangelical Family Tradition Barack Obama Sunday Morning Services Worships with Camp David Protestant Full Gospel Preacher Carey Cash Barack Obama’s Spiritual Quest Journey Biblical History Book of Genesis Religious Beliefs Age of Earth

    October 16th, 2009

    Barack Obama has finally found a preacher he likes to listen to in the Washington D. C. area on Sunday mornings, at Camp David actually, the Evergreen Church, services led by marine chaplain Carey Cash, great nephew of Johnny Cash of christian gospel music fame, pastor Cash preaching at Camp David that Islam is a religion of violence, seeking converts by threat of the sword in many cases, all encouraged in the writings of Islam, opposed to Christianity, which seeks converts by the power of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, not by coersion of the sword, clearly endorsed and executed by Muhammed himself, the founder of Islam. 

    Obama has heard Carey Cash preach more than a few times at Camp David, so the question is whether Obama is just scouting out the opposition, the defenders of Jerusalem against Islam, or truly is studying the Word of God, taught by the evangelical Cash, with true interest and spiritual questing in his heart?  If the latter, it would be an answer to prayer for many christians who are instructed to pray for their leaders, and if the former, we could just chock it up to undercover intelligence gathering by the president himself to try to figure out how conservative christian Americans think, to know your enemy as they say.

    Whichever the real reason for Obama’s attendance at the Camp David christian services, presuming pastor Cash is preaching the pure Gospel, it will do Obama much good just hearing it, perhaps softening his heart to the plight of Israel and the Jews against the millions of Muslims who would have them destroyed, as Cash was known for his evangelical work in the military, which however was often against the rules about proselytizing, but calling men and women to saving faith in Jesus Christ, the true jewish King of Jerusalem, not some islamic messiah, it’s in The Book.

    And as Cash and Obama study the history in the Bible, I hope they go back to Genesis, to history which mainstream science says is made up, but for which there really is a plethora of corroborative evidence, such as under the various categories at this website, of a young earth creationist, that which Sarah Palin believes, and would have allowed taught, if not in science class, then in history and literature classes, determining what is the extent of the accuracy of the Genesis account, a productive intellectual exercise at least, and actually, an insight into the true history of the earth and universe, so let’s let the students decide for themselves, isn’t that fair?

    Etruscan Origins Aegean Norse Sea Aesar Gods Aisar Eretria Mystery Language Trojans Troy Troas Son of Dardanus Lydian Pelasgian Possibilities Relationships Anchises Aeneas Ascanius Roots of Ancient Britain Rune Stones Runic Language Etymologies Etruscan Derivations Menelaos Odysseus Hellen of Troy Mirrors of Etruria Aegean Mediterranean Roots Iliad Odyssey Homer Etruscan Tyrhennian Sea Migrations

    October 15th, 2009

    When Troy, at the southern end of the Dardanelles Strait leading to the Black Sea, was destroyed by the greek alliance circa 1100 B.C., the trojan sphere of influence had spread across the Hellespont as far as Macedonia and Boeotia, just to the north of Athens/Attica, so with the fall of the militarily and commercially strategic hub at Troy, the ionian Greeks took over, moving on into the Black Sea to build cities along its coastline too, with Troy then just one of many greek settlements on the way to and around the Black Sea.

    So Troy no longer was of such great commercial importance, as the Greeks controlled all the coastline to and around the Black Sea, and the Trojans, some of them from Eretria, Boeotia, Greece, sailed to become the Etruscans of western Italy and Sardinia, in response to the population crunch at that time because of the mass migrations which characterized the period (see category Catastrophic Climate Change) when the bronze age was descending into the Dark Age, when the rapidly emerging Etruscan civilization rose to attain great wealth with extensive trade ties through their alliances with the tyrian Phoenicians, the namesakes of the Tyrhennian Sea off Italy.

    And when Troy fell to the Greeks, ancient british histories record that Aeneas, with his family, including his father Anchises and son Ascanius, sailed to what would become known as Britian (named after Ascanius’s son Brutus, previously named Hibernia, after Heber, the biblical Eber), apparently bringing with them the language of the Trojans, reflected in the runic language recorded on stones from Britain and too across Scandinavia and Germany, including the inscripted word aesar, from the etruscan term aisar, meaning god or gods, Odin having been a great aesar of nordic legend who probably spoke the runic language, perhaps among others, but the runic certainly recorded on the stones, showing affinity to the etruscan, proof of the ancient maritme relationship, with even ancient rock art showing ships with sails, oars, and high double prows, much larger than the later viking vessels, perhaps even from ice age times, which ended much later than popularly advertised.

    Etruscan bronze vanity mirrors from the 3rd century b.c. show characters from Homer’s quite historical Iliad and Odyssey, with Helen (Malavisch) of Troy, and one of the words above her, hinthial, meaning reflection or ghost, of the beautiful Helen, the ancient form of thinking the best of oneself when looking in the mirror I suppose, and Menelaos (Menles), with Clymtnmestra (Clutmsta), and Odysseus (Uthste), depicted on another mirror, reflecting (no pun intended) the clear linkange of Troy to Etruria, the land of the Etruscans, and ancient Britain too, with the arrival of Ascanius and co. there circa 1100 b.c., indicated in the british record.

    And the ancient nordic units of distance were actually related to the ancient units of Britain, and perhaps Troy, like nearby Greece, mariners all, by the star mapping method simply described in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, with 5 greek stadia (of 600 olympic feet each) composing the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the ancient nordic unit of length the fot, having been identical to the olympic greek foot, both 12.16 modern inches in length, derived from the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, certainly a universal measuring standard, no pun intended.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Lies Libel Against Rush Limbaugh Lawsuit NFL Ownership Participation Block Left Wing Media Lies Distortions Damages Against Rush Limbaugh Libel Suit MSNBC CNN Networks Jack Huberman 101 People Who are Really Screwing Up America Quote Slavery Martin Luther King Jr. Murder Reward Lies Libel Suit Rush Limbaugh NFL Ownership Legal Case

    October 15th, 2009

    Now that Rush Limbaugh has been dropped from the investment group seeking to buy the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, he is turning hard against those who destroyed his NFL ownership dream by lying about what he has said on the air, supposedly having said slavery has its merits, and that Martin Luther King’s murderer should have been given a Medal of Honor, certainly heinous things to say, but Rush did not say them, so CNN, MSNBC, and Jack Huberman can expect to soon be sued by El Rushbo, as he has already indicated that he will, with great wrath in being excluded from the NFL over lies about the content of his number one radio show.

    Jack Huberman wrote 101 People Who Are Really Screwing Up America, and on page 232, he mentions the slavery line attributed to Limbaugh, but without show date in the footnotes attributed, so Huberman, without proof that Limbaugh said that, apparently quoted by CNN and MSNBC among others, such as ESPN, are all facing legal action from Limbaugh, seeking damages for the obviously malicious and libelous statements made against him on the air for days on end, but now, the chickens will come home to roost, and I hope many NFL fans boycott the games this weekend in protest of this great wrong systematically perpetrated against Mr. Limbaugh. 

    Rush is not a racist, he favors an even playing field, without affirmative action, so that makes him a racist?  Most Americans oppose affirmative action, so Limbaugh is in the mainstream, as he is on almost all the issues, but the left wing mainstream media refuses to believe it, and so they try to destroy him, however at their peril, because now, Limbaugh can claim damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars agaisnt CNN and MSNBC, which really may be the best outcome possible out of all this, sure to bring much media attention to the courtroom drama, although I bet CNN and MSNBC will try to settle out of court, not wanting to bring their own media attention to it, which would certainly make most of us to heartily laugh at the left wing media’s ongoing buffoonery.

    Great one here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Barack Obama White House Democrats Target Fox News Network Juan Williams Special Reports Pew Research Poll Audience Demographics African American Black Viewership How Many Left Wing Progressives Watch Fox Cable Network Obama Administration Agrees to Interview on Fox News Sarah Palin Crossover Voter Candidate Appeal 2012 Campaign Election Momentum Glenn Beck Wing Conservative Populism Appeals to Black Latino Independents Democrats Anti Fascism Backlash

    October 13th, 2009

    Juan Williams reported tonight on Fox News that a recent Pew Researh poll says a third of the Fox national viewing audience is composed of Democrats, and a quarter of the audience “people of color,” proving that Fox indeed is more fair and balanced than the others, because the people of the left must go to Fox to hear what the other side is saying, why Barack Obama has said he’ll someday appear on Fox, time and date to be announced.

    And I would bet at least those percentages watch Glenn Beck’s show on Fox, learning about ACORN, Van Jones, Rashid Khalidi, and the rest, not learned from the other networks through the last several months for sure, those networks which have tried to work in unison with the B. Hussein Obama machine, ignoring all news detrimental to Obama’s now possibly quite temporary grasp on power, apparently slipping through his fascist fingers as the 2010 midterm and then the 2012 presidential elections approach.

    We need school choice and more competition in the healthcare insurance business by forcing states to allow the many, not just a few, insurance companies to compete in each state, and tort reform, all proponed by Sarah Palin, who will build great momentum with her policy ideas which will bring our economy roaring back; drill here drill now, eliminating needless regulation, and encouraging employment in the private sector, as all Obama seems to want to do is put more people on the federal payroll, with green jobs and such (what’s that leaf blowers?) 

    President Obama says Fox is part of the Republican Party, and has promised to appear for an interview there sometime however, really knowing deep in his heart that many people see Fox as truly much more fair and balanced than the rest, so will appear to not appear the coward, and to relunctantly acknowledge that Fox is a force to be reckoned with not just because many Republicans watch it, but because it’s the only place you can usually get both sides of the story.