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    November 16th, 2009

    With patriotic populist Sarah Palin’s interview to air on the Oprah Show today, and her appearance with Barbara Walters on Good Morning America tomorrow, watch for major ratings spikes for those shows, because Sarah Palin sells, as the networks well know, the American people are fascinated by her, and now, hilariously, the left wing media companies must decide whether to make big bucks by giving Palin more airtime, to capitalize on the public’s insatiable appetite for all things Sarah, or eschew their stockholders’ desire to make money by icing out the money-making Mrs. Palin, following their trained Obamabot instincts to seek and destroy all threats to Barack Obama’s now probably one term presidency, as Americans flock to Palin’s patriotic populism, the antedote to the fascist islam-appeasing socialism of Barack Obama.

    Will the networks give Sarah the airtime which the public demands, or will they shut her out at the expense of their own bottom lines?  Their dilemma is delicious to see, as they are torn between their continuing status as good Obama loyalists and their duty to their stockholders, so what will they do?  I suspect they will split the difference, covering Palin, but just the supposed drama in her personal life, not her policy positions detailed in her new book, Going Rogue, which Rush Limbaugh says is a most compelling political treatise, explaining Sarah Palin’s vision for America, a far cry from the plainly nefarious goals of Team Obama, as they continue to try to stomp on our economic, religious, and political liberty here in this wonderful country, the liberties which Mrs. Palin will help bring back to America, oh yeh.

    So will the left wing media companies give America what it wants, Sarah Palin, and what she stands for, or will they kiss the ring of Obama’s “progressives,” continuing to mock the pretty patriotic populist from Alaska?  They will continue the mocking at their own economic peril, as Fox continues to profit handsomely, while the left wing media outlets flounder in the ratings wars, now forced to give Palin airtime because of her immense popularity, but negative coverage, which will only further alienate the public from them, the well known stooges of Team Obama, who now are faced with the prospect of defending a quite unpopular president and his crazy disastrous policies.

    I hope the left wingers in the media really hone-in-on Sarah Palin’s christianity, and specifically, her belief that real ancient history was recorded in the book of Genesis, not what the darwinists tell us, which supposedly is one of her political soft spots, because in reality, over 50% of Americans (according to Gallup) believe the book of Genesis essentially as it reads, not as old earth creationists and darwinists would have us believe, even after decades of dogged indoctrination in the public schools, so the public will welcome such debate, and I hope Team Palin refers to this website for information to counter the mindless mocking of bible believing christians, perhaps the time has come, and be sure to read the deduction by a young earth creationist for the methodology for earth measurement, by its wobble rate, utilized to establish the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, good fodder for Mrs. Palin and other bible believers everywhere.

    RINO David Brooks New York Times Republican Principles Traitor Meet the Press 11/15/09 Says Sarah Palin Anti Intellectual Against Academic Disciplines David Brooks Big Spending Socialism Encouraged Barack Obama to Run for President Populist Patriot Sarah Palin Gains Blue Dog Reagan Democrat Independent Vote David Brooks Hates American Christianity Patriotic Populism Should Leave Republican Party Politics Philosophical Schism

    November 16th, 2009

    Why does the New York Times’ squirrelly opinion writer David Brooks call himself a Republican?  It’s to try to pull the Republican party to the left, to make it Democrat-lite, that’s why.  And now, having called Sarah Palin anti-intellectual on Meet the Press this morning, Brooks has joined other RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) in the smear of the most popular figure in the Republican party since Ronald Reagan, with Palin’s populism appealing to real Republicans, most Independents, and many Democrats, who seek school choice, real national borders, and want to drill here and drill now, for energy independence (while market based alternative energy use continues to grow), not at all in agreement with Mr. Brooks’ policy agenda, as he even encouraged Barack Hussein Obama to run for president, not what you’d expect from a Republican, or is he?

    Real Republicans, who support Sarah Palin, will gladly trade the votes of a few million RINO’s in the general election in 2012 for the tens of millions of Independents and Democrats who would vote for Palin over B. Hussein Obama (or Mrs. Clinton), so Brooks should smell the coffee and go ahead to follow his heart to the Democrat party, which certainly would be a good riddance, along with “conservative” George Will, who with David Gregory agreed with strange Brooks’ premise on Meet the Press that Palin is anti- intellectualism and lacks intelligence, but who of them has been the vice presidential nominee of a major national political party in a U.S. election? 

    The Constitution, in the Fourteenth Amendment, says that a person born in our United States is a citizen here, so is such a person not a person the moment before birth, and therefore, does it not seem proper that the abortion issue should be decided on the state level, according to the Tenth Amendment, since the Fourteenth certainly says that an individual at birth, and logically, just moments before, is a person, revealing the pro-abortion Brooks as truly the one lackng intellectual integrity and acumen? 

    Brooks mocks Palin for her belief that the history written in the Bible is accurate, but has he ever googled Dinosaur Fossil Soft Tissue, or Gravitational Time Dilation Young Earth Creationism, to see what the other side is saying?  Perhaps, ‘though he’d never admit it, because science is actually on Palin’s side, with Brooks, the intellectual basket-case, completely exposed to the world upon investigation.  And lest you think space aliens could only have been the ones to survey the dimensions for the mysterious Great Pyramid of Giza, be sure to checkout how plain ol’ humans did it, simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, deduced by a young earth creationist, so who is anti-intellectual, Mr. Brooks, care to debate?

    Vatican Says ET’s Alien Life Forms Real Biblical History Catholic Church Pope Benedict Pontifical Academy of Sciences Corrado Balducci Chief Astronomer Gabriel Funes Declare Controversy Compatibility of Bible History Outer Space Alien Beings Biblical References Literalism End Times Prophecies Spiritual Physical Entities Deceptions UFO’s Devil Satan Tribulation Period Book Revelation

    November 12th, 2009

    Pope Benedict is signaling to the world that the hierarchy of the catholic church in Rome has decided UFO’s are real, through statements from the Pope’s chief astronomer Gabriel Funes in scientific symposia, and five national tv appearances on italian airwaves by Corrado Balducci of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, stating the evidence is clear that we have been visited by physical beings from outer space, saying the notion of other civilizations on other planets in the cosmos does not violate the history recorded in the Holy Bible.

    But scripture says all of creation has groaned since the Fall in the Garden (of Adam and Eve and the rest of creation because of the couple’s cooperation with the Devil), and that would include aliens from outer space, certainly to be considered part of the creation, so does Pope Benedict think the space aliens are coming here to listen to a salvation message from Charles Stanley or Reinhard Bonnke?  I doubt it, so you can see the biblically irresponsible stance of the catholics’ Vatican on this controversial issue, bending to the whims of pop culture, where space alien fever has hit the planet, with many hoping superior beings will come from outer space to disprove the Bible, demonstrating that the Vatican is playing into the hands of those who would undermine the veracity of the holy scriptures.

    In the end times, spoken of in the book of Revelation, it’s stated that the population of the world will be fooled by signs and wonders performed through power from the Devil, that even the elect (Christians) would be fooled if it were possible, but the truly born again will see through all this, knowing that angels, both fallen and righteous, can appear to have physical substance in the natural world, probably some of the UFO sightings, these “craft” which stop on a dime from great velocity, of course impossible according to physics, clearly indicating a spiritual aspect to these sightings.

    And much of the pop culture boogaboo about space aliens is that they were ostensibly the only ones indeed capable of the accurate time measurements for the precise alignment and earth commensurate dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, reflecting the need to have very accurately measured the size of the earth, that of which the ancients were purportedly incapable, but when you analyze the information in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, you’ll see how they did it, without space alien assistance, so with this issue settled, perhaps the Vatican should reconsider its current position that darwinian evolution is scientifically valid, by going back to what the Bible actually says, not what pop science and culture says it must say.

    So see too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Pat Robertson Says Religion of Islam is Merely Global Political Movement Jihad Teaching Instructions of Prophet Muhammed Accepted Taken to Heart by Muslim Terrorist Malik Nidal Hasan Pat Robertson Exposes Truth of Islam Goal World Domination by Force Antithesis of Christian Mandate Preach Gospel of Jesus Christ All the World Global Evangelism

    November 12th, 2009

    Longtime christian broadcaster Pat Robertson of CBN has raised the ire of the politically-correct talking-head class by his cogently obvious, yet provocatively contrary, recent statement that the practice of Islam is essentially a political movement, bent on ruling all the world according to the dictates of the Sharia Law of the prophet Muhammed, who conquered many lands by the sword, killing all who would not bow their knee to his god, Allah, clearly not the God of the Bible, who instructs his followers to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ in all the world, allowing the Word to do the fighting on the spiritual level, not by carnal coersion of the sword, apparently about the only way Muhammed could gain a following, albeit a highly intimidated following no doubt.

    When muslim terrorist Malik Nidal Hasan murdered the 13 soldiers (and one unborn child) at Fort Hood last week, he was merely following the instructions of Muhammed, to kill all those opposed to the stated islamic goal of world domination, with our men and women in the U. S. military standing in their way, Hasan doing his little part for the kingdom of Allah, which they say will rule the world, but not as long as America stands strong against the most virulent brand of theologically motivated political tyranny ever in the history of the world, while tiny Israel, the apple of the real God’s eye, stands strong, even with president Barack Hussein Obama aligned against her.

    Fort Hood Shootings Islamophobia of Islamofascism Teachings of Koran Hadith Kill Infidels Nidal Malik Hasan Programmed Religious Murderer for Terrorism of Islam Sharia Law in America Moment of Truth National Sovereignty Freedom of Peaceful Religion

    November 10th, 2009

    We in America have the freedom of religion, implied here certainly for peaceful religion, not to yell “Allah Akbar” and then shoot up a bunch of innocent bystanders as occurred at Fort Hood last week by islamic activist Nidal Malik Hasan, in the name of Allah, the god of Islam, the religion quested to rule the world, promulgated by the founder of Islam, Muhammed, about 1,400 years ago, as he marauded through the Middle East and North Africa seeking converts and killing those who refused to submit, so the murderous teachings of Muhammed, not peaceful religion at all, need be seen for what they are, and Muslims must come to grips with those teachings which they are asked to embrace by the self-proclaimed true believers, those who would force Sharia Law on us in the name of Allah, islamists such as Mr. Hasan.

    So is it really, as they say, islamophobic, to vigilantly lookout for mass murderers such as Hasan, who printed SOA (Soldier of Allah) on his calling card, and was in steady contact with islamic jihadists in the Middle East?  Are we to turn a blind eye to activities such as this, merely hoping that such as Hasan are good Muslims?  And what is a good Muslim anyway?  A good one to us is one who doesn’t follow the jihadi teachings of Muhammed, while a good Muslim to the muslim faithful in the Middle East is one who carries out jihad against “infidels” such as those of us Christians, Judaists, Hindus, Buddhists, and Agnostics, here in the United States, where we enjoy the freedom of religion, a far cry from the religious experience of those not Muslim in the lands experiencing the tyranny of Islam.

    Biblical Prophecy Rise of Atlantis Knowledge Plato’s Critias Timaeus Dialogues Historical Genesis Veracity Arguments True Location not Mythological Atlantean Empire Island Continent Shoreline Atlantic Ocean Atlas Mountains Children of Posidon Tarshish Ice Age Kingdoms of Biblical Times Plato Atlantis Corrections

    November 10th, 2009

    If Atlantis is myth, then why did Plato list the historical greek kings Cecrops, Erysichthon, Erectheus, and then Theseus, as having ruled at Athens in Greece after Atlantis went under?  And did Plato really think that those kings lived 9,000 years before his time, but when ancient greek kings lists went back to only the circa 2000 B.C. timeframe, with the sons of Peleg/Pelasgus (the Pelasgians) and Elisha (the Hellens)? 

    Just before the time of those four greek kings listed by Plato, a great king of Attica, Ogygos, ruled when the sea level, according to legend, rose dramatically to consume much of Greece, so why did not Plato equate the obvious, that the flood of Ogygos, circa 1500 B. C., was the same sea level rise which consumed Atlantis, followed by the reigns of the four kings, after the 189 years of anarchy in Greece which followed the Flood of Ogyges, realizing that those four kings are acknowledged to have lived in the 1300 B.C. timeframe?

    There are many submerged bronze age stone ruins off Spain and Morocco, in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains, right where Plato’s story indicates the ruins of Atlantis should be, but he said submerged Atlantis blocked the Straits of Gibraltar, what the ancients called the Straits of Hercules, yet we all know that strait is clear to ship traffic, always has been, and Plato repeated that, what he also should have known was a lie (the Greeks were trading with Tartessos in Spain at Plato’s time), so why did he repeat what he surely knew to be false? 

    Plato never mentioned the greek legendary Flood of Deucalion as possibly equating to the story of the flood of Atlantis (told to the Greeks by Egyptian priests), because he knew that the Flood of Deucalion was reputed to have covered the whole earth (like Noah’s Flood), but he didn’t equate the Flood of Ogygos to Atlantis, because for some reason he wanted to lead his readers to believe that bronze age navies and warfare, as described in the Atlantis tale, had been ongoing since 9600 B. C., which any archeologist will tell you is absurd, and belied by Plato’s own greek history.

    The evidence is that Plato was an early enemy of the biblical timeline in Genesis, probably familiar with the hebrew Old Testament scriptures from Israel (the Greeks were well established all around the eastern Mediterranean at that time), eschewing the Flood of Ogyges timeframe for Atlantis, while as he strangely mentioned the four historical greek kings from circa 1300 B.C., this citation which could be his hint to us that he was just repeating the egyptian timeline for Atlantis, knowing full well that it must have been with the Flood of Ogygos.  And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Barack Obama’s Bunker Mentality Enemies List White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs Turns On Gives Out Chuck Todd’s Email Address National Press Briefing Audience Healthcare Deadline Questions MSNBC Morning Joe Mika Brzezinski Loyal B. Hussein Obama Defender Says Lower Military Entry Standards Fort Hood Shooting Enemies of Israel Christianity Freedom of Religion Sharia Law Islamic Appeasement

    November 10th, 2009

    One of Barack Obama’s biggest cheerleaders until now, MSNBC political director Chuck Todd, is probably wondering what hit him at the White House press briefing yesterday, while questioning White House spokesmen Robert Gibbs (who he thought was his pal) about their ever-moving deadline for the passage of the Democrats’ healtcare plan, the beleagured Gibbs decided to announce Chuck’s personal email address for all the world to hear, obviously intended for the ACORN types to flood Chuck with emails objecting to his ostensible badgering of the hypersensitive Gibbs, who may be wearing down.  

    The job just doesn’t seem as fun for Gibbs as it used to be, for obvious reasons, such as the recent massacre at Fort Hood by an active Muslim on Muhammed’s road to global jihad, seeking to intimidate us into the acceptance of the Sharia Law of Allah, so I wonder what our founding fathers would have to say about that, and so, we must all ask why was the mass murderer at Fort Hood, Malik Nidal Hasan, allowed to remain in the military in the first place?

    B. Hussein Obama refused to fly the Stars and Stripes at half staff at the White House in the aftermath of the slaughter at Fort Hood, until hounded into it by angry citizens who couldn’t believe their eyes, and Nikolas Kristoff at the New York Times will tell you that Obama told him that the prettiest sound on earth is the muslim call to prayer emanating from a mosque at sundown, so since the buck stops with president Obama, and word has it that the White House told the FBI investigators to treat the Fort Hood massacre not as an act of islamic terrorism, the Tea Party cries ring all more true, because Obama’s goals are not the goals of the vast majority of Americans, which will surely be reflected in the elections of 2010 and 2012, as one of Obama’s worst nightmare, Hillary, waits in the wings for 2012, probably to matchup against Sarah Palin in a battle of the two female titans of politics.

    Mika Brzezinski, on Morning Joe today (where I heard Chuck Todd tell of his email exposure by Gibbs), lamely offered that Malik Nidal Hasan’s murderous rampage at Fort Hood can be blamed on lax standards for military applicants, which of course doesn’t explain how a known proponent of islamic jihad could have been a psychiatrist counseling our returning veterans from the battles in the Middle East against islamic jihadists, the pals of the jihadi Hasan, proven by his known correspondences with them, rendering ridiculous Mika’s weak defense of Obama’s ostensible Homeland Security, from a man, the president of the United States, who said the prettiest sound on earth is the Muslim’s call to prayer at sundown, go figure.

    Sarah Palin Oprah Show Topics Nov. 16 2009 Debate Barack Obama Environmental Fascism State Control Private Property Rights of Man John Locke Life Liberty Pursuit of Property not Happiness Virginia Declaration of Rights Barack Obama’s Oppressive Planned Strict Environmental Regulations Hinder Property Rights Means of Production Pursuit of Capitalism Happiness Declaration of Independence

    November 10th, 2009

    Freedom loving renaissance british philospher John Locke, who greatly influenced the thinking of many of America’s founding fathers, wrote that people should have “the right to life, liberty, and the acquistion of property,” as also written in the state of Virginia’s Declaration of Rights; the freedom to buy and sell, and to use your property as you see fit, the phrase altered by Jefferson and Franklin composing the Declaration of Independence to read “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” an odd change for sure. 

    But the Founding Fathers were clearly capitalists, not liking the excessive taxation and government control exerted by England, so they would not appreciate the government takeover of whole industries by Team Obama these days, comparing his tactics to that of the domineering British government of colonial England, who impeded the people of young America in their pursuit of life, liberty, and property, not government control of almost every aspect of our lives like being attempted by Team Obama, in the tradition of government control freaks through the centuries.

    Property loses value when the government, through excessive regulation and taxation, limits how the property can be utililized and improved for profit, such as the Obama administration seeking to greatly curtail corporate and private energy use and thereby limit the utilization of the means of production in our country, one of the reasons for our current stagnant and possibly failing economy, why the big government people, led by Obama, must be voted out of office, starting with Congress in 2010.

    And in opposing Sarah Palin’s “drill here drill now” energy strategy, on the oil rich continental shelves off the U. S. coasts, the environmental extremists, seeking supranational environmental control over us, led by B. Hussein Obama, devalue our shared national mineral rights here in the U. S., the right to freedom, through the acquisition and development of property, such as our fantastically rich oil reserves which would provide hundreds of thousands of jobs and a big step toward energy independence, as we also seek price competitive alternative energy sources, without excessive government taxation and regulation prohibing such development of course.

    Rush Limbaugh Compares Similarity Barack Hussein Obama Lessons Preaching Jeremiah Wright Ignorance Defense Like Employed Left Wing Media Motivation Muslim Jihadi Nidal Malik Hasan Fort Hood Shooting Massacre Rationale Hazing Islamic Religion Peace Falls Church Virginia Mosque 9/11 Hijackers Imam Fled to Yemen Al Qaida Hotbed Military Infiltration

    November 9th, 2009

    Rush Limbaugh, sagacious as usual today, half joked that the left wing media’s whitewashing of Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan’s obvious connection to islamic jihad (he even worshipped in the same mosque as 9/11 terrorists) is similar to Barack Obama saying he never heard Jeremiah Wright say anything incendiary in the over twenty years he attended his church in Chicago, as the audacious apologists for Islam, even spokespersons from the U. S military, would have us believe that Hasan was just angry because some soldiers had teased him, certainly ridiculous, since he has defended and applauded the islamic jihadis who seek to destroy Israel and America.

    And the Obama administration had to be cajoled by enraged patriots into flying the flag over the weekend at half mast at the White House in remembrance of the fallen at Fort Hood, really causing one to take pause wondering whose side they’re on, with the FBI reportedly having been instructed by the White House to not investigate the case as an act of islamic jihad, but just a guy who didn’t like the fellas questioning his allegiance, no doubt wondering aloud what he was doing in the U. S. military when Islam is an avowed enemy of “infidel” armies such as that of the United States, now involved in the fight against those whom Hasan admires, the jihadis of Islam, seeking to enslave the world for Allah.

    The information on Hasan’s professional calling card included the initials SOA, Soldier of Allah, the same Allah who instructed Muhammed back in the day to kill everybody who wouldn’t bow to Islam, now Hasan just a mini modern version of Muhammed, who sought to control for Islam by the sword, not by the power of oral persuasion, by the Word of God, practiced by the followers of Jesus Christ, who are instructed to preach the gospel in all the world, this preaching of the gospel illegal in muslim nations, as Muhammed would have it.

    Jihadi Psychiatrist Treated Soldiers Al Qaida Taliban Koran Loyalists Fort Hood Muslim Suicide Shooter Nidal Malik Hasan Wore Muslim Clothes at Base Shouted Allahu Allah Akbar Islamic God is Great Jordanian Ancestry Palestinian of Army Military Record Global Jihadis Infiltration of U. S. Armed Forces Dilemma National Policy Fort Hood Killer Islamic Loyalty Conflicted Political Allegiances

    November 6th, 2009

    The shooter at Fort Hood in Texas, muslim army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan, is a model for any aspiring islamic jihadi infiltrator into the u. s. armed forces, shouting Allah Akbar while he methodically, and with obviously great islamic conviction and fervor, mowed down dozens of his supposed compatriots, his manifested allegiance plainly to the teachings of the Muslim’s Koran and Hadith which command him to kill “the infidels.”

    The fiend Hasan is an American of Jordanian descent, yet he listed his ancestry as Palestinian on his official records, obviously to make a political statement, as islamic jihadis think that Muslims, not Jews, should control Jerusalem and the Holy Land, along with his belief that the U. S. Army should not be anywhere in the Middle East at all, not really the kind of psychiatrist with whom American soldiers would particularly want to counsel after a rough tour of duty in the Middle East fighting Taliban and Al Qaida.

    We here in the U. S. must come to grips with the fact that the goals of Islam are at odds with our national and personal interests, seeking to destroy our democracy to replace it with an islamic caliphate, beholding to Mecca, therefore, particularly in the military, caution must be taken when loyal Muslims are brought into the fold, because their playbook is not ours, not to be trusted, particularly in the military, as is now quite apparent for all to see.

    I suppose Hassan, a 40 year old bachelor, was looking forward to 72 virgins in Allah’s heaven for loyal martyrs, so far denied as he survived to be questioned about his horrific act of terrorism, but maybe the interrogators can let him know that the number 72 of virgins is the number of years for the earth’s axis to proceed in its wobble 1 degree, of 360 degrees, the number 72 virgins based on astrology from ancient mapping actually, as explained through simple geometry (meaning earth measure) in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, which could give hope for his return to sanity, perhaps to become a born again christian.