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    February 22nd, 2010

    Darwinists around the world are freaking-out because Israel’s minister of education, Gavriel Avital, says that darwinism is certainly not proven fact, and so, should be analyzed critically, certainly along with biblical creationism.  Apparently Avital is well aware that animals should be classified by syngameons, not by species, which then lends that only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark, you can see the darwinists’ heads spinning, they have no rebuttal.

    Acclaimed israeli earth scientist and advocate for darwinism, Yehoshua Kolodny, has responded to Avital in saying that “denying evolution is like denying science itself.”  But denying darwinian evolution obviously is not a denial of science itself, because animals should be classified by syngameons, interbreeding groups of animals, which is obvious to even the uneducated, apparently not to Kolodny however, who may be shielded from such ostensibly out-of-the-box thinking, but he’ll soon hear about the concept, confirming Genesis.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Ancient Ice Age Arctic Circumpolar Navigation Measuring Longitude Precession Timekeeping Mapping Independence I Thule Culture Tula Tree Mexico World Axis Greek History Rama Rapanui Easter Island Connection Maps Ancient Sea Kings Reveal Bronze Age Transoceanic Navigation Lanes

    February 22nd, 2010

    The Tula tree of ancient Mexico and the ancient Thule culture of the arctic, known to the ancient Greeks as Thule Land, what’s the connection?  Timekeeping, for geometry is the connection, as the ancient Tula tree of archaic Mexico is symbolic of the earth’s axis, for religious purposes, the earth’s axis known to the ancients to wobble at the rate of 72 years/degree, the basis of the olympic greek foot length, the origin of the royal cubit measure, and the mexican hunab length used for the Pyramid of the Sun, all from the methodology explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, how true north, at the north pole, was determined by the ancients, which enabled them to measure and map the earth during the Ice Age.

    As demonstrated online with the “Independence I” cultural and geomorphic evidence on the coast of northern Greenland, circa 2000 b.c., the arctic ocean was ice free, with intense wave action on the beaches there, now locked in by ice, so with the mapping method explained in the link, these were mariners up from the ice age european continent, by sea, known to the ancient greeks as Thule land, the land of the polar axis, symbolized with the Tula Tree, the World Tree, the axis of the earth, which slowly wobbles as the earth spins and rotates around the sun.

    An obvious connection has been established between Rapanui (Easter Island), and its RongoRongo script, with the Rama empire, known as the lost Indus Valley Civilization, and its script (google RongoRongo Indus Valley Scripts Young Earth Creationism), with the seafaring know-how demonstrated in the link above, and perhaps by the south polar route no less, because the Oronteus Finaeus Map, one of the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, very precisely shows Antarctica, a marvel to mainstream scientists, so let’s give ’em a heads up, for the sake of intellectual honesty.

    And so see too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Tithing Giving Beliefs Full Counsel of God Do You Believe All Bible Pastor Ed Young Second Baptist Church Houston Christian Bookstore Dancing from Genesis Veracity Ice Age Civilizations What to Teach Kids about World Cultures Genesis Account?

    February 21st, 2010

    In citing the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, for their blatant ignorance of young earth creationism teaching material, it’s because I attend there, this morning for instance, pastor Ed Young asking the congregation “do you believe all of the Bible?”  His ostensibly serious question was in reference to giving, as in “give and it shall be given unto you,” while he engaged in the annual call for tithing pledges.  But as I sat there, of course the first thing which popped into my mind was “well he doesn’t believe all of the Bible anyway, just look at the church bookstore, completely bereft of young earth creationism material, what a hypocrite (with all due respect).” 

    Here’s my point, when a kid reads the Bible, for instance the part about Noah’s Flood and how the eight people began to reproduce after that flood which destroyed the world, he/she might ask “where did they live after the flood, and how long did it take them to spread all over the world?”  Good questions, wouldn’t you say?  I wonder if Ed Young has been asked.  I’d like to hear him answer it from the pulpit for all the kids to hear, because after all, he says he believes all of the Bible, and I would think that would include the book of Genesis, but not from the looks of the bookstore there for sure.

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    February 21st, 2010

    How did the ancient Egyptians strategize the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, and why was it so rainy in Egypt during old kingdom times that the Sphinx and its quarry show intense water runoff erosion in that limestone of the now arid Giza plateau?  The simple biblical answers are provided by a young earth creationist in the Comments section below a piece entitled Uncovering the Secrets of the Sphinx at http://SmithsonianMag.com, which ‘though from last month’s edtion, is still number six on their most-read list, and number two on their most-emailed list, probably not the least reason being that the darwinists have not cogently rebutted the biblical solutions to these questions which still vex mainstream academia, because they apparently can’t bring themselves to admit that the biblical solutions fill-the-bill, clearly much to their self-propagandized chagrin.

    Doug Weller of the http://HallofMaat.com chat room (where the clown Anthony is hiding) tried to rebut the biblical solution for the water erosion anomaly at Giza in the Comments under the Sphinx article at the Smithsonian Mag website, saying it rained just a little bit more there then than today, clearly absurd however, the evidence indicates ten times more rainfall in ancient Egypt circa 2000 b.c. than today, which I pointed-out to Weller, who hasn’t responded.  And where are all the other darwinists who supposedly look forward to making young earth creationists look foolish?  This is a golden opportunity for them to expose the ostensible flaws in the biblical analysis, so why don’t they engage?  Could it be that they have no refutations?

    Climategate Science Propaganda Smithsonian Magazine Article Point Barrow Alaska Ground Zero Climate Change Arctic Ocean Surface Temperatures Evaporation Rates Independence I Culture Bronze Age Greenland Biblical Ice Age Hydrology Meteorology Post Noah’s Flood World Young Earth Creationism

    February 21st, 2010

    Ever sounding the global warming alarmists’ gong-of-doom, the darwinists at http://SmithsonianMag.com have an article titled Point Barrow Ground Zero Climate Change, where they describe the melting of snow and icecover along the Arctic Ocean of the state of Alaska’s northern coast, must be Sarah Palin’s fault, just kidding.  I submitted a comment there which hasn’t been posted yet for two days, stating that the sea level has not changed significantly for over three thousand years, not now either, with snow falling in greater amounts elsewhere in the world, such as this year in the lower forty eight states, while the sea level maintains, not having changed significantly since the end of the Ice Age.

    The folks at the Smithsonian may have done an article on the Independence I Culture of northern Greenland in the 2000 b.c. timeframe, when geomorphologists have determined that the coast there was not choked with ice as it is now, but was open ocean, and therewith commensurate wave action, certainly a mystery to mainstream scientists, but very sensical with the biblical model, the ocean warmer at that time, in the centuries after Noah’s Flood, which was the engine for the Ice Age, it’s just hydrology 101, and biblical, seems the God of the Bible is a scientist too, which should be no surprise to Christians I’d hope we’d all agree.

    The comment was posted three days hence, stay tuned for updates, and check-it-out yourself there at the Smithsonian.

    Jurassic Park Dragon Cloning Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer North Carolina State University Dinosaur Shocker Jack Horner Montana Museum Rockies Maryland Smithsonian Magazine Articles Soft Dino Tissue Hemoglobin Red Corpuscles Blood Vessels Collagen Elastin Bone Tissue Dinosaurs Dating Problem Noah’s Flood Young Earth Creationism

    February 20th, 2010

    Christian paleontologist Mary Schweitzer says biblical religion is a faith thing, while science is an evidence thing, in her revealing interview at http://SmithsonianMag.com/science-nature/dinosaur.html, about soft cell tissues from dinosaurs discovered in t-rex bones from sedimentary strata in Montana and Argentina said to be about 65 million years old.  And as the title of the article is Dinosaur Shocker, the christian Schweitzer’s insistance that those bones really are that old is ironic, after all, it certainly is a shocker to the darwinists that such tissue exists in dinosaur bones; didn’t Schweitzer clear the title for the article?  Should a bible-believing christian not see the import of soft tissue from certainly not so long ago?  The pursuit of tenure will do strange things to some people, perhaps in this case.

    The Smithsonian is well aware of all this, even having helped form the Museum of the Rockies, where Jack Horner, mentor of Schweitzer, plies his trade, confirming red corpuscles, hemoglobin, collagen, elastin, and blood vessels, not to mention proteins, from dinosaur bones, many of them discovered there in Montana, while Schweitzer works on all this at North Carolina State, in the shadow of the Smithsonian’s museum in Maryland where is the “Dinosaur Graveyard in the Smithsonian’s Backyard,” and how many of those have soft tissue too?  Will they carbon 14 date this organic material?  How about DNA cloning, Jurassic Park anyone?  And why haven’t we heard more about all this?

    See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, real good stuff.  Listen at http://jamesnienhuisradio.com.

    Shanidar Cave Skeletons Neanderthal Bones Culture March Edition Smithsonian Magazine National Geographic Kurdistan Carbon 14 Dating Cave Man Times Flaws Errors Volcanic Factor Caucasus Volcanos Bronze Age Eruptions Catastrophic Climate Change Upper Mesopotamia Biblical Genesis Timeline

    February 19th, 2010

    The famous neanderthals from Shanidar Cave in Kurdistan (upper Mesopotamia) is the topic of an article in the March edition of the http://SmithsonianMag.com, the bones supposedly from over 30,000 years ago, so I’ve submitted a comment there, yet to be posted now for over 72 hours, asking then who lived there at the headwaters of the Tigris river from 30,000 years ago ’til circa 2000 b.c. when the biblical tribes of Aram and Asshur are documented to have settled the region?  That’s about 25,000 years worth of human settlement archaeologically unaccounted for under the darwinian timeline, further rendering their whole scheme ridiculous.

    In my comment, as I said, yet to be posted (still in committee perhaps), it’s noted that the carbon 14 dates for the Shanidar cave people are exaggerated greatly due to the much greater volcanism (emitting carbon 12) worldwide in the 2000 b.c. timeframe than is accredited to it by the loyal darwinists, volcanism in the Caucasus mountains for instance, when Sargon I patrolled his frontier there circa 2000 b.c., such volcanism also worldwide, during that time which actually was during the Ice Age, when much isostatic readjustment of the continental crust was ongoing.

    Really dumbfounding to the darwinists is that diamonds and coal, supposedly millions of years old, show measurable carbon 14 dates in the thousands of years of age, not good news either for those loyal advocates of the darwin-inspired timeline, checkout the great articles at http://GlobalFlood.org, and maybe one of you will post a link at the Smithsonian Mag article, maybe they will post yours, they haven’t posted mine yet, but I’ll keep updating what happens or not.  The comment was posted after three days, we’ll see what the responses may be, check-it-out.

    Why don’t the PETA people try to stop animals from killing animals?

    Ancient Mapping Finding Space Aliens Question Dimensions Cubits Great Pyramid Giza Egypt Biblical Solution Middle Eastern Studies Darwinian Influence Archaic Cartography Navigation Maps Ancient Sea Kings Precession Mapping Earth Axis Wobble Hexagon Geometry Recognition Young Earth Creationism Genesis History Diagnostic Model Mechanism

    February 18th, 2010

    If a mainstream scholar from say Cambridge or Oxford happened to figure-out how the ancients measured the earth by the wobble rate of its axis, at 72 years/degree, the method by which the royal cubit length of measure was determined, do you suppose it would be front page news and the talk of our hallowed halls of higher learning?  With this astronomical geometric method, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com by a young earth creationist, the mysteries of ancient mapping are solved, and how the Great Pyramid was surveyed not by E.T. assistance becomes obvious, yet the finding remains mostly unknown for the simple reason that it was deduced by a young earth creationist according to the intelligent design of the universe by the God of the Bible, so spread the word, let’s see if we can get some publicity for this thing.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Real Maritime Empire Plato’s Atlantis Spain Morocco Libya Sahara Aqualithic Mountains of Atlas Historical Corroborations Maps Ancient Sea Kings Hapgood Sons Poseidon Where Atlantis Geographic Location Bronze Age Seafarers Mineral Global Trade Routes Prime Meridian West Africa Mauretania Moors Formorians Canaanites England France Ice Age Navigation

    February 18th, 2010

    Plato was certainly not the only ancient historian well aware of the Empire of Atlantis, ‘though his account the most famous, but with his distorted date of submergence not in the bronze age when the weaponry and shipping described in the story were ongoing, told the big timeline lie through Solon from the egyptian priests of Sais who didn’t even acknowledge their own submerged bronze age cities Heraklion and Menouthis nearby, wrongly stating that Egypt didn’t lose any cities to the sea as did Atlantis and Greece, in the timeframe of the greek kings Erectheus, Cecrops, Erysichthon, and Theseus, clearly contradicting his 9600 B.C. date for the submergence of the coastal cities when the Ice Age ended.

    Homer, Pausanias, Herodotus, and Diodorus Siculus too, among others, wrote that the maritine empire of Atlantis was in the region of the Atlas Mountains, in the Gibraltar region, the homeland of the legendary timekeeper Atlas, the man who figuratively held up the heavens because of his mastery of astronomically-based global cartography and navigation during the Ice Age (by the method described in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com), Atlas who later would be the namesake of books of maps, for his ancient mapping prowess, certainly no myth but hard historical fact.

    Not surprisingly therefore, the ancient prime meridian on many of the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), sourced from ancient maps from ice age times, ran through the Cape Verde or Canary Islands off Africa’s northwest coast, just west of the Atlas Mountians, the center of navigation during the bronze age when the fleets of Atlantis dominated international trade, described in Plato’s story, with the ruins of that empire now found submerged at many locations off southern Spain, Morocco, Libya, and Malta, as well as, off Brittany and Cornwall, those ruins built by the famous Formorians of Mauretania, Atlanteans.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Biblical Genesis Table of Nations Historicity Historical Accuracy Spread of Language Culture Ice Age Times Era Children Grandchildren of Noah Namesakes Nations People Groups Revelation Prophecies Middle East Nations Progeny Noah’s Flood Survivors Keys to Understanding Ancient History Jewish Torah

    February 17th, 2010

    How can preachers who meekly accomodate the darwinists’ timeline for the book of Genesis stand up there talking about the lands noted in the Bible, such as of Canaan, Javan, Tarshish, and Elam, but not acknowledge that those were the progeny of Noah, soon after the Flood, which certainly was a genetic bottleneck of eight humans, quite evident when you read the clear verbiage?  

    Those names are labeled for those lands from secular history too, so there’ s no disputing the names connected to those places in antiquity, but since Canaan was Noah’s grandson (through Ham), and Javan another, with his son Tarshish (through Japheth), and Elam another grandson of Noah (through Shem), what the secular world is on the verge of admitting, the veracity of Genesis in the Table of Nations, is not hammered home from the pulpits, surely a disgrace and an embarassment to the cause of Christ.

    Secularists say the Old Testament was dreamed up by jewish shepherds during the so-called iron age, around the time of the Prophets, but internal indications in the text reveal that the Genesis account was recorded by eyewitnesses all the way back to Adam, as explained in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, so preachers who downplay the truth in Genesis really have no excuse, particularly when they understand the science involved, discussed in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

    Funnies from Rush today:  “Irksome” Bowles, and Evan “Bye” Bayh.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.