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    Diodorus Sicilus Ancient Library Carthage History Historical Records Who Where Amazons Warrior Women Campaigns Warfare Queen Myrina Original Home Base Kingdom Hesperia Island Ice Age Lake Tritonis Libya Morocco Bronze Age Collapse Iron Dark Age Amazonian Global Dispersions Brazil Colombia City Lesbos Island Thermidon Black Sea Turkey Phoenicians Travels Queen Myrina Amazon Basin

    April 23rd, 2010

    If not that it’s predictable, it’s remarkable how the history of the women-warrior Amazons tracks the major changes of climate and geography in the ancient world when the bronze age collapsed, the Amazons at that time having begun to venture away from their original homeland on the island of Hesperia, which was a peninsula in Lake Triton, but now saharan desert, back then that huge lake which emptied through a marsh into the Mediterranean Sea at the Bay of Syrtis, that history retrieved by Diodorus Sicilus from remnant records from the destroyed library at Carthage in north Africa near Sicily.

    Amazon queen Myrina, who ruled from Hesperia when Lake Triton was drying up, then campaigned against the Atlantes at Kerna in Morocco, and returned victorious, then navigating to the east, probably with the Phoenicians, to found the city of the queen Myrina on Lesbos Island in the Aegean, an island for only a little over a century since the end of the Ice Age actually, the same sea level rise described in misdated account in Plato’s Atlantis, also known as the Flood of Ogyges (who lived at the time of Dardanus).  The greek flood of Deucalion was Noah’s Flood, Deucalion the double lion, looking back before the flood and foreward, into the ice age world which followed the global deluge.

    And from Lesbos, the Amazons entered the Black Sea, newly connected to the world ocean in that time of Dardanus, settling at Thermidon on the south coast of the Black Sea about two centuries after the demise of Atlantis, the Atlantes whom Myrina had defeated in Morocco, the remnant come inland when the sea level rose, but didn’t sail away to settle elsewhere, as ‘though obviously did the Amazons also across the Atlantic, detailed nicely in Harold T. Wilkins’ Secret Cities of Old South America, where he confirms the ruins of megalithic cities in many parts there.  Checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Reason Why Length Time Astrology Houses Duration Precession Rate Plato’s Great Year Hindu Yugas Zodiac Signs Timekeeping Earth Wobble Rate Geometry Measures Great Pyramid of Giza Dimensions Relationship Linkage Nautical Mile Mapping Religion Astrology Based on Earth Metrics Longitude East West Distance Calculations

    April 23rd, 2010

    Ask any dedicated astrologer how long is a “house” of the zodiac, they’ll  tell you 2,160 years, so why that number of years?  Do you know?  Do those astrologers know?  No they don’t know, well at least not many of them, and fewer than that number would admit the real methodology behind it because it proves the benevolent intelligent design of the earth and universe by the creator God, and we all know they can’t have that, the same reason the accolytes of darwinism won’t acknowledge the simple method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, confirming Genesis history.

    When the length of a zodiac house (2,160 years) is multplied by the number (12) of zodiac houses, the number 25,920 was obviously the anciently accepted length of the Great Year, cited by Plato as proof.  And the hindu yugas of time, base six too, are the same numbers as the numbers involved in the geometry of the Great Pyramid, and our modern nautical mile mapping system, so all are obviously rooted in the ancient precession mapping methodology explained in the link.  Hopefull’ you’ll refer the link to your favorite darwinist and/or new ager who won’t learn it in school, but they might like to know.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Phoenician Voyages Americas Atlantis West Tours Tourism Colombia Andes Antisuyos Atlantean Ruins Ciudad La Perdida Colombian Bronze Age Ruins Muyscas Chibchan Antisuyo Tribes Atlantean Stone Columns Mortuary Temples San Augustin UNESCO Park Huila West of Medellin Antioquia Department Phoenician Roots Antioch Syria Tsyria Tyre Maritime Empire Colombian Andes Atlantis West Tours

    April 22nd, 2010

    Atlantic was named after Atlas (and Atlantis), which no one denies, and Atlan is said by “indigenous” mesoamericans to have been their ancient homeland, across the eastern ocean, the Atlantic, so really it’s no shocker that atlantean columns are found at San Augustin in the UNESCO park near Huila in the Andes (Antis) mountains of northern Colombia, those columns symbolizing the four bacabs (four cardinal directions) holding up the sky (the roofs of the structures) in a figurative sense, like Atlas who mythically supported the sky, which was merely an allusion to his and others’ ability to measure and map the earth, actually by the simple method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, the origin of arc seconds and minutes and distance for our modern nautical mile mapping system.

    Atlantean ruins are also found at a hilltop city of megalithic ruins of buildings at La Perdida, near the caribbean coast of Colombia, these sites near ancient gold mines, no doubt the target of those first settlers there, who sailed up rivers such as the Rio Magdalena to exploit those mineral deposits, the Antisuyos of the northern Andes, namesake of the Andes after the Antaeus of greek legend across the Atlantic, so why do the darwinists continue to avoid these issues?  It’s because the timeline indicates the veracity of the biblical Genesis account, also for instance the department (district) in which is Medellin, Colombia, the department Antioquia, is named after Antioch, the post ice age port city at the mouth of the Orontes river where Syria and Turkey meet, the city of phoenican mariners who were recovering after the end of the Ice Age (see category Atlantis Revealed).

    And certainly see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Birther Bill State Legislation Arizona Barack Obama Presidential Candidates Must Produce Long Form Birth Certificate Problem Barack Hussein Obama Paternity Issue Possible Real Father Question Racist Radical Poet Chicago Communist Progressive Frank Marshall Davis Barack Obama Reelection Hurdles Decisions 2012 Presidential Election Mill Stone

    April 21st, 2010

    Yeah Arizona!  First they pass the law allowing arizona cops to ask possible illegal aliens for proof they belong here, and now the arizona house is on the verge of passing legislation to then go to the state senate and then the governor to sign which would force presidential candidates in 2012 to prove their citizenship with a long form birth certificate, not what Barack Hussein Obama has produced so far, which only is a certificate of live birth, which can just be phoned in, and Team Obama’s still not sure what hospital he was born in, so it will be very interesting to see what that thing actually says.  And why do you suppose Obama has not wanted to release it?  Wouldn’t you like to find out why as do the people of Arizona?

    If you google Barack Obama in combination with Frank Marshall Davis, I think you’ll see where Team Obama’s point of concern lies, when you hold a picture of Obama’s “real” father, Barack Sr. from Kenya, next to one of Frank Marshall Davis, a long time friend of the family in Hawaii, next to one of president Obama, I think you’ll see the president’s facial features are remarkably like the facial features of communist poet Frank Marshall Davis, except for the chin, which clearly is his mother’s, so then what a whopping political embarassment for the president this would be, perhaps the reason he’s afraid to show that long form birth certificate.  And if not for this reason, then why has Team Obama been fighting its disclosure in the courts for many months?  The people of Arizona want to find out, good show Arizona!

    Carbon Dioxide Gas Emissions Effects Impact Global Warming Cooling Iceland Volcano Damage Canceled Jet Airline Flights Saving CO2 Emissions Offsets Gaseous Volcanic Explosions Equivalency Climate Change Effects Environment Iceland Volcanic

    April 21st, 2010

    The greenies are saying that the Iceland Volcano is helping the supposed (see http://ClimateDepot.org) global warming problem because less planes are flying, but what about that gaping hole in the earth in the North Atlantic through which tons of CO2 are passing by the minute?  Googling around the web today, I don’t see anybody mentioning the prodigious carbon dioxide gas emission from that volcano.  So when the greenies finally admit this prolific CO2 “pollutant” source, what will they propose, messing with mother nature to stop it?  What can they do, is it out of their control?

    Even greater than the carbon dioxide emissions from volcanos are the water emissions, as steam, superheated and pressurized in liquid form at depth, which when let loose at the surface with an eruption blasts H2O gas (steam) high into the sky.  The mantle beneath the crust is like an ocean of superheated and pressurized water, up to 70% by weight of the pressurized mantle material at depth is water, and that was the principal source of the water for Noah’s Flood, not what the greenies want to talk about, it’s biblical, refer to http://GlobalFlood.org.

    Triune Creator Elohim God Prophecied Said Through Seed of Abraham All World Would Be Blessed Islam Judaism Christianity Prophetic Elohim’s Fulfillment Prophecy Latter Day Evangelism Islamic Theocratic State or Kingdom of God Jesus Christ Jewish Messiah

    April 21st, 2010

    Truly a miracle of the creator Elohim is when a follower of the Koran and Hadith leaves faith in Allah to accept Jesus Christ, the son of God, risking the loss of family and even their own lives in so doing, truly testistomy to the eternal life saving power of the Holy Spirit, the third aspect of the creator Elohim, this triune creator anathema to the muslims, and ostensibly to the judaists too, but in the Torah, in Genesis, it’s written “let us make man in our image,” so since our is plural, there you have it, with the Holy Spirit carrying out the work of the Father and Son, it’s right there in the Torah for all to see.

    God told Abraham that his spiritual offspring, having faith in the Messiah (the seed), would be (figuratively) as numerous as the grains in a sea of sand, so who are these spiritual offspring?  The muslims claim to be descended from Abraham, which they are, but not through Sarah, her progeny having become the tribes of Israel, and later in Jerusalem (not mentioned in the Koran), Jesus lived his perfect life here on earth, to sacrificially die for us then resurrect too, so with hundreds of millions of believers in Him now worldwide, doing most of the difficult charity work in the world today (none would honestly deny), and with islam trying to physically destroy all who intellectually and spiritually disagree with the dicates of Allah, and with judaism of small following, it’s obvious who are the spiritual seed of Abraham.

    Christian Salvation Free Gift God of Faith Must Be Received Accepting Jesus Christ Lord Born Again Experience What is Second Spiritual not Physical Birth Gifts not Real Exchanges Until Received by Faith Unbelievers Reject Free Gift Eternal Life

    April 21st, 2010

    For everyone who has asked for acceptance by Jesus Christ, it has been granted, evidenced by the hundreds of millions worldwide who claim born again experiences.  You don’t make that stuff up just for the heck of it, after all, christians are far-and-away the most persecuted religious group in the world, just ask the christian believers in Malaysia, Arabia, and Africa, not forgetting of course China, all virtual nightmares for christians yet hardly reported by the press, why’s that?

    Salvation in Jesus Christ is a gift, but gifts are not really gifts until they are received, so you will never know Jesus Christ until you decide to receive the gift of eternal life through faith in his sacrifice for you, what more can God do?  You don’t want him to force himself on you, right?  So as they say on the hardwood, the ball is in your court.  It’s a free gift, Jesus Christ paid the price for it, you just have to take it and say thank you, which I guarantee you would.  But if you can’t believe the Bible because of Genesis, then see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Mayan Calendar Winter Solstice 2012 Astronomical Alignments How Long Count Dates 13 Baktuns Mayans Mesoamerica Fourth Sun Began 3114 B.C. Counted Back Fix Is In Fifth Precession Cycle Like Kali Yuga Date Beginning Hindu Time Measures Yugas of Earth Wobble Mexican Astronomical Time

    April 20th, 2010

    The ancient mayans of Mexico and hindus of India, ‘though the darwinists won’t admit it, have much in common, their measuring systems by astronomy, the mexicans with the hunab, which is exactly twice the length of the royal cubit used in the “old world,” including India, and those denominations of distance by geometry (which means earth measure) are reflected in their systems of time measure, with the mexicans’ tuns (360 days), katuns (7,200 days), and baktuns (144,000 days) of time, and the hindu yugas also denominated in demonstrably precession maths, according to the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

    The hexagon geometry in the link is clearly the basis too of our nautical mile mapping system, and of the “science” of astrology, with that base six system manifested in the length of an astrological zodiac house, 2,160 years, however nothing to do with this Mayan Sun of 5,125 years, back to 3114 b.c., to end on the winter solstice of 2012, not this Kali Yuga of the Hindus, also due to end in 2012, from 3102 b.c., both systems for these periods of time counted back from the 2012 date by one fifth of a precession cycle actually, nothing to do at all with those civilizations’ beginnings, both in reality circa 2200 b.c, after the Flood of Manu, also known as Coxcox and Noah.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    White House Rahm Emanuel Press New York Times First Word SEC Investigation Goldman Sachs Fraud Case Google Domain Name Secured Ahead Time Rush Limbaugh Exposes Barack Obama Conspiracy Bank Regulation Legislation Charlie Rose Show Rahm Emanuel Chokes Trip Over Self Complicitous

    April 20th, 2010

    Team Obama is saying they didn’t know a thing about the SEC’s civil investigation and recent filing of charges against Goldman Sachs, saying they learned about it like everybody else, from the press, the story first broken by, surprise, the New York Times, and so, we’re supposed to believe that, and that it wasn’t timed now to encourage public support for Obama’s bank takeover legislation? 

    The president’s sneaky cohorts secured a domain name for, I think it’s GoldmanSachsSEC dot something, which gateways (if it’s still up) right to the White House website, set up days before the “news” came out, this pointed out by Rush Limbaugh today, the White House caught in yet another deceit, as the Tea Party numbers swell, and more blacks showing up all the time, knowing that Obama threatens the basic tenets of this country which we know and love.

    Geology Sedimentary Rocks Formation Dinosaur Fossil Beds Catastrophic Sedimentation Deposits Ocean Sea Transgressions Regressions Debunking Uniformitarian Geologic Timescale Timeline Scheme Suited to Darwinism Noah’s Global Flood Model Matches Sedimentary Strata Column Evidence

    April 19th, 2010

    Mainstream geologists, who abide with darwinian dogma, say that the ocean gradually rose up onto the continents (but not saying why), many times, through hundreds of millions of years, to have deposited the sedimentary layers which we see in the geologic column, so since that would have meant the ocean all but covered the U.S., including almost all the Appalacians, when the ocean supposedly rose to deposit new layers on the Great Plains of the U.S. at 5,000 feet of elevation, there’s little left for the continent-covering flood of the Bible to have occurred, reasons for which given at http://GlobalFlood.org, and in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.