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    July 19th, 2010

    The “bronze age” ruins of over eight hundred ancient towns and cities were discovered stranded in the Great Indian Desert since the end of the Indus Valley Civilization, and many ruins of clay-brick cities from ancient sumerian and assyrian city-states in Mesopotamia are now known, those locations ruins now in shifting desert sands of that vast parched wasteland to the east of the mountains of Lebanon and Israel.  And over three hundred bronze age settlements have been discovered in Greece, the streams by which they flourished dried up since the climate change which clearly affected all these regions, and worldwide in the belts of civilization in the middle latitudes, when the bronze age collapsed, as the ice age cloudcover dissipated while the sea level rose to consume the port facilities and temples of the ancient thalassocracies (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), according to the evidence, the submergence begun circa 1500 b.c.

    What caused the clouds for the Ice Age to radically dissipate?  Well of course what causes more cloud formation in the first place?  It’s evaporation, off mostly the oceans, because of warmer surface temperatures of the water, these days by increased solar heating from above onto the surface, but for the Ice Age, the higher ocean water temperature was by geothermal heating through the oceanic crust, because of Noah’s Flood (see http://globalflood.org), it’s really just hydrology 101, if only they would apply it to modern archaeological evidence.  Harvey Weiss at Yale has the right idea, but he still doesn’t know why it all dried out (and he never talks about the corroborative submerged ruins of bronze age vintage).

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Coming Return Son God Jesus Christ Like When Days Noah Ark Discovery News Implications Flood Global Deluge Preaching Teaching Book Genesis Veracity Endtimes Apostate Church Silence Noah’s Ark Mount Ararat Earth Shattering Find Shocks World Media

    July 18th, 2010

    When Noah was preaching that a flood was coming to cover that wicked world, they laughed, as they went on with their immoral activity (despite what their god-given consciences told them), and today, they laugh that Jesus Christ will return as the Lion of Judah, the first time as a lamb to slaughter, soon coming again to remove the church and defeat the anti-Christ, to set up his millenial reign here on this earth (with the new heaven and earth to follow), so with the discovery of the wreckage of Noah’s Ark recently announced to the world for you at http://noahsarksearch.net/eng, but with predictably little reception, you wonder where are the preachers who should be shouting this news from the pulpits of the world?

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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    July 18th, 2010

    Who were the canaanites?  They preceded the jews in the holy land, the jews who came enforce from Egypt when the ice age was ending circa 1400 b.c, the canaanites who established the city of Ashteroth, their main female deity, yet in southern Spain, anciently known as Rutta, now called Rota, on the coast near Cadiz (where a temple of Ashteroth with others are submerged offshore since the end of the ice age), which was named after Gades of Plato’s Atlantis, a son of Atlas, his Atl meaning water in the ancient canaanite, and in berber of north Africa, and in ancient nahuatl of Mexico, a small world by sea, with the geometric method for ancient navigation explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, good fodder for you teachers.

    Megalithic ruins are found all around the world, from distant pacific islands such as Tonga and Rapanui, to pre-inca building such as Machu Pichu in the Andes, to mycanaean Greece, and Baalbeck in Lebanon (ancient Canaan), the engineering greatness of all those feats unexplained by even ancient traditions of the regions, from bronze and iron age times, the ice age having ended circa 1500 b.c. when the climate changed drastically, sea level rose, and people really moved around, the legends of ancient Atlan across the Atlantic now legendary in Mexico.  They came by sea, such as in the ships of Tarshish (grandson of Javan), and of Maya, a daughter of Atlas, son of Sidon, Posidon, namesake of Medina Sidona near Gibraltar, Sidon a son of Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah (known to the greeks as Deucalion).

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Sarah Palin Dragons Believes Dinosaurs Humans Lived Together Coexisted World Real History Adam Eve Noah’s Flood Belief Biblical Stories Sarah Palin Republican Nomination Candidate Liability Asset Popularity Christian Philosophy Science Geology Archaeology Hydrology Astronomy Anthropology Evidences Sarah Palin Genesis Veracity Challenging Darwinian Paradigm Public Schools Teaching

    July 18th, 2010

    Left wingers and rockefeller republicans say Sarah’s Palin’s biblical belief will be her achilles heel to the republican nomination in 2012, but only about a third of america believes darwinian evolution is true, so what’s the solid alternative to it which about two-thirds of america believe?  Are they teaching it in the public schools?  That the schools are not teaching the alternative we all know, and that alternative?  Take a wild guess.  What are they afraid of, losing in the marketplace of ideas and evidence?  Absolutely, otherwise, they would seek to debate young earth creationists at every turn, but they don’t, really running scared, so let’s debate for the students!

    To see how the global flood model makes sense geologically, refer to http://GlobalFlood.org, where you’ll see that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, after runaway plate tectonics during the flood year, that described in the book of Genesis, real history, as Jesus has always said, from his words in the new testament.

    Since the book of Genesis is real history, dinosaurs have lived contemporaneously with humans since the time of Adam and Eve, proven in written and legendary history, google After the Flood by William Cooper, read some of the early sections of it, and you will be shocked with the documented run-ins with dragons throughout world history.  And see chapter one of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, it’s a real eyeopener.

    And what about all the animals buried in the sediments of the waters of Noah’s Flood?  Yes, indeed, read carefully Sean Pitman’s superb http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord/html, great evidence that the cause of almost all the geologic record was Noah’s Flood, the evidence is overwhelming, so look for the darwinists to want to debate this when hell freezes over, now knowing that the term species is meaningless, while synagameons are the biblical kinds of animals, sound biology, so let’s debate.

    What about intelligent design?  Just look at nature.  And know that humankind utilized the intelligent design of the universe for earth measure, geometry, in ancient times, by the method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.  This finding which should be the talk of the archaeological world, but it’s not because it was deduced by this young earth creationist, so Sarah Palin, take note.

    Sarah Palin Dinosaurs Bible Political Liability Asset Knowledge Biblical History Genesis Veracity Teaching Young Earth Creationism American Public Schools Darwinian Monopoly Intellectual Dishonesty Free Inquiry Biblical History Science Archaeology Geology Global Flood Dynamics Bible Belief Tea Party Sarah Palin Politically Incorrect Republican Nomination

    July 16th, 2010

    They call Sarah Palin nuts because she believes that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time, as the Bible and other historical accounts indicate (not to mention depicted on ancient artwork such as the Ica stones), so rather than call the ancient writers and artists nuts, and try to explain away their alleged lunacy, they attack those today who say the earth is much younger than popularly advertised, based on their radioisotope dates for rocks which really don’t indicate the great age they are proclaiming (see http://globalflood.org).  And read a concise littany of dragons with humans through history in chapter one of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, a real eye opener, so run it by your teachers.

    Now with the extensive wooden wreckage of Noah’s Ark discovered semi-buried under glacier and volcanic rock at 13,000 feet on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, yet ignored by the world press after one day of coverage (see http://noahsarksearch.net/eng), the proof is there that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, while the water slid off the continents into the deepening ocean basins, never again to flood the earth, the covenant from God with humankind on that with the rainbow, which never before had been seen because of the more homogenous and stable climate in the prediluvial world, the rainbow associated with the flood hero Bochica of ancient Colombia, one of the six hundred archaic global flood legends which have been documented by ethno-anthropologists and historians.

    Evolution Mathematics Geometric Concepts History Archaic Number Numeral Systems Origins Hunter Gatherers Simple Calculations Neanderthal Cavemen Arithmetic Geometry Distance Area Measures Ancient Cultures Sexagesimal Astrology Matrix Houses Sun Astronomical Religion Chaldean Egyptian Origins Biblical Numbers Creation Account Book Genesis

    July 16th, 2010

    According to darwinian evolution, cavemen must have sat around looking at their fingers and toes to have come up with a counting system which they could easily use, right?  Then why are the most archaic counting systems base six?  Look at the chaldean system, sexagesimal, and when you see that the chaldean was the same as the egyptian (article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com), the length of the archaic cubit thereby derived, and base six hindu yugas of time, and the mayan tuns, katuns, and baktuns of time, base six numbers, not base five or ten you’d predict from finger and toe counting evolution, it’s clear that the stars of the constellations are the key to ancient counting, based upon the distances the stars appear to move because of the 72 years/degree wobble rate of the earth’s axis, all dovetailing very nicely with the biblical account.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Sacred Geometry Occultic New World Order Religion Great Pyramid Dimensions Geometry 2012 Winter Solstice Ley Lines Astronomical Conjunctions World Grid Astrology Earth Axis Alignment Mayan Calendar Hindu Yugas Hamlet’s Mill Sumerian Saris Time Precession Rate Calculations Geometry Ancient Egyptian Star Worship Biblical Endtimes Prophecies

    July 16th, 2010

    Why is 2012 such a big deal to the occultists?  They say it’s because a new age will arrive due to some certainly rare planetary and stellar alignments around the winter solstice of that year, but why would unusual alignments cause men’s and women’s hearts to change, all choked up over the visuals through their telescopes perhaps?  Of course, not the new age the occultists are hoping for could occur at anytime, when the prophecies in Ezekiel 38 will be fulfilled leading to the tribulation period described in Revelation, when they will have to choose whom they will serve for eternity, the time of God’s judgment on the world, when the anti-christ will rule for a time.

    Did you ever wonder why the beginning of our current supposed mayan “fourth sun of time” is the same length as this current hindu “kali yuga of time,” both having begun at about the same date, this mayan sun having begun ostensibly at 3114 b.c, and this hindu yuga at 3102 b.c., both ending supposedly at the winter solstice in 2012 as the new agers propone?  It’s because some spiritually devious and astronomically proficient types, using the geometric mapping method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, trumped up these notions of ages, having counted back 1/5th of a precession cycle from what they calculated would be an astronomically momentous time back to when they say this age began, designed to fool the world.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Meaning Just as in Days of Noah Like Same When Son Man Jesus Appears Will Appear Why Darwinists Mock Biblical Noah’s Ark Flood Fact Fiction Proof Evidence Mount Ararat Turkey Book Genesis Reference Real World Universal Flood Deluge Orogenies Young Earth Creationism John Baumgardner Plate Tectonics Uplifts Mountains Ranges not Covered Rose Close Noah’s Global Flood Model Proves Genesis Veracity

    July 16th, 2010

    I think a really sure prophetic sign, yet not specified in the bible, that we are approaching the return of Jesus Christ, is that in that (this) time, it shall be as it was in the days of Noah, those people having doubted that the Deluge was on its way, and today, even the church by and large ignoring the powerful new evidence for the historicity of that biblical flood (see http://NoahsArkSearch.net/eng), with the pastors of the churches all over the world to be defending the integrity of the scriptures, surely including Genesis, yet they sit there with their hands over their eyes, a real shame, so bring this link to the attention of your pastors please.

    Do you doubt that there could have been a global flood?  How could the mountains have been covered by water?  They weren’t, the mountains rose at the close of the flood while the ocean floor deepened toward the end of the runaway plate tectonics of the flood year, really pretty simple, see http://GlobalFlood.org, and be sure to study too the sedimentary rock column and the animals entombed therein at http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html, remembering to challenge your teachers with this material, it really holds up under honest scrutiny, of which ‘though the darwinists seem incapable.

    Barack Obama’s Summer Family Vacation Plans July August Oil Spill Gulfcoast Disaster Visit Morale Boost Promise Broken Team Obama Entourage President First Family Love Seafood Barbeque Southern Fare Maine Coast Vacation Mount Desert Island Mainely Meat BBQ Barack Obama Orders Meat Seafood Industry Gulf Mexico Alert Traveling Nation

    July 15th, 2010

    Barack Obama promised to vacation on the oil-spill-beleaguered gulfcoast, but the first family is leaving soon for a short vacation at Mount Desert Island, Maine, and then in August, to Nantucket, the barbeque house of renown there I know not, but in Maine for the next few days, it will be Mainely Meat BBQ, where Obama and his team will be wolfing down that fine fare; Michelle no doubt requesting that the president mix in some vegetables, as Team Obama always hits the bbq houses (if available) wherever they go, from what I’ve read, but there sure is alot more great bbq on the gulfcoast, that is not the reason he broke his promise to vacation there, but obviously because of his disdain for the republicans of the South, so he hangs with the liberal elites on the northeast coast, where his heart is, not with the suffering people of the gulfcoast, this the man of hope and change.

    Profiles Courage Muslim Apostate Cancer Diagnosed Christians Pray Prayers Born Again Rifqa Bary Chris Matthews Fears Discussion Sharia Law American Banking Business Controversy Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs Sharia Law Cancelled Hardball Show Producer Cowers Atlas Shrugs Format Topics Political Effect Free Speech Tea Party Movement Jewish Community

    July 15th, 2010

    Tea Party firebrand Pamela Geller of http://AtlasShrugs.com was booked to be on Chris Matthews Hardball show recently, to expose Barack Obama’s attemped islamization of our society through the insitutionalizaion of sharia law banking practices and observance of islamic traditions in the workplace, but Matthews’ producer learned from Geller that these things would be discussed, so they cancelled Geller’s appearance, as MSNBC continues clearly working for the Obama administration, the road laid out by Chris Matthews over a year ago when he said he would do all he could to help Obama’s regime be a success, still lots of work to do Chris.

    And if time had permitted, I’d bet Geller would have talked with Matthews about ex muslim Rifqa Bary, now age 19 in Ohio, who had become a christian several years ago, was threatend by her family for it, so left them, yet is now pursued by Obama’s administration to return her to her family for almost certain harm, as her crime having become a christian is punishable by death in the muslim world, and they say islam is the religion of peace, how absurd.

    Rifqa Bary is truly a profile in courage, now diagnosed with cancer, she just graduated from high school with honors, still fighting the Obama administration’s attempts in court to return her to the clutches of islam, really a death sentence, so please pray for Rifqa, she’s an amazing woman and will be a powerful spokesperson for christianity against the evils of islam.  She has traveled a long and difficult road, for the cause of Christ, so we need to lift up her needs to God in prayer, seldom as anyone been so deserving.