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    November 19th, 2010

    What drives atheists crazy is the overwhelming evidence all around them of a supernatural spiritual world; from documented miraculous healings, to the fulfillment of biblical prophecies such as that people of Israel would again form a nation after two thousand years of disbandment from the time of the Resurrection, to the presence of overt evil such as christian church burnings in the muslim world, these and many more lead the rational mind to believe the Word, the Bible, so what causes people to not believe and embrace? 

    It’s a mystery why God the Triune being hunts down certain people for salvation by his Holy Spirit, a mystery perhaps for only God to know, yet people for whom are prayed for salvation by believers often come to believe, and even indirectly, as christians around the world pray that the muslim world come to Christ, manifested with millions in Iran for instance having come to believe in Jesus over the last few years, corporate prayer for individuals unknown in a region there in the muslim world of spiritual and intellectual oppression, really not disimilar to the strangle-hold of athetistic darwinism in official halls of learning in the “christian” western world.

    And with the book of Genesis looming large these days, the wreckage of Noah’s Ark having apparently been discovered on Mount Ararat (see http://noahsarksearch.net/eng), the atheistic darwinists are beginning to feel really surrounded, as biblcal prophecy unfolds with Ezekiel 38 seemingly soon on the horizon, and the evidence mounting that the history in Genesis is true.  Please read chapter 23 of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and others too, the information is a real eye-opener, and hopefully a heart opener. 

    You can believe all of the Bible there is no doubt.  Read on under the various categories here, knowing upfront that the mountain ranges rose at the close of Noah’s Flood, when the floodwater was draining off the separated continents into the newly configured ocean basins, and that the darwinists’ term species is meaningless, which really puts a crimp in their rap, so ask ’em about it, and refer them to this website to see what they have to say.  Challenge them.

    Morning Joe Scarborough Enemy Conservatism Proof George W. Bush 43 Real Honest Full Story Context Explanation Sean Hannity Show President Are My Testicles Black Number 41 George Herbert Walker W. Bush Sr.’s Line Hospital Test Results Joke Nurse Illustrating Strange Offbeat Practical Joke Sense Humor Morning Joe Scarborough Feigned Ignorance Reportage George Bush Black Testicles Full Story

    November 18th, 2010

    Everybody’s getting a big laugh over George W. Bush’s story about his dad’s joking in the hospital, having asked the nurse “are my testicles black?”  The punchline to the story then that when the probably startled nurse asked him to repeat himself, Bush Sr. asked “are my test results back?”  Certainly a rather strange sense of humor, I’m not sure I would have repeated that one, but the punchline is being left out by such as Joe Scarborough, who laughs at his truncated version of the story, only the first line of the joke repeated by “morning Joe,” as if George Bush was really wondering if his testicles are really black.  So if you ever doubted that Joe Scarborough is an enemy against the right, now you know for sure, as he also is insisting that Sarah Palin is suited for the bedroom and the kitchen, no more for her.  Apparently the bombastically silly Joe thinks that’s where conservative women should stay, while the “liberated” socialist Mika cheers him on.

    Senator Barbara Boxer Clean Coal Underground Capture Greenhouse Gasses Energy Mechanism Global Warming Hype Climate Depot Cap Trade Tax Carbon Dioxide Pollution Emissions Farce Barack Obama Green Energy Jobs Policy Plan Disaster Real Science Global Warming Biblical Implications

    November 17th, 2010

    Did you know that plants grow because they synthesize carbon dioxide?  So what’s the harm about more carbon dioxide in our shared global atmosphere?  More plants synthesize more carbon dioxide producing more oxygen as the biproduct, so where’s the harm?  The global warming alarmists (see http://climatedepot.org) say cow farts, cars, and other energy industries, such as coal burning facilities, are causing the planet to heat up by “carbon pollution,” but as you can see at the link, that’s not true, and in fact, global warming only in reality is caused by episodic solar flares, which indeed have happened from time to time through the decades, that’s real global warming impact which however somehow has been  buffered, so what’s the mysterious climate mechanism which has allowed an essentially stable climate for centuries?  With any additional solar heating, the surface of the ocean is heated, off which certainly then comes more evaporation, for more cloudcover, thus cooling the atmosphere back down, the negative feedback mechanism of the hydrologic cycle.

    In reality, the majority of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere comes from volcanos of the world, even more than the carbon dioxide exhaled by the trillions of air breathing creatures on the earth every year, yet here such as Barbara Boxer are insisting that the carbon dioxide from coal burning be trapped underground, while volanos blast the stuff in massive volumes making a mockery of the sneaky Boxer, who herself is a “greenhouse gas” factory in reality, emitting carbon dioxide constantly, at some moments more than others, so she should look within, so to speak, and reanalyze the situation lest this whole thing bring down the United States because of foolish scientists convincing foolish politicians.  And if you want to know the cause of the ice agel, it’s hydrology 101, hinted above, the oceans were warmer during the ice age, but heated from below, read more in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

    Mormon Christian Glenn Beck Show 11/16/10 Biblical One World Government Tower Babel Nimrod Noah’s Flood Ice Age Hebrew Rabbi Daniel Lapin Analysis Young Earth Creationism Glenn Beck Transoceanic Navigation Ice Bronze Age Compressionist Theory Bible Scriptures Literalism George Soros Endtimes

    November 17th, 2010

    Ostensibly mormon Glenn Beck really really went rogue on ancient history tonight, citing as authentic the biblical Tower of Babel episode, equating it with today’s attempt at global governance under the likes of George Soros; a good analogy, and demonstrably real history.  The skeptics will mock of course, but when you consider that the mountain ranges of the world rose at the close of Noah’s Flood, while the ocean basins were deepening (see http://globalflood.org), and that only the warmer ocean after noah’s flood could have been the cause of the ice age (for all that cloudcover), then Beck comes out smelling like a rose, so I hope to be on his show to explain all this, would be a great show, so please contact Beck’s people to get hold of my people. 

    Rabbi Daniel Lapin was onboard for the Tower of Babel and Nimrod show tonight, he too agreeing that Genesis is real history, but can they defend the claims in the Bible about Noah’s Flood, and about the astronomical proficiency displayed by the ancients with the dimensions and alignment of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and so, how the ancients measured and mapped the earth, as explained in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com?  They can’t, and with material such as published here available to all including Beck and his people, and the skeptics, perhaps Beck’s claims about the Tower of Babel will go unchallenged by the usually jeering hordes of snarly darwinists in mainstream media and academia, after all, Beck went unchallenged a few weeks ago with his claim, documented in archaeology, that mariners were in the Americas at the time of King David.

    Demonstrated further here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Religion Personal Philosophy Bill O’Reilly Unconsciously Admits He’s Not a Real Born Again Christian Religious Status Spiritual Proclivity Bill O’Reilly Trying to Earn Work Penance Catholic Doctrine Way Path Heaven Eternal Life

    November 16th, 2010

    Fox’s Britt Hume was joking tonight with Bill O’Reilly that the Factor host gives to charities only to get the tax right offs, to which O’Reilly wryly replied that he’s really trying to work and earn his way to heaven; an admission in a candid off-guard moment almost certainly, and bad theology from a new testament perspective, as Jesus says you can’t earn your way to heaven, that “salvation is a gift from God lest any man should boast.”  So O’Reilly, according to his words at least, is not a born again christian, which would not surprise most people I think, yet now he’s really said so with his own words.  I hope someone will tell Bill that salvation is a gift, perhaps Britt Hume has done so, but why hasn’t Bill heard already?

    Ken Ham Atlantis Bodie Hodge Ignorance Atlantean Plain Island Southern Spain Cadiz Guadalquiver Bronze Age River Traffic Sierra Morena Nevada Mountains Mining District Rio Tinto Gold Silver Tin Industries Plato’s Atlantis Chronology Distortion

    November 12th, 2010

    Does Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis really have no clue about Atlantis?  Ham’s employee, Bodie Hodge, has written about it really quite ignorantly, as AIG has been privvy to the material here under category Atlantis Revealed for several years now, yet Hodge writes that Atlantis is really just a mystery, that it maybe true, and maybe mythology, that’s the best he can do, he would say.  But Ham and co. has known about this young earth creationist’s blogsite for years, yet out of professional jeolosy, they eschew this which makes sense of it all in the young earth creationism context, that which Ham says he espouses; but with his ignorance displayed about Atlantis, and of my ancient mapping finding, article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, you really wonder what motivates the guy.

    The plain of southern Spain, to the south of the Sierra Nevada and Morena mountains, is the size described by Plato in his story about Atlantis, 300 miles across by 200 miles north to south, and those mountains to the north, the Sierra Nevada’s and Morena’s, were the richest mining district in the ancient world, yet Hodge (with Ham’s blessing) writes that it might have been a huge island in the middle of the Atlantic, now submerged, ‘though not in keeping at all with the geomorphology noted on the Atlantic floor.  And I hope you read on under category Atlantis Revealed to see what the followers of Answers in Genesis are missing, and please let them know, Ham is shorting his peeps.  See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.