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    August 24th, 2011

    The legendary Ships of Tarshish commissioned by King Solomon circa 1000 b.c. from Jerusalem no doubt were in cooperation with King Hiram the great navigating phoenician leader of nearby coastal Tyre, king Hiram who ordered algum (sandel) wood for the building of the First Temple at Jerusalem, from far away Ophir (Gunung Ledang Malacca), Ophir who was a son of Joktan, and Joktan a son of Peleg (pelasgians) in the biblical Table of Nations of the book of Genesis.  Heber was the other son of Peleg listed there, Heber the namesake of Iberia (and farther north and west Hibernia), so those ships sailed the all over the world during actually the ice age, born out with the evidence in the great book Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Charles Hapgood.

    Yet the great mystery to Hapgood and others through the last several centuries is how the Great Pyramid of Giza was surveyed demonstrating a precise knowledge of longitude and its very accurate measure, thought impossible ’til the advent of Harrison’s chronometer about three hundred years ago, yet here (article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com) is the way the ancients did it, by the earth’s wobble rate, and so were the dimensions of the First Temple at Jerusalem in that royal cubit unit of length surveyed.  King Solomon, over a thousand years after the building of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, tapped the rich mininng districts of Tarshish which are now the prolific mines of southern Spain during his reign of Israel, a Hebrew, yet so too were the progeny of Joktan, Hebrews, now Joktan claimed as the real father of the Arabs.

    See the big picture of ancient history with the bibical template here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, making sense of the submerged ruins found around the world, the Atlantis story of Plato, what caused the ice age, the naming of geography in the Americas by ancient tranoceanic navigators, and much more, corroborative of the Genesis account, really irrefutable when you honestly analyze the evidence, so pass it on, and hope that Rick Perry or Sarah Palin begin to defend their faith in Genesis with such information, wouldn’t that be something?  And why not?  Should they not be anxiously looking for ways to silence their bibliophobic critics in the left wing media?

    Rate Feet Meters Per Year Sea Level Rise Flooding Post End After Ice Age Pleistocene Holocene Flood Legends Megalithic Submerged Ruins Historical Cities Ports Mediterranean Atlantic Atlas Mountains Bronze Age Old Testament Canaanite Fortresses Underwater Archaeology Lebanon Egypt Israel Spain Morocco Plato’s Story Origins Atlantis Dancing Genesis Veracity Foundation Biblical Time Chronology

    August 24th, 2011

    With the evidence overwhelming that long lost bronze age port cities anciently were submerged by the sea, you wonder why there are not more legends about that sea level rise which actually was caused by the end of the ice age.  We have Plato’s account, ‘though with the date wrong, and the legend of Kumari Kandam off southern India, and Atland in the frisian book Oera Linda, and the Flood of Ogyges from archaic Greece, but why not more, what’s the big mystery?

    The many bibliophobes in darwinistic academia say that the hundreds of global flood legends from around the world are really describing the end of the ice age sea level rise (because they don’t believe the book of Genesis), but when you read the story about the flood of Noah, and the account of the babylonian hero Utnapishtim, and the flood of Manu of the ancient vedic literature, and hundreds of tribal legends talking obviously about a flood which covered all of the pre flood world, that the floods of Kumari Kandam, Ogyges, Atlantis, and Atland, was a distinct event from that global catastrophe (when today’s mountain ranges rose at the close of that flood) is made clear.

    So why no ancient legends about the submergence of Menouthis and Heraklion off Egypt, nor Yarmuta and old Sidon and Byblos off Lebanon, nor Atlit Yam (Ham) off Israel?  When the ice age was ending, the sea level was rising about three feet per year (less than an inch per week), so the coastal real estate of the bronze age port cities was consumed by the sea at an almost imperceptable daily rate, yet after a year’s time, the coastline had come inland forty feet or much more in flat-lying areas, such that after about a hundred years when the ice age had then ended, over 25 millions square miles of ice age coastland had become shallow seafloor, this evidence of the bronze age aching to be explored further, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Plate Tectonic Cause Aftershock Effect Depth Focal Point Geology East Coast 08/23/11 Earthquake Strata Pluton Mantle Displacement Land Richmond Virginia Washington D. C. Response U. S. Geological Survey Action Planning Natural Disasters Fault Line Zone Appalacian Mountains North American Crust Plate Mantle Earth Movements Directions Young Earth Creationism Dancing Genesis Veracity Foundation

    August 24th, 2011

    The focal point of the east coast earthquake yesterday was four miles beneath Richmond, Virginia, in a region ‘though of few deep seated fault lines, because it’s part of the continental crust of the North American plate, one of fifteen tectonic plates worldwide, large and some smaller, for instance the Mendicino tectonic plate along the North American plate of the west coast, the Mendicino gradually sliding northward an inch or two a year causing friction against the giant North American plate and so the multitude of California’s earthquakes.

    That powerful East Coast quake in that historically quiet zone of tectonic activity puzzles the experts, however, deep under the state of Virginia is a hot zone where apparently the molten mantle material is closer to the earth’s surface than most of the rest of that Appalacian Mountain region, so is a magmatic pluton rising closer to the earth’s surface from below the twenty mile deep continental crust there to have caused the quake?

    Of course the mountains themselves reveal plutonic uplift and rock metamorphisis certainly of catastrophic effect when it happened, that was during and just-after Noah’s Flood, runaway plate tectonics having been the culprit then, detailed at http://globalflood.org, certainly not what we should expect today however, for God has promised to never again flood the earth, which had been caused by great geologic upheaval.  For the big picture after the Flood, how it was during the ice age, be sure to checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and show your friends.

    Intellectual Honesty Dishonesty Classification System Species Syngameons Darwinism Tree Life Evolution Young Earth Creationism Age Earth Universe Rick Perry Texas Reasons Belief Bible Record Education School Choice Vouchers Tea Party Sarah Palin Liberty Comparative Studies Charles Darwin Book Origins Genesis Historical Record Debates Political Platforms

    August 23rd, 2011

    When republican presidential candidate Rick Perry learns the lesson that animal classification by syngameons not species is the key to defeating darwinism, he can look forward to questions from the now-mocking left wing media about his bible beliefs, even in Genesis, because only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have embarked on Noah’s Ark, not millions of species as the darwinists insist, bad science, and certainly worthy of public exposure and intellectual scrutiny in education wouldn’t you say?  Since “neanderthal man” is known to have been fully human, and so-called “dinosaurs” have in reality lived throughout humankind’s history (see http://ldolphin.org/cooper/ch10.html), it’s no surprise that christian professor of paleontology Mary Schweitzer at North Carolina State (http://smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/dinosaur.html) and others have confirmed soft organic marrow material within T. Rex bones and other creatures, those ancient bones buried in the sediments of Noah’s Flood (checkout http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html), only about 4,400 years ago (see http://globalflood.org).

    And with the pulpits of America all but silent for this compelling evidence of young earth creationism, the irony will be that a politician, pelted by “separation of church and state” and all, would set the scientific world and the press straight about Genesis, Rick Perry (or Sarah Palin) could be the one, if only someone would show them this material and they would act upon it, or please, some bigime preacher, if there are any who would like to espouse the book of Genesis in its fullness.  Wouldn’t that be something, tv pastor Charles Stanley with Rick Perry and Sarah Palin on stage presenting the evidence for young earth creationism, and so, why it should be taught in more than just comparative religion classes in the public schools!  See more reasons why the genesis template should be certainly contemplated here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and be sure to read on at this website under the various categories, pass it on please, surely to engender much healthy debate.

    Rick Perry Believes Bible History Video Darwinist Mother Mom Prompts Feeds Boy Son Team Ambush Trap Questions Asks Darwinism Evolution Age Earth How Old Testament Science Archaeology Ancient Iron Bronze Ice Age Civilizations Dancing Genesis Veracity Foundation Proofs Education Biblical Apologetics

    August 20th, 2011

    Do you believe that ancient goo progressively morphed into you over hundreds of millions of years?

    If so, you may have been cheering the video of the mother in New Hampshire who was feeding her son questions to ask presidential candidate Rick Perry, her questions about the age of the earth and evolution plainly an attempt (with many more on the way) to try to make governor Perry look like a foolish Bible believer.  There’s a video to be seen of the whole thing from close behind the mother who looked like a ventriloquist with her dumbie between her and the governor, truly a surreal moment, and surely indicative of the often comical depths to which the bibliophobes of the world will sink to try to discredit biblical history and those who espouse it.

    But the self professing christian Perry needs to bone-up on his biblical science; he allowed the generic term evolution be used when quizzed by the mother-son team.  The operative context labeling for what surely the intrepid mother-son was asking should have been corrected by Perry to darwinian evolution, then with a little more biology schooling, taught that its key word species actually is a meaningless term for the practical classification of biota (google syngameons species genesis), the term syngameons truly encompassing the real natural bounds of genetic breeding capabilities, indicating the veracity of the genetic bottleneck of the animal kinds and the human kind some 4,400 years ago when Noah’s Flood devastated the world.

    The radioisotope dating methods are highly flawed, mainstream science’s dirty little secret (see http://globalflood.org), and when you think about it, the ice age could have been caused by only a warmer ocean heated from below, heated by the fountains of the great deep of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the flood when the ocean basins sank), so science would be on Perry’s side if we just adopt some this young earth creationism understanding.  It certainly makes the arrogant darwinists cringe, but most of them are bibliophobes, so what do you expect?  For a great overview of how it was, the bronze age the same as the ice age, and how they navigated the earth by its wobble rate with the overwhelming evidence that the Americas were settled by sea, refer now to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Rick Perry New Hampshire Mother Boy Question Asks How Old Is Earth Universe Creation Creationism Darwinism Do You Believe In Evolution Debate Texas Education Record Governor Rick Perry Bible Science Scientific Evidence Genesis Veracity Foundation Theory Animals Biblical Kinds Syngameons Biology Classification Systems Evolutionary Theories

    August 19th, 2011

    The scheming mother’s son in New Hampshire yesterday asked Rick Perry how old he thinks the earth is really, to which Perry replied essentially that nobody really knows, leaving the door open for the follow-up gotcha question, do you believe in evolution?  Perry responded that evolution and creationism are taught in the public schools in Texas so that the students (with their parents) can decide for themselves where the evidence leads, certainly a challenge to all, yet he tripped himself up right-out-of-the-gate having allowed the use of the term evolution go unchallenged.  Perry should have objected immediately saying that the boy (led by mother) was really asking him if he believes in darwinian evolution, then Perry could rightly have asked, “who in their right mind believes swamp goo somehow reproduced and slowly changed in many ways through many generations to become eventually human beings?”

    When you understand that Darwin’s term species is meaningless (for instance camels and llamas can reproduce), then know that only about 20,000 biblical kinds of animals (syngameons of animals in modern biological parlance) need have been on Noah’s Ark let’s you know that Perry, in clumsily dismissing darwinian evolution, must now then defend the plain Genesis account incorporating the concept of syngameons into his thesis, really the only obvious alternative to foolish darwinism; it’s the Bible vs. darwinian science, and when you honestly look at more evidence such as here http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, you can see the literal biblical account born out in paleontology as well, seeing the big picture overview here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com to challenge all the skeptics you know, try it today, many will thank you.

    Atlantis Genesis Bible Book Jewish Torah Legends Judges Ships Tarshish Tarsus Turkey Same Patriarchs Tartessus Spain Atlantean Empire Nesos City Island Meaning Peninsula Young Earth Creationism Solutions Atlantis Kingdom Poseidon Mystery Evidences

    August 19th, 2011

    Bible scholars are often stumped because they can’t figure out how ancient Tarsus on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean could have been of the same name as Tarshish of ancient Spain, but the Ships of Tarshish begun spoken of in the Book of the Judges (from circa 1200 b.c.) were in fact the link by ocean travel with the method explained in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, those ancient seafarers having first sailed the oceans of the world during the ice age actually, proven with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), the source maps for those anomalously accurate medieval maps drawn by the method explain.

    Plato used the greek word nesos for the what is the peninsula of Iberia (named after the shemite Heber), that’s Spain and Portugal, when he described greater Atlantis, evident when you realize that he also said that coastal empire extended to Libya and Italy, and outside the Straits of Gibraltar an unspecified distance as well, so surely including the coast of Iberia, where now many submerged ruins can be found near Cadiz, submerged when Atlantis (named after a canaanite Atlas) went under, and the rich mining city of Tarshish, up the Tarsis River (Guadalquiver) at the site where now is Seville, then became the namesake of that mineral-rich region, the Kingdom of Tartessos.

    Obviously then Tarsus of the eastern Meditteranean, a city on the coast, was established after the sea level had risen with the end of the ice age, so perhaps the city was named by sea settlers from the west, the region of ruined Atlantis, those city builders part of the armada of invading Sea Peoples noted in ancient records of Egypt from the 1300 b.c. timeframe, the time when the Ships of Tarshish, known to have been of Spain, were noted in the Bible.  Explaining the biblical context for the real Atlantis is a great evangelims tool, so learn it and help spread the information, with a great reference source for you here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, sure to flummox the darwinists.

    Submerged Underwater Ice Age Ruins Ryukyu Islands Okinawa Taiwan Young Earth Creationism Apologetics Christian Evangelism Japan 2012 Methods Internet Blogosphere How Reach Japanese People Gospel Jesus Christ Bible Science Global Outreach Internet Techniques Plan Genesis Veracity Foundation

    August 17th, 2011

    I just saw on CBN that the churches in Japan are drying up, having been founded often by american soldiers after world war II, that generation is now mostly gone, and the fruits of their labor diminished greatly, sad to see.  So what would interest the japanese people in the Bible, explaining their ancient history in the process, so causing them to realize their history is biblical history when this new evidence is analyzed by those learned japanese people?

    Mysteriously bronze age in appearance, the submerged ruins off Japan’s Ryukyu Islands including Yonaguni and Okinawa have fascinated the japanese people for decades, those ruins which to any child look man made, but not to the mainstream scientists who can’t admit that man made ruins like those could have been built before the end of the ice age when the sea level rose prodigiously, so they say those step-structures, plazas, and ramps of stone, were caused by ocean current erosion, really laughable when you see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com (and note the material can be translated into japanese please).

    When the japanese people make sense of their submerged ruins’ “mystery,” realizing the ice age ended actually circa 1500 b.c. not 10000 b.c., then that the ruins are clearly bronze age, what the darwinists fear most, is rendered real by the biblical historical template and very strong science here http://globalflood.org, and on the biology of it all here http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, not what they’ll want to talk about at the universities, but very do-able on the internet.

    Six Days Creation Theory Apologetics Bible References Passages Verses Real Literal Proof Twenty Four Hour Period Biblical Exegesis Book Genesis Veracity Foundation Historical Table Nations Timeline Population Growth Since Adam Eve Origins Toledoth Writing Noah’s Flood Genetic Bottleneck Biology Syngameons Common Kinds Animals

    August 16th, 2011

    If the six days of creation in the book of Genesis actually indicates billions of years thought by much of christendom and the darwinists, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 listing the generational offspring of Noah and his wife is null and void.  What would have been th odds that names such as Canaan, Sidon, Eber, Ham, and Asshur, archaeologically and linguistically established in mainstream academics, would be integral names in both this real archaic history and the Table of Nations in the Bible only by coincidence?

    The achilles heel of darwinism is that the term species is meaningless; biblical kinds of animals, in today’s parlance syngameons, are the true breeding groups of animals found in nature, so the Ark need have contained only about 20,000 syngameons of animals, not millions of species, and the human syngameon was represented with the eight, Noah and his family.  So as the syngameons of animals spread out acrosss the post Deluge world, often across oceans carried in ships navigated by the method explained in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, both humans and animals then had adopted new environments, where the “races” of humans and “species” of animlas developed by genetic drift.

    Should therefore christians really be saying that the Bible indicates human history for many hundreds of thousands of years, and animals gradually evolving from swamp goo over hundreds of millions of years?  Noah’s Flood is surely the mental block for many, but see the great material here http://globalflood.org to make even much more sense of it all, and too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, real history, biblical history, corroborated with science when viewed with the proper template.

    Bible Biblical References One Day Like Thousand Years God’s Sight Relativity Heavenly Age Earth Time Distinction Reason Scriptural Literalism World Temporal Timeframe Genesis Veracity Foundation

    August 16th, 2011

    If the earth and universe are really in the billions of years of age as the darwinists and their allies (many in the church) insist, then considering the six literal days of God’s creation expressed beginning the book of Genesis, why didn’t God simply say a year in his sight is like a billion years on earth?  Do you see what I mean?

    Skeptics of the Bible treated as real history say that the thousand-years-like-a-day passages just mean that God sees time differently than we do, then why not a million years as a day at least, would that not make God seem more timeless than a measily thousand years?

    When you present this material to your many skeptical friends and interested associates, they might say that the ancients couldn’t count so high as to undertand millions nor billions, but not the case when you refer to the very ancient hindu yuga epochs of time, they are millions and billions of years, based upon the rate of precession of the earth’s axis and hexagon geometry, see article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, and be sure to checkout too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.