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    September 7th, 2011

    If you were to conceive of a way that some omnipotent force could use natural disaster to destroy all of mankind, what would it be?  People habitate at over 10,000 foot elevations in today’s world, no doubt too back in ancient times (at least in the summer to hunt and glean ore), and certainly always up to 5,000 foot elevations since the ice age, so are the global flood recollections from hundreds of ancient tribes today then of some huge trangression of the sea (the most recent I’d guess that the darwinian scientists would say since they say there were many), millions of years ago according to the old earth paradigm, or something much more recent, with names such as Manu, Nua, Noe, Noah, and Nu attached to the hero who rode out the flood with his family and the animals?

    People have always had trouble perceiving the real plausibility of Noah’s Flood, the way the Bible clearly describes it, because they can’t see the world ocean having risen to have covered for instance the Himalaya mountains, nor can I, who really could in right and knowlegable mind, correct?  However, when you realize that the mountains and continents uplifted at the close of the world flood while the ocean basins were sinking when the rapid breakup of the preflood supercontinent Pangea was coming to a close, it’s obvious why the folded sedimentary layers of mountain chains show no radial tension cracks in the folded layers thought to have been lithified when folded, it’s because those sedimentary layers were still wet and soft having been laid down during the globally catastrophic flood of biblical literature and many other ancient sources which the darwinists don’t want to talk about either for obvious reasons.

    Be sure to peruse http://globalflood.org for the mechanics and dating of the flood, and please do be certain to see Dr. Sean Pittman’s superb http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html for the fossil record which resulted.  And to know that “dinosaurs,” the erstwhile dragons of lore, have been with us since day one, be sure to checkout and be stunned by http://ldolphin.org/cooper/ch10.html, all kryptonite to the supermen of darwinism, but that’s intellectual honesty I’d say, let them try to refute the material, because after all, if Darwin was so right, then the book of Genesis should be easy to refute, but they know it isn’t, so learn more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and stay tuned to this blog.

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    September 5th, 2011

    When you search around the web for the science concerning when the ice age really ended, the consensus among the darwinistic geologists is circa 10000 b.c., yet equally bibliophobic nautical archaeologists such as Nic Flemming (who has seen hundreds of bronze age port structures on the shallow continental shelf) are forced to say that the end of the ice age was so gradual that the sea level rose in fits-and-starts for up to 15,000 years, from circa 18000 b.c. to circa 3000 b.c., because the presence of the hundreds of bronze age ruins on the shallow seafloor forces their admission that the submergences of those bronze age cities occurred certainly much closer to 3000 b.c. than to 10000 b.c.

    But the consensus among geologists and hydrologists is that the ice age ended rapidly, massive sheet flooding and catastrophic climate change when the mammoths were frozen in muck in the north, and when too the deserts of the world were forming in the middle latitudes, with many ruins of bronze age cities remaining now in those vast deserts across north Africa and western Asia, since the end of the ice age, which therefore clearly ended much later than we are being told.

    If you google Archaeological Evidence Contintental Shelf Bronze Age Nic Flemming, you’ll see his short paper citing some of the submerged bronze age ruins discovered, which when you add to the underwater ruins off Greece reported by other scuba divers too at Methoni, Alizea, Kyoneri, Kefalos (Kos), Stavros, Kalymnos, Karrathos, and Alonnisos (Kyra Panagia), and off Abdera, Astakos, and Plytra, make it obvious that the ice age ended really circa 1500 b.c.  Very interesting to note is that Julius Africanus wrote that the Flood of Ogyges occurred at the time of Moses.

    Confirming all this is that Plato said in his Atlantis story that Greece too was much more fertile with much more rainfall, proven by 300 bronze age settlements of Greece which now are beside anciently dried stream beds, from the ice age, when the rain fell much more there because the skies were much thicker with clouds, because the ocean was warmer, having been heated from below about a thousand years before the ice age would end.  Read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.  And if you wonder how they navigated from Atlantis and elsewhere, checkout article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com.

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    September 3rd, 2011

    At the big tea party rally in Iowa today, Sarah Palin called Bararck Obama’s big spending plans, such as for really fast trains, Obama’s Bullet Train to Bankruptcy!  Classic, what a line, I wonder if Todd thought that one up?  Viewing the speech, it appears she won’t be talking about school choice for lower income families, and all families really, that they can go to schools other than public with government money if that’s what they want for their kids, where for instance they can certainly learn how the ancients measured the earth by its slow wobble rate (see article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com), and that Charles Darwin’s term species is meaningless, substituting syngameons please, and those symgameons in the fossil record seeing http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, so is this not all legitimate science which should be available to youth?

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    September 2nd, 2011

    Plato’s story of Atlantis is certainly real to those seekers who have seen through the story’s internal contradictions and historical impossibilities which ‘though the unknowing either assiduoulsy ignore or haven’t heard:

    1)  Plato wrote that Atlantis was larger than Libya and Asia combined, and that it extended far inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) into the Mediterranean as far as the Tyrrhenian Sea (Italy) and Libya, and outside the Pillars into the Atlantic as well, how far he didn’t say, so since to the greeks of Solon’s time (he first reported this Atlantis story later recorded by Plato), Asia often meant mediterranean coastal Asia, and Libya coastal north Africa, that Atlantis was larger is certainly true, an ice age coastal empire, to the west of dynastic Egypt and the bronze age kings of Greece.

    2)  He wrote that the known historical greek kings Cecrops, Erichthonius, Erysichthon, Erectheus, and Theseus, lived in the general timeframe of the sinking of Atlantis (actually just after), with those kings confirmed by other sources to have lived circa 1400 b.c., when the ice age was ending, the sea level having risen described too as the Flood of Ogyges, who also lived in that timeframe, Plato’s confirmation in having written that Greece was flooded when Atlantis was.

    3)  The atlantean plain, to the north of the coastal concentric ring canal city of Posidon or Atlas (now submerged), with mountains farther to the north, in light of what you’ve just read, must be the plain of southern Spain, with the mineral rich Sierra Morena’s and Nevada’s to the north, the Guadalquivir anciently known as the Tarsis (biblical Tarshish) River, and the famous Rio Tinto anciently known as the Iber (biblical Heber).

    4)  Bronze age weaponry and shipping in Plato’s Atlantis story hardly jibe with the egyptian priests’ (who told Solon) 9,000 years before their time date for the sinking of Atlantis (and much of Greece), so why did they make-up that date?  They said that Egypt by their time was 8,000 years old, yet Greece and Atlantis began over 9,000 years before them, so who were the egyptians then who supposedly heard the story since Egypt wasn’t around?  And why didn’t Plato know the Flood of Ogyges story which would have made him think twice that the flood of Atlantis (and much of Greece) was the same as the Flood of Ogyges, who lived at the same time as the kings Plato mentions in the story?

    Please be sure to read on here under category Atlantis Revealed for more insights, see how they mapped the earth back then in article #2 at http://iceagecivlizations.com, and checkout the big overview of real history here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.