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    November 19th, 2011

    The egyptian priests at Sais told the greek historian Solon (later reported to Plato who wrote in his book Timaeus) that the Flood of Deucalion and Pyrrha was just one of many floods which had devastated much of the world in ancient times, the priests then saying to Solon circa 600 b.c. that the flood which consumed legendary Atlantis was the greatest of them all and preceded the Flood of Deucalion by many thousands of years.

    However the ancient egyptians never reported a global flood which covered the entire world as was the Flood of Deucalion because the ancient egyptians said that Neith/Athena (really Ham’s wife Naamah) prevented the global flood intended by Ra (Adam/Atum Ra), so the greek legend of the Flood of Deucalion, according to the egyptians, was not the same flood reported by the hebrews, which was Noah’s Flood, and the greeks (the Flood of Deucalion), that flood which completely covered the earth, but was a lesser flood (according to the egyptians) than the flood which consumed Atlantis (when the ice age ended).

    In the book of Timaeus by Plato, the egyptian priests were reported to have said that Solon stated that there was only one great flood in ancient greek history, the Flood of Deucalion, however, Solon and then Plato no doubt were well aware of the ancient flood at the time of king Ogyges, which consumed much of Greece, that same flood called the Flood of Dardanus, in the timeframe of those two ancient greek kings circa 1400 b.c., yet that flood was not cited in Timaeus (for whatever reason) in order to have contested what the egyptian priests were saying.

    Since the Flood of Deucalion was said to have covered the earth (the same as Noah’s Flood), and since the flood of Ogyges/Dardanus occurred in bronze age times, comporting with the trireme ships, weaponry and city building in the Atlantis story in Plato’s books Timaeus and Critias, it should be obvious to all that the flooding of Atlantis (and much of Greece) was when the ice age ended, the ice age having been caused by the warmer ocean, geothermally heated, in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, the Flood of Deucalion.  Refer for more to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Great Pyramid Giza Egypt Ancient Precession Time Clock Measure Metrics Dimensions Timekeeping Standard Royal Cubit Length Pharohs Astronomy Atlantis Astrology Metrics Layout Sky Earth Global Positioning System Constellations Star Mapping Earth Axis Wobble Rate Archaic Mapping Cartography

    November 18th, 2011

    When you realize that the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza are a reduction of the earth’s northern hemisphere by a factor of 43,200, the denomination of the hindu yugas of time, it becomes obvious that the calculations were from the rate of precession, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, a base six number proving that a six-sided polygon (hexagon) was circumscribed by a geometric circle of the earth to have determined the radius length of the earth against the backdrop of the stars (see now article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com), and so thereby, the circumference length of the earth.

    Mainstream scientists don’t want to digest and disseminate this ancient geometric mapping method because it legitimatizes scientifically the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), the ancient source maps for those medieval maps demonstrating ancient navigation of all the world actually during the ice age.  This notion is unthinkable to those of the darwinian bent, but within the young earth creationism template, it makes perfect sense, the ice age having ended actually circa 1500 b.c. corroborated by that Plato wrote of bronze age ships, cities, and technology in his account about Atlantis.  Refer to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Origin Ancient Numerals Global Counting Math Zodiac System World Tree Earth’s Axis Spindle Precession Numbers Time Cycles Measures Basis Babylonian Sexagesimal Base Six Royal Cubit Olympic Feet Stadia Distance Relationship Linkage Geometric Calculations Rates Universal Metrics Bronze Ice Age Cartography Nautical Miles Maps Ancient Sea Kings Plato’s Perfect Nuptial Number Great Year Book Republic HIndu Vedic Yugas Time HIstory Chronology Basis Hexagon Geometry Radius Length Circle Sphere Planet Earth

    November 18th, 2011

    The most ancient distance measures were based upon the measurement of time, not solar transit time, but the time that it would take for the earth to wobble once as it spins and rotates around the sun.  Before and after Noah’s Flood, the very slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis, its rate of precession, was known to be 72 years/degree (of 360), that’s 25,920 years for the earth’s axis to cycle once.  Plato knew this number, having cited his “nuptial number” to have been half, 12,960 years, and so not surprisingly, the ancient greek olympic foot measure (of 12.16 modern inches), calculated long before Plato’s time, was based upon that wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree.

    There are 6,000 olympic feet which compose the modern nautical mile, no coincidence surely, because the nautical mile is also based upon accurate timekeeping (arc seconds/minutes), so the modern foot length is not as was intended, to be a subdivision of the radius length of the earth, that radius length anciently calculated by simple hexagon geometry (meaning earth measure) according to the earth’s wobble rate, its very slow rate of precession, for when one side of a hexagon circumscribed by the circle of the earth is measured, the radius length of the earth is then known, thusly the ancients very accurately measured the size of the earth (see article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com).

    The royal cubit of ancient Israel and Egypt was also earth commensurate (as explained in the link above), also calculated by accurately having measured time, and since the ancient hindu yugas of time are multiples of the reduction factor of the earth’s circumference manifested in the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and as the babylonian sexagesimal number system, base six and 360 degrees to the circle, was clearly based on this archaic timekeeping method, it’s clear that the ancient world was accurately measured, even during the ice age (see Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Charles Hapgood) after Noah’s Flood.  Read more at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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    November 16th, 2011

    When did the ice age end?  If you talk to mainstream scientists of the darwinian bent, you’ll get a variety of answers.  Some say it ended slowly from circa 10000 b.c. through circa 5000 b.c. (when such as William Ryan at Columbia say the world ocean had risen enough to have broken into the Black Sea basin), while others say the ice age ended rapidly beginning circa 10000 b.c., that rapidity certainly indicated with the geomorphic evidences around the world of massive erosion from the meltwater runoff at the end of the ice age.  So what is the real answer?  Both of these darwinian interpretations are wrong as it turns out.

    Upon the realization that there are hundreds of submerged sites on the shallow seafloor of bronze age stone ruins found in many parts of the world, many of them in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, and when you also realize that there was certainly a catastrophic climate change at the time of the Exodus of the jews out of Egypt, corroborated in the Ipuwer Papyrus from Egypt recorded circa 1400 b.c., with many bronze age cities now stranded in the vast deserts of the world such as in the Middle East, North Africa, and northwestern India, it’s obvious that was the time of the end of the ice age.

    The ancient historian Eusebius wrote that the Flood of Ogyges, which submerged much of Greece, occurred at the time of the Exodus, and since the mysterious Sea Peoples invaded the eastern Mediterranean shortly after the Exodus, it now becomes clear that they were invaders after the demise of the ice age atlantean empire, so the greek historian Plato’s date for the submergence of that bronze age (indicated by his description of it) empire clearly was off by about 8,000 years, that date from the egyptian priests at Sais who apparently were ignorant of the submerged ruins of Heraklion and Menouthis nearby which were old kingdom port cities from a thousand years before their time.

    And so what of the Black Sea infilling, its connection to the world ocean supposedly circa 5000 b.c.?  Did you know that Pliny the roman historian wrote that the river Rhode in ancient times flowed down from the Black sea basin (at that time a huge ice age lake) to the Aegean?  And did you know that king Dardanus, the namesake of the Dardanelles strait, lived circa 1400 b.c.?  Now could it be any more clear that the ice age ended circa 1500 b.c., in conformity with the biblical timeline and young earth creationism?  To see that the ancient carbon 14 dates upon which the darwinists rely are deeply flawed, refer to http://globalflood.org, and for the big picture see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Bible Genesis History Science Global Evangelism Problems Solutions Christian Pastor Preacher Pulpit Apathy Ignorance Old Young Earth Creationism Tool Believability Full Gospel Jesus Christ Word Scriptures Continuity Noah’s Flood Biblical Narrative Genesis Veracity Foundation Where Does Real History Begin Old Testament Christian Witness Skeptics Questions

    November 15th, 2011

    When a skeptic of christianity asks you where in the Bible does real history begin to be recorded, what do you say?  Do you say you’re not sure?  Do you say certainly not at the global flood reported from Noah’s time?  If you say that, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, the record of the progeny of Noah and his wife through many generations (including the lineage of Abraham down from Heber), goes out the window too.  So now do you see that if you don’t ardently defend all of the Holy Bible as it’s written, then the skeptic will certainly ask why believe any of it at all?  Then what do you say?  Uhhhh?  How embarrassing!

    Of course preachers of the Good News of Jesus Christ by-and-large treat the time from Abraham onward as real history, yet the skeptic who asks them to go back ten generations from there in Genesis to Noah’s time always puts the pastors in the global flood crimp, what do the pastors say about the global flood clearly recorded in Genesis?  Uhhhh?  That is unfortunately their basic response, out of ignorance or fear, not wanting to touch the veracity of Genesis, part of the Word, the foundational book of the Bible, the flood which Jesus himself said is part of real history, so was Jesus lying?  If so, then what else did he supposedly lie about?

    Jesus the Messiah always said the unbelieving world would scoff at the message of the Bible, yet the vast majority of the pastors in America are joining in the scoffing, at the history recorded in Genesis.  Is that what Jesus would do, portray uncertainty about the foundational book of the Bible?  Skeptics see the book of Genesis as the achilles heel of the Bible, and the pastors clearly are in agreement, so help us get those pastors straightened out, to use Genesis as an asset for the propagation of the Good News, not a liablility, but a scientific and historical bludgeon against darwinism and its timeline which is treated as truth by the unbelieving world, referring to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Ancient Iron Bronze Ice Age Seafaring Navigation Methods Mapping Phoenicians Spain North Africa Lebanon Global Sea Transoceanic Voyages Mining Megaliths South Pacific Islands Australia New Zealand India Maps Ancient Sea Kings Atlantic Sailing Norse Iberians Libyans Epigraphy Canada North South Central America Barry Fell Diffusionism Pole Star Navigation Longitude Latitude Measures Celtic Cross Great Pyramid Giza World Geography Calculations

    November 14th, 2011

    Astonishing to the rapidly growing number of us who have realized that navigators several millennia before Christopher Colombus were sailing across the oceans of the world is the ignorance that the rest of the public has about this, largely due to the darwinian dogma taught in our schools that the Americas were anciently settled only by land across the Bering Land Bridge from Siberia to Alaska during the ice age.  The evidence is unquestionably clear that navigators such as the phoenicans were sailing all over the world in search of mineral wealth, copper, tin, and gold, with links such as http://www.rexgilroy.com/uru_chapter16.html  revealing these evidences for all the world to see.

    If you google search for instance Phoenicians in America, or Phoenicians in Australia, or Phoenicians South Pacific Islands, or Phoenicians New Zealand, you’ll see much evidence that the darwinists are trying to bamboozle the public that the earth was not re-settled rapidly by sea within only a few centuries of Noah’s Flood, having crossed the oceans of the world by the precise navigation technique simply explained for you in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, during the ice age which followed the global flood, the ice age which could only have been caused by a geothermally heated ocean (http://genesisveracityfoundation.com).

    You can do much to help remedy this ignorance of ancient transoceanic seafaring in academia today, telling your friends about it, and pointing out that the question of how they did it, manifested in the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), has now been answered by yours truly, a young earth creationist, the science of the future, old school man.  How long will you allow that our kids in school remain in the dark about this exciting topic?  Should they be allowed to think that the great ancient cities of the Americas were built by knuckle-draggers from across the Bering Land Bridge, not by sophisticated navigators from across the oceans as the evidence clearly indicates, and much to the chagrin of the darwinists?

    Ancient Knowledge Discovery Time Earth Measure Size Round Spherical Ball World Logic Observation Noah’s Flood Gravity Genesis Veracity Foundation Windows Heaven Fountains Deep Biblical History Geometry Arc Cosmology Definition Earth Measure Babylonian Sumerian Egyptian Hebrew Science Math Archaic Numbers Systems Origins Cubit Length

    November 12th, 2011

    The meaning of the archaic word geometry is earth measure, indicating the ancients knew long ago that the earth is a sphere, born out by notions such as Noah’s Flood, the global encompassing flood described in the Bible, the source for the water of the flood “the fountains of the deep,” so how could the earth have been thought to be flat when the water for the flood ostensibly would have poured off the supposed edges of the world?

    Did the ancient hebrews think the earth is flat but with elevated edges to have contained the water of Noah’s Flood?  Then the elevated edges would not have been covered during that flood which ‘though clearly covered all the earth according to holy writ, demonstrating that the ancient hebrews and other ancient tribes after the flood with ancestral recollections of the global flood such as the sumerians and akkadians (babylonians) knew that the earth is like a sphere.

    And bearing out further the ancient knowledge that the earth is a sphere is that term geometry, defined earth measure, calculated by such as the babylonians with their base six sexagesimal number system (like our modern nautical mile system), 360 degrees to the circle, the timekeeping for the method of accurate longitude measure the precession rate of the earth (the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis) against the backdrop of the constellations.  It’s the reason for the word geometry, earth measure, see article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com.

    The length of the royal cubit used by the egyptians, hebrews, and babylonians, was a calculated subdivision of the radius length of the earth, allowed by God’s benevolent intelligent design of the creation, and the geology of the earth reflecting the devastation of Noah’s Flood, such great evidence for the veracity of Genesis that you wonder why christians don’t confront the educational establishment with facts such as these, referring also to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com and http://globalflood.org, the science of the future, old school man.

    Bible Scripture Meaning Matthew 24: 37-41 New Current History Prophecy Same Just As Was Days Noah’s Flood Family Analogy Like When Son Man Jesus Christ Will Appear Second Coming Returns Rapture Harpazo Church Remnant Believers Jewish Messiah Liar Lunatic Truth Old Testament Chronology Young Earth Creationism Website Genesis Veracity Foundation Jesus Christ Timeline History Humankind

    November 11th, 2011

    When Jesus said in Matthew 24: 37-41 that when he returns to rapture the remnant of believers, his true church, the body of Christ, that those days will be as it was in the days of Noah and the Flood, was he really referring to just a local flood in Noah’s day, some swollen river or slight sea level rise which therefore obviously could not have killed all those who did not enter the Ark?

    So you can see that those skeptics today who deny Noah’s flood as it’s clearly described in the Bible, the flood which covered the earth, must logically deny the impending rapture of the true church out of the unbelieving world, and therefore, call Jesus a liar on both counts, seeing him really as just some lunatic, hardly worthy of the name Messiah.

    There is no good reason to deny the words of Jesus, after all, he is the Word become flesh having dwelt among us, with his belief that Noah’s Flood, as described in the Word, having been a real event of ancient history.  Don’t deny it, as it would be unwise to doubt that the rapture of the church will happen perhaps sooner than many believe.  The Bible surely is the infallible word of God, history and prophecy coming true.

    If you doubt the veracity of the Bible as an accurate book of ancient history, its timeline and Noah’s Flood the real deal, then checkout http://globalflood.org, and http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to see that all of the Bible is true, even the oft’ mocked book of Genesis, the science of the future, old school man.

    Holocene Environmental Science Professor Harvey Weiss Ancient Climate Change Energy Institute Yale University Bronze Age Collapse Drought Disaster Rainfall Agriculture Ice Age Precipitation Decline Reasons Societal Change Migrations Geography Mesopotamia Akkadian Empire Aryan Invasion Indus Valley Civilization Old Middle New Kingdom Egypt Historical Records Biblical Account Exodus Moses Jews Timeline Canaan Ancient Global Warming

    November 6th, 2011

    Because mainstream scientists have by-and-large not yet wrapped their heads around the fact that only a warmer ocean geothermally heated could have been the cause of the ice age, the fact that the ice age ended when the world ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, thus having caused a catastrophic climae change (drought in the middle latitudes), totally escapes them in their darwinian-timeline state.  Of course the fact that historic Noah’s Flood, the warmer world ocean in its aftermath, was the geothermal engine which caused the ice age does not encourage the bibliophobic mainstream scientists to catch this vision, yet it’s only hydrology 101 after all, that only a warmer world ocean having been heated from below could have caused so much more evaporation to have formed the much denser cloudcover for the ice age.

    And when you think about the demise of great ancient civilizations all at the same time ending the bronze age, such as the sudden end of the Indus Valley Civilization, and the abrupt transition from much more prolific and sophisticated Old Kingdom Egypt to the greatly diminished New Kingdom (documented with the drought-induced disasters described in the Ipuwer Papyrus), and the end of the Akkadian and Sumerian empires in Mesopotamia, many of its ruins now stranded in stark deserts as noted by Harvey Weiss at Yale, that time of the end of the ice age clearly sticks in the craw of those bibliophobes of mainstream science, their carbon 14 dating which ‘though is flawed (see http://globalflood.org) allowing them no admittance that the ice age ended really circa 1500 b.c.

    Harvey Weiss at Yale knows better than anybody that the rainfall decreased bigtime in the middle latitudes having caused the end of the bronze age empires there, and as a jew ostensibly believing the history in the Torah, one would think he would be jumping at the chance to scientifically confirm that there was in fact catastrophic climate change when the Exodus of the jews out of Egypt occurred, yet even ‘though everybody knows that the Indus Valley Civilization ended circa 1500 b.c., that time too when previously well-watered Old Kingdom Egypt indeed transitioned to far less powerful New Kingdom Egypt, Weiss refuses to acknowledge that was the end of the ice age, submerged bronze age ruins confirming that timeframe (see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com).

    Estotiland Greenland Mountains Zeno Map Narrative North Atlantic Ocean Sea Kings Origin Pre Columbus Voyages Navigation Accurate Longitude Latitude Ice Age Measures Grid Catholic Liturgy Hours Stonework Cript Scribbles Rosslyn Chapel Ashley Cowie Scotland Rhombus Lozenges Nova Scotia Link William Henry Sinclair Family Nicolo Antonio Carlos Zeno Venetian Maps Celtic Cross Brendan Navigator Americas Clan Galway Ireland Oak Island Bronze Age Settlements

    November 3rd, 2011

    Laughable is the notion that Christopher Columbus in 1492 was the first to have sailed to the Americas, because the Zeno family (Antonio, Carlos, and Nicolo) of Venice had maps drawn a hundred years before Columbus showing the accurate longitude of Estotiland (Nova Scotia) across the north Atlantic, showing Greenland too, that landmass on the maps without the current mile-deep icepack, the source maps logically then for the Zeno maps having been very ancient, actually drawn early in the ice age before the snow and ice had built up on Greenland, with the very accurate geography of the mountain ranges on the Zeno maps now confirmed by modern remote sensing devices.

    The Sinclair clan led by Henry the Earl of Orkney Island commissioned the venetian Antonio Zeno to navigate their fleet across the north Atlantic to settle Nova Scotia 50 years before Columbus, the Micmac indians of Nova Scotia memorializing their landing and neighborly treatment of them, and the Zeno Narrative records that Brendan the Navigator of Galway had sailed to the Americas almost a millenium before that time, so why do the darwinists avoid these facts of history?  They sheepishly don’t like to talk about this ancient transoceanic navigation because it renders more than plausible that the Americas were in reality settled by ocean navigators by and large, not by proto cavemen having trudged across the Bering Land bridge from Siberia to the Americas.

    The norman Sinclair clan’s famed Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburg has a stone cript with etchings on a wall of an accurate longitude grid, and above the grid, rhomboid (diamond shaped) lozenges, four of them, reflecting respectively the exact angles of the summer and winter solstices at Jerusalem (flat diamond shape), and above it, at the Rosslyn location, a less flat diamond shape reflecting the exact angles there, and above it, of Orkney island, and above it, reflecting the location of the Sinclair clan’s ancient homeland in Norway; Normans they were, the men of the north.  So how did those ancients surely measure longitude so accurately, that knowledge having been necessitated by very accurate timekeeping?  They measured the very slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com).  For the big biblical overview of history, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.