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    April 22nd, 2012

    Browsing the bookstore before the service today at the Second Baptist Church in Houston, not surprisng is that still no young earth creationism books are available to give believers and unbelievers alike great reasons to know that the book of Genesis is real history.  Yet with associate pastor Ben Young’s excellent sermon on Hebrews 11, about the fathers of the faith such as Abel, Noah, Abraham, and Moses, Young follows the lead of the Apostle Paul in treating Genesis as the authentic history which it is, so why doesn’t Second Baptist stock great books backing up the belief of the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ himself?

    Clearly the reluctant pastors at Second Baptist and most other churches are intimidated by “peer-reviewed” science, that which is accepted at colleges as undisputed fact, not wanting to ruffle the prided feathers of professionals in the flock who would be offended by their having the gall to present Genesis as it clearly reads with the scientific and archaeological facts to prove it.  It’s a shame that they are so intimidated, feeling little pressure from loyal believers who would like to see real Genesis history presented but sit by silently not wanting to ’cause trouble.’

    But what would Jesus and the Apostle Paul say about all this?  Would they say “yeh Genesis made sense to us two thousand years ago but not now?”  Would they say “yeh Noah’s Flood was just a swollen river in the Middle East, we all know that a flood could not have covered the earth, joke’s on you?”  Either you believe the Bible, all of it, or you look like a cowardly get-along too lazy or inept to learn the many great reasosn to believe the book of Genesis.  Help us educate and encourage these pastors to step-on-out to proclaim all of the message of the Bible, that message which only makes sense with the clear reading of Genesis as its foundation, seeing http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Noah’s Ark Size Capacity Logistics Problems How Did They Family Fit Hold Carry Millions Darwinism Term Species Animals Darwinian Evolution Labeling Issue Biblical Creatures Kinds Word Classification System Syngameons Reasons Genesis Veracity Foundation

    April 22nd, 2012

    When Christians allow the darwinists to say that “Bible believers don’t even believe in evolution,” the darwinists are allowed a semantic game victory, because Christians do believe in evolution per se, that’s natural selection within the respective syngameons of animals (the erstwhile biblical kinds of animals described in Genesis), so tell the darwinists that you don’t believe in darwinian evolution, this will level the playing field, taking away their unfare semantic game labeling advantage.

    Darwin’s finches were of one syngameon, their variable beak sizes which he said would lead to a new kind of bird, a new “species,” but as we all know, finches are all finches, big beaks or not, so the cornerstone of his theory is rendered ridiculous, his term species ridiclulous too, because many “species” can interbreed, making them of one syngameon, such as lions and tigers, or of another syngameon, camels and llamas.

    Using the valuable classification term syngameons, Christians can explain to the world how all the kinds of animals fit on Noah’s Ark, only about 20,000 syngameons of created kinds, including the syngameon of the humankind, our syngameon which following the logic of darwinism is composed of species, known as races, competing against each other, the “survival of the fittest,” so who says darwinism is not racist and should not be countered with the biblical model of creationism?  Refer now please to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future.

    Ice Age End Time Date Flood Legends World History Historical Geologic Timeline Records Ogyges Flooding Dardanus Atlantis Kumari Kandam Kususthali Trinidad Caribbean Iere Lost Continents Mu Sunda Land Atland Netherlands Oera Linda Bronze Age Sea Level Risen

    April 21st, 2012

    It’s really astonishing (if not considering the solution is biblical) that mainstream scientists and anthropologists completely ignore the flood legends of ancient lands consumed by the sea, quite obviously from the time when the Ice Age ended, for instance the legend of Kususthali, an Indus Valley Civilization ocean port city, the megalithic ruins of which are now found on the shallow seafloor in the Gulf of Kutch off India’s northwest coast, the Indus Civilization having flourihed from circa 2200 b.c. to circa 1500 b.c., when the sea level rose to consume Kususthali and many other cities around the world.

    Look at the many sites of ruins now submerged off Greece, demonstrated of bronze age vintage too, so they say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 b.c.?  Do you see the conundrum with the mainstream timeline?  King Ogyges of Greece is known to have lived circa 1500 b.c., a great flood of the sea having submerged much of Greece, that known as the Flood of Ogyges in ancient greek lore, and what of the hundreds of other sites of ruins throughout the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, all submerged circa 10000 b.c. when say our ‘best and brightest’ the Ice Age ended?

    The Oera Linda of the Netherlands speaks of submerged Atland, and to the west, across the Atlantic, the Yuchi tribe now of Georgia recall when the sea level rose to consume most of their homeland on the Bahama Banks, the submerged ruins off Bimini and Andros Islands so attesting.  And the Carib tribe of Trinidad recall the now lost land of Iere, consumed by the sea witnessed by their ancestors, all corroborative of the notion that the Ice Age really ended circa 1500 b.c., at the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt.

    In the Pacific the natives of Easter Island recall their ancestor Hotua Matua having sailed their when the sea level rose consuming the ancient homeland, probably now off the Marguesas Islands, and submerged ruins off Pohnpei and the Caroline Islands and off many other islands confirm this, not to mention the grand megalithic sculpted  terraces and platforms of the ceremonial complexes now found off the Ryukyu Islands in the vicinity of Okinawa, clear testimony that the Ice Age ended much later than popularized.  Learn more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

    Chronology Time Date Black Sea Flood Geography King Dardan Dardanus Ogyges Greek Russian Myths Legends Dardanelles Bosporos Strait River Rhode Ancient History Roman Historian Pliny Timeline Bronze Age Mythology Genesis Veracity Foundation

    April 21st, 2012

    The roman historian Pliny wrote that in ancient times, the River Rhode flowed down to the Aegean Sea from the Black Sea, clearly at the time when the Black Sea was a huge inland lake, because the river of fresh water flowed down from it.  The name of the strait now connecting the Aegean to the Black Sea gives us the hint when the sea level rose up the river valley to connect the world ocean to the Black Sea, the Dardanelles Strait, Dardanus having been a king in the 1400 b.c. timeframe.

    No coincidence is the Flood of Ogyges in ancient greek legend, he having lived circa 1500 b.c. when much of Greece was begun to be consumed by the sea, followed by 189 years of anarchy in Greece as the story goes, rule then established at Kekropia by king Cecrops circa 1300 b.c., that city later known as Athens with its Acropolis.  Does the name Cecrops ring a bell from Plato’s writings about Atlantis?  He was a king who lived in the timeframe that Atlantis (and much of Greece) was flooded in Plato’s rendition, when bronze age ships and weaponry were utilized.

    Theseus, Erechtheus, and Erysichthon were also mentioned having lived in that timeframe, all kings of circa 1300 b.c., so do you suppose the date of 9600 b.c. for the demise of Atlantis given to the Greeks by the egyptian priests might have been off just a tad?  And why did Plato not realize this?  We will never know, but since Plato surely must have known of the flood of Ogyges and Dardan, one would think he should have clicked on this.  Learn more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Reason Cause Time Climate Change Frozen Wooly Mammoths Carcasses Arctic Ocean Coastline Ice Age Conditions Higher Heated Surface Sea Temperatures Vegetation Growth Pleistocene Glaciers Meteorology Biblical Explanation Genesis Veracity Foundation

    April 19th, 2012

    For mainstream scientists, great is the mystery about the cause of the Ice Age.  They invariably say the atmosphere had become colder, yet then why did wooly mammoths, deer, bison, and even small mammals, flourish in grasslands where today is frozen tundra near the desolate Arctic ocean coastline?  Unthinkable to non-biblical scientists is that the ocean was warmer during the Ice Age, having been heated from below, so greater evaporation off the ocean caused dense cloudcover for much warmer winters and cooler summers.

    With this scenario, explaining the much greater snowfall inland for the Ice Age, the very cloudy Arctic ocean coastal regions received more rain than snow, because of the relatively warm air near the warmer ocean, much as Britain is today because of the warm Gulf Stream current running near her shores, the coastal land of the Arctic during the Ice Age rarely froze, having provided vegetation upon which for those large mammals fed.

    Therefore obviously, when the Ice Age began to end, it was because the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, for less evaporation which had supplied the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age.  It’s certainly just hydrology 101, but because the ocean had been heated from below, the fountains of the deep for Noah’s Flood having been the geothermal source, hydrology 101 is thrown out the window by the mainstream scientists refusing the only logical reason for the cause of the Ice Age.

    Of course when the skies had cleared for the end of the Ice Age, then the much warmer summers melted the inland Ice Age snowpacks, vast sheets of meltwater rushing to the sea, drowning and entombing the creatures in mud which then were frozen during the much colder winter time, the short summers thereafter providing not enough heat usually to thaw the mammoth remains.  Read much more about the nature of the Ice Age, in proper biblical context here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

    Importance Relevance Humankind History Table Nations Genesis Veracity Foundation Biblical Old Testament Chronology Preaching Teaching Whole Truth Scriptures Generations Lineages Good News Jesus Christ Word Ancient Sacrifice Sin Atonement

    April 18th, 2012

    When most preachers discuss for instance the life of Abraham, yet in other discussions say Noah’s Flood was probably not as described in the Bible (havng covered the earth), they make specious their claim for the historicity and significance of of the life of Abraham, who was just ten genertions from Noah and the eight survivors the global flood, because after all, what should be the significance of Abraham had he not been in the line of Shem (Semites) through Heber (Hebrews)?

    Do you see the slippery slope in not treating Noah’s Flood as the real history espoused by Jesus Christ himself?  If the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, the progeny of the eight on the Noah’s Ark, is not the true template for the settlement of the ancient world, then the Word’s claim that Hamites, Shemites, and Japhethites, and intermarriages among them, have been responsible for all the peopling of the world, is rendered historically invalid, crippling the message of the Word that it’s history to believe, not just a fairytale dreamed by sun-stroked iron age shepherds.

    The ancient nations were named after those biblical characters, the progeny which followed the eight on the Ark, names such as Canaan, Elam, Assur, Peleg, Heber, and Joktan.  And the major language groups today accepted by darwinian linguists are named (to their chagrin) after Noah’s sons, the semitic (Shem) language group, the hamitic (Ham), and and japhetic (Japheth/Indo European), so according to most preachers, this should be seen as all coincidence really, because without Noah’s Flood as described in the Bible, there were many other tribes on earth at the time of Noah.  Read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Website Bible Biblical Creationists Views Theories Atlantis Proofs Evidence Texts History Plato Critias Timaeus Historical Accounts Science Answers Genesis Veracity Foundation Institute Creation Research Old Testament Books Atlantean Legends Mythology

    April 17th, 2012

    Since legendary and mysterious Atlantis has been proven real history at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/submerged-ruins-atlantis/, then why do the other young earth creationist organizations not help carry forth the message that the Atlantean empire is proven by science and Plato’s own written words?  You’ll have to ask those organizations, the largest now Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research.  Please do, for they ignore these findings out of apparent professional jealousy, as bizarre as it seems.

    And if the information in the link does not seem to you fully logical and corroborated by history, archaeology, and science, then why don’t such as AIG and ICR attempt to say why the analysis ostensibly would be flawed?  We all know that biblical young earth creationism, ‘though coming on strong, is battling against the darwinian monolith of education in the public high schools and colleges, so for large creationist organizations to ignore major research breakthroughs corroborating the biblical model seems unthinkable, yet this is the situation.

    Answers in Genesis has published that the Americas were settled by people floating on debris after Noah’s Flood, randomly having drifted across the ocean, now is that not too funny for words?  Please inform those folks that the ancient navigation method simply explained here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry fills the bill, and ask them to please incorporate it into their teaching rather than random floating on debris across the oceans!  You can really help in this, so please ask the folks at AIG and ICR to get with the program.

    Origin Etymology Word Meaning Term Arab Bedouin People History Tribes Hamitic Beja Kush Ethiopia Ityopis Sons Semitic Heber Joktan Abraham Ishmael Progeny Middle East Arabia Horn North Africa Biblical Roots Chronology Genesis Veracity Foundation

    April 16th, 2012

    Arabic is a semitic language, the term Arab first noted in semite records of the Assyrians and the Jews (the Aravi in the Bible) from circa 800 b.c., that term apparently meaning wandering shepherds.  They certainly were the nomadic people first of Heber’s son Joktan (see the Table of Nations in Genesis), who settled in southern Arabia (Yemen), and then Abraham’s progeny through Hagar, the tribes of their son Ishmael who settled in northern and western Arabia circa 2000 b.c.

    The term Bedouin also is also associated with the nomadic shepherds of the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, that term derived from the hamitic Beja tribe of Ethiopia, their patriarch Kush (a son of Ham), whose son Ityopis (according to the Book of Aksum) was the namesake of Ethiopia.  So you can see the biblical fingerprints all over the Middle East and really the whole world, the Table of Nations certainly valid, look further here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to see that all of the Bible is true,

    History Etymology Word Geometry Method Who First Accurately Measured Circumference Radius Length Planet Earth Greek Eratosthenes Distance Alexandria Syrene Stadion Sun Shadows Angles Bronze Ice Age Rulers Regulators Maps Ancient Sea Kings Proof

    April 14th, 2012

    Ruler means two things, a regulated standard of length and the king who does the regulating, the ruler, so since geometry means earth measure, we can show that the most ancient rulers held power because they could measure and map the earth by astronomy.  The greek Eratosthenes of Alexandria circa 300 b.c. is credited to have been the first to have come close to accurately measuring the circumference length of the earth, his estimate of 252,000 stadion.  Yet we don’t know what was the length of the greek stadion at his time, so precisely what the circumference length of the earth calculated by him in still unknown.

    But what we do know is that the stadion length in more ancient times (during the Ice Age which too actually was the bronze age) was a precise subdivison of the radius length of the earth, hence the origin of the term geometry, earth measure, that archaic original stadion 1/10th of a modern nautical mile, with 600 olympic feet (each of 12.16 modern inches) having composed that most ancient stadion, the math and astronomy of that surprisingly simple ancient method explained here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry.

    So if Eratosthenes had measured the earth by the more ancient method according to the earth’s wobble rate rather than by shadows at Alexandria and Syrene, he would have calculated that the circumference length of the earth is 216,000 original stadions, 21,600 modern nautical miles, that precise knowledge of geometry, earth measure, upon which his ancient predecessors had capitalized to have been rulers, demonstrated with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), those ancient sea kings who sailed and settled all over the world, in line with the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 of the Bible, the science of the future, old school man.

    Neolithic Bronze Ice Age Settlements Saudi Arabia Ruins Artefacts Climate Change Empty Quarter Rub Al Khali Desert Biblical Table Nations Book Genesis Sons Tribes Joktan Qahtan Yoktan Yamani Yemen Travel Routes Incense Trade Hadramaut Hazarmaveth Arabs

    April 14th, 2012

    The Arabs know that their earliest ancestor was Joktan, also known as Yoktan, progenitor of the ancient Yamani people of Yemen, that tribe which beginning circa 2100 b.c. traded incense to Kush, Canaan, and Assyria.  Some of that trade was engaged across the now great desert of Arabia called the Empty Quarter, the Rub Al Khali desert, which circa 2000 b.c. was a land of shallow lakes and pastures, forests and streams (now called wadis), the long trip to the north no problem during the Ice Age.

    Across that whole region have been found “neolithic” artefacts of obsidian weapons and ornaments crafted from ocean shells which certainly prove the overland travel across what now is the driest place on earth.  And because Joktan along with his sons such as Havilah and Hazarmaveth (namesake of the Hadramaut region of Yemen) were the first people to have settled southern Arabia, we see the proof that was during the Ice Age, in the centuries after Noah’s Flood, the ice age cloudcover for the much greater rainfall having been caused by the greater evaporation off the ocean after the Flood, the ocean having been heated from below.

    Of course Seba, namesake of the Sabians of southern Arabia, a son of Kush, was also one of the earliest ancestors of the people who live in Arabia today, all these ancestors from the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 in the Bible, clearly demonstrating that the early portions, like the later books of the Bible, can surely be fully trusted.  The Arabs’ usually most cherished ancestor, Joktan, of the line of Shem, was a son of Heber, the Hebrews having descended from Heber’s other son Peleg, so the people of the world quite obviously all descended from the eight on Noah’s Ark, see more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.