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    June 13th, 2012

    A huge yet mostly untapped source of revenue is available to Hollywood movie-makers, but will they eschew their entertainment-industry-peer-pressure to ignore and even demean Christians and their belief in the real history of the Bible?  What’s a hundred million interested Christians times ten dollars per ticket?  That’s a billion dollars gross revenue for a movie which could cost only fifty million dollars to make using computer graphics and not-so-pricey actors.

    Who would not like to see a story about Noah’s Flood on the big screen, real history played out, that disastrous onetime flood which covered the whole world, the mountains having risen up through the floodwater at the close of that epic event?  Remember that in reality only about 20,000 syngameons of animals (not millions of “species”) need have been on Noah’s Ark, so creative license would certainly be taken to imaginatively establish the appearances of many of the animals, all the types of big cats for instance which we see in the world today having naturally selected from an original big cat pair, so what did they look like?

    When the catasrophically global flood had ended, the ocean was much warmer than today because of the fountains of the deep which were the source for the floodwater, that water having slid off the rising continents into the then deepening ocean basins at the close of the flood; warmer oceanwater having been the engine for the Ice Age.  Now what a great  opportunity for powerful computer graphics, a dream come true for those in that area of movie-making, they would be lined up for the opportunity to participate on the film.

    The characters would be fleshed out from the accounts about them in the Bible, the timeline and context established with the material available to all here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, so what is Hollywood waiting for, do they so hate the Bible that they would turn their back on a billion dollars?  And what of the few Christian studios, could they not muster the investors for such a project which could make them very rich, money which could then be invested in more movies on biblical history, fascinating to Christians and even the skeptics who would be tempted surely to watch?  Stay tuned, demanding such movies!

    Biblical Bible Origins Etymology Place Names Ancient Greek Table Nations Tribes Book Genesis Javan Ionia Ionians Graeci Greece Roman Name Tarshish Jupiter Grandson Timeline Japheth Elishah Elysians Helice Hebrew Knowledge Genesis Veracity Foundation

    June 12th, 2012

    How did the ancient Hebrews know the origins of the Greeks across the eastern Mediterranean, their founders’ names and their lineages?  My textbook from college at Dartmouth on ancient greek history mentions Javan as one of the progenitors of the ancient Greeks, Javan also listed in the Table of Nations in the Bible, a son of Japheth and grandson of Noah (which of course the college textbook did not mention), so is this just coincidence or is the Bible truly the template for ancient history with its Table of Nations laid out precisely?

    A son of Javan listed in the Bible was Elisha, namesake of the Elysians of Helice or Elis, and Tarshish was another son, who sailed far to the west to help found the empire of Atlantis (along with Canaan’s son Sidon and grandson Atlas), Tarshish the namesake of Tartessos (ruins now under Seville), that name later affixed to the city of Tarshish on the coast of Anatolia built after the sea level had risen with the end of the Ice Age when Atlantis and much of Greece and all the ice age coastline real estate of the world was consumed by the sea.

    The name Greece derives from the Graeci tribe of the Peloponessos, some of them having migrated to Italy, perhaps of the Pelasgian tribe (line of Shem and the Hebrews), where the Latins there named the Graeci’s ancient homeland Greece, over a millennia after the time of Javan and his sons.  The unknown ancient Etruscan language of Italy was Pelasgian, much like Albanian today, great seafarers all, having precisely navigated by the method explained here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry, the cubit the same as that used by the Hebrews.

    Where Was Were Bible Book Genesis Old Testament Who Wrote Scriptures Copied Based Upon Babylonian Jewish Captivity Mythology History Legends Sumerian Mesopotamia Flood Creation Pantheon Gods Iron Age When Modernist Interpretation Authors Torah Myth

    June 11th, 2012

    The bibliophobes of the modernist school of thought insist that the Old Testament was written during the jewish captivity in Babylon circa 600 b.c., where supposedly they concocted the book of Genesis and those which followed from ancient Sumerian legends passed down to the Babylonians, yet with the babylonian gods having been icons of the forces of nature, a huge pantheon of gods, then why did the Jews write about the creator God of all those forces which we see in nature, completely eschewing the pantheon of sumerian gods?

    And if we are to believe that the Jews circa 600 b.c. copied much of their history from babylonian legends, the Old Testament then having been written four hundred years after the time of King Solomon, so what god(s) were the Jews under Solomon supposedly worshipping in the great First Temple in Jerusalem?  The modernists haven’t answered that question yet, perhaps because they haven’t been asked, so please feel free to pop that question on them.

    So who did write down the Old Testament, beginning with the book of Genesis, the foundational book of all scripture?  Moses circa 1450 b.c. indeed compiled the ancient records, updating the names of some geographic locations from the more ancient names, then having written the history on papyrus scrolls available at the time from Egypt, that history having been recorded by eyewitnesses actually all the way back to the six days of creation, the first recorder having been Adam.  See http://genesisveracity.com/Articles/Article13.htm to see the rationale, and refer to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for the big picture.

    Global Repopulation After Noah’s Flood Calculations Geometric Progression Population Growth Increase Rate Post Deluge Settlement Continents World Global Navigation Arithmetic Earth Measure Geometry Book Genesis Veracity Foundation Bible Science History

    June 9th, 2012

    Many say that the separated continents of the earth could not have been populated within centuries after Noah’s Flood when the progeny of the  eight who survived, listed in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, spread out over the earth after the Tower of Babel confusion of the languages, but with a little simple arithmetic, you’ll see that the biblical template fits very nicely, the logistics comporting with what we know about the ancient world, the people groups having spread out rapidly

    The Table of Nations, the names of people groups and languages, truly is the template for the populating of the world during the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood, absolutely plenty of people having descended from the eight who survived on Noah’s Ark.  Presuming each couple had ten children (they could have had forty or fifty kids considering their great longevity in those first few generations after the Flood), by the time of the Tower of Babel, perhaps 150 years after the Flood, there were around 10,000 people, five or six generations by then born after the Flood.

    And so at that rate of population growth by the time of Abraham circa 2000 b.c., ten generations after Noah, there were millions of people on earth, at the peak of the Ice Age, which later ended circa 1500 b.c. at the time of Moses.  So how were the distant continents from the Middle East settled within only centuries, civilizations such as of the Olmecs in Mexico, and of the people of Yonguni, Japan, their megalithic ruins submerged there since the end of the Ice Age?  They measured the earth by its wobble rate http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry, fully able to navigate and settle the whole globe quickly.

    Plausibility Feasibility Noah’s Flood Global Deluge Logistics Probability Geology Geological Parameters Risen Mountains Depressed Ocean Basins Orogenies Runaway Plate Tectonics Catastrophism Year Long Noah’s Flood Book Genesis Veracity Foundation

    June 7th, 2012

    Noah’s Flood is said to have been impossible because the floodwater could not posssibly have covered the high mountains ranges, but when you realize that the mountain ranges rose at the close of the flood while the continents under them too were uplifted by displacement of magma below, the floodwater having rushed off into then deepening ocean basins which pushed more magma under the continents, you can see that Noah’s Flood actually is the superior model to rationalize the geologic record.

    About 90% of the continental landmasses are under 5,000 feet of elevation, the high plateaus and mountain ranges such as the Himalayas and the Andes composing the other 10% of the landmasses, so if you strip off that top of that 10% down to 5,000 feet, and raise the ocean bottoms by one mile from their average two mile depth, then the ocean would cover all the continents completely, a global flood!

    The new ocean basins sank at the close of the flood because their floors were mostly molten lava emitted through the rift zones during the Flood, so as those ocean bottoms cooled, they gained density, sinking down further on the molten mantle material below which was laterally displaced, pushed under the contintents, that caused the continents to rise while those ocean basins were sinking, seeing now http://globalflood.org.

    The thickness of the crust of the earth composed of tectonic plates compared to the molten mantle material below is like the skin on an apple, or like one yard of a hundred yard football field, very thin, quite fragile really, so with the runaway plate tectonics of the flood year, at the end, continental plates crashing into others, and subducted plates melting at depth to rise up as volcanic mountains, you can see that the skin on the apple was crumpled to a great degree during that global catastrophe recalled by many ancient people groups who had spread out all over the world by various means during the Ice Age which followed.   Refer now to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Global Flood Legends Noah’s Flood Reality Historical Identity Goddess Real Person Greek Athena Libyan Neith Egyptian Babylonian Ishtar Egyptian Isis Bible History Wife Ham Daughter Tubal Cain Iconography Ancient Mythology Book Genesis Veracity Foundation

    June 6th, 2012

    If you were tasked to write a tale about how all the ancient world was devastated by a natural disaster such that only a few people survived, would you conjure up a global flood which must have covered even the high mounatin ranges of the world such as the Himalayas of central Asia?  Ancient Hindus in the shadow of the Himalaya mountains wrote that the flood of Manu covered the entire earth, his family and seeds for planting all that survived, so how could they say such a seemingly preposterous thing while they considered those great high mountains?

    As your peruse the Global Flood Legends after googling those words, it’s clear that almost all the ancient people groups have ancestral recollection of a great global flood through which only a few had survived in a vessel landed on a mountain at the close of the flood, yet the ancient Egyptians said that Ra (Atum Re/Adam) only intended to destroy the world by water, the goddess Isis however having supposedly stopped it before it got started, so they are right while the rest of the people groups of the world got it wrong?  And why did the Egyptians even say that the flood was contemplated if it never happened?

    Isis in reality was the wife of biblical Ham, she having been one of the eight who survived Noah’s Flood, her name in the Bible called Naamah, a daughter of Tubal Cain who opposed God and tried to change the history in the Bible, Naamah having told her listening posterity that the flood never happened because of her power.  She brought the rebellious teaching of Cain (who murdered Abel) through the flood, that there is no judgment from the creator God, that the intellect of humankind, the religion of Satan, can provide the answers to all our problems.  See real history here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Watch Appearance 05/31/12 Creationists Debate TBN Praise Lord Host Matthew Crouch Ken Ham Hugh Ross Dominate Discussion Key Points Review Participants John Bloom Ray Comfort Eric Hovind Sean McDowell Book Genesis Apologetics Darwinism Age Old Earth

    June 3rd, 2012

    The debate raged on TBN between the young and old earth creationists, Ken Ham leading the charge for the young earth, as the Bible reads, and Hugh Ross for the old, as mainstream science says must be the age of the earth and universe, contradicting the clear history laid out in the book of Genesis where the lineages of the generations back to Adam indicate his life about 6,000 years ago (ten long generations before Noah), at the time of the beginning of the earth and universe.

    Ham predictably won the debate, the texts of Holy Scripture cited such as Exodus 20:11 rendering foolish Ross’s notion that God really meant to say the earth is billions of years old yet chose to say so in obscurely cloaked verbiage which only the educated would be able to understand after much study, code of course for Hugh Ross’s desperate attempt to shoehorn the billions of years mandated by mainstream science into the clear intended history laid out in the book of Genesis.

    Ross insisted that Noah’s Flood was a worldwide flood, but not global, whatever that’s supposed to mean, and Ham didn’t challenge him on that, but according to what Ross has said previously about this, he’s changed from Noah’s Flood having been a local flood of lower Mesopatamia to saying it was the end of the Ice Age sea level rise, which he says killed all humans but those on Noah’s Ark, how ridiculous!

    Of course the gradually rising floodwater of just a local flood or Ross’s “worldwide flood” now apparently espoused as the end of the Ice Age both would have been avoided by people merely walking to higher ground.  As Ken Ham said, if you don’t acknowledge the global flood described in the Bible then you leave the door wide open to the darwinian timeline to which Ross certainly adheres, claiming ‘though the darwinian evolution is not fact, but that God created the “species” of animals progressively through hundreds of millions of years.

    Ham also left unchallenged Ross’s use of the term species, that’s Darwin’s term, which actually has no classification value because many “species” interbreed, such that only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark.  And Ham said nothing about the Ice Age, which must have been caused by the geothermally heated ocean after Noah’s Flood, nor the submerged “bronze age” ruins which prove that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c., nor did he bring up the point that if there was no genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, only eight humans on the Ark, then the Table of Nations of Genesis 10 is rendered superfluous.

    And the ardent Ham, doing his best while ‘though self-hamstrung by his professional jealousy, thereby failed to note the ancient mapping method explained here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry which tells how the ancients settled the whole world within centuries after Noah’s Flood, the clans of the Table of Nations often having navigated to far-flung locations such as to where would be Atlantis after the Tower of Babel where the language groups we know today were manifested at God’s command.

    Effect Historical Impact Consequences World Global Spread Evangelization Bible Books Word God Old New Testament History Unreached People Groups Nations Indigenous Tribes Legends Laws Morality Mythology Ancient Chronologies Genesis Veracity Foundation

    June 3rd, 2012

    Think of the state of the historical record of world history known to academics 2,000 years ago.  The Greeks were uncertain about history predating the Heroic Age circa 1500 b.c., just the names of reptuted gods and their progenies having been passed down by oral tradition ’til writing was begun during the Heroic Age, the Romans’ knowledge really much the same, with the Chinese having had a rough template of ancient emperors and history back to circa 2000 b.c.

    The Egyptians clearly didn’t have much of a clue, having told the greek Solon circa 600 b.c. for their Atlantis story that the bronze age and Greek history preceded their time by 9,000 years, the ancient Egyptians clearly masters of historical exaggeration and distortion, with the rest of world’s people groups having similar vague ancestral recollections with no hard timelines established, oral traditions of ancient times long past

    So when the Bible was brought to the world after the writing of the New Testament, the veil of ignorance came off the ancient people groups’ understanding about their ancient histories, then seeing that the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 documents their origins, for instance that the global flood of Deucalion in greek lore was Noah’s Flood, the greek “gods” following real men, such as Sidon who was Posidon, Atlas who therefore was a grandson of Canaan, and Javan (greek Iawon), grandson of Noah, who was the namesake of the Ionians.

    The ancient Babylonians knew of the legendary global flood, their flood of Utnapishtim, their timeline for that catastrophe almost in line with the real chronology, yet their records were discountinued, while the Hebrew historical records were kept entact and expanded as the events unfolded, all recorded in the Old Testament, the Dead Sea Scrolls confirming that those records were never changed, records even from Adam and Eve seeing http://genesisveracity.com/Articles/Article13.htm, seeing the science of biblical history here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.