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    Answers in Genesis Ken Ham Probably Facing Decision Time on Noah’s Ark Encounter Project

    July 31st, 2014

    Despite spotty and often contradictory information coming from Answers in Genesis about the Ark Encounter project, and years of postponements, the best guess is that they have about 35 million dollars to spend, 26 of it raised with the bond issue, 3 million from AIG which had to purchase that much of the bonds to meet the 29 million dollar minimum participation to proceed (reported Mike Zovath), and perhaps 6 million or so remaining of the 15 million they have raised from donors over five long years.

    Several weeks ago, Ken Ham said they’d scaled back the project to 30 million dollars from 72 million, so ‘though the project may indeed begin soon, it’s hard to imagine it scaled back that much to be anything like they’d originally planned, unless a money floodgate opens up.

    They should instead do a movie, call it Ark Encounter, show all that they would with the original Ark Encounter idea and much more, including computer animation of the Flood, and then the dispersion of the tribes noted in the Table of Nations during the Ice Age into all the world.


    When Worst Biblephobic Skeptics See Truth of Genesis Offering of Salvation Looks More Real

    July 31st, 2014

    The most earnestly biblephobic skeptics confronted with evidence they can’t refute (such as at the foundation website) pause to consider that maybe the Word really is true, whereas previously, they had been saying Genesis is absurd so too must be the rest of the Word, who is Jesus Christ.


    Strong Christian Testimony is Very Good but How Much Better Joined with Genesis Historical Proof?

    July 31st, 2014

    A strong christian testimony about the great things Jesus has done is very good, but how much better that the one witnessing about the reality of the Word can make a very compelling case that the history in even Genesis is accurate?

    This is why pastors not advocating real Genesis have such a hard time, they can’t explain where in the Bible real history as written begins, since they are saying the early portions of Genesis did not happen as written.


    Indo European Word Wash Cleanse Same Etymological Root as Greek and Aryan River God Wakhsh

    July 31st, 2014

    No doubt the germanic root of the english word wash, which is indo european (japhetic), is the same as of the indo european river god Wakhsh, the Oxus river (Amu Darya) flowing from the western Himalayas named for that god, as was the Axius river (the Vardar) of Macedonia in ancient times, like the Wakhsh, where they would go wash.


    Pelagones of Pelagon Son of River God Axius of Macedonia Were Pelasgians of Biblical Peleg

    July 31st, 2014

    In Macedonia is the Vardar river, anciently known as the Axius for the river god of that name, his son known as Pelagon, patriarch of the Pelagones, also known as the Pelasgians.

    The suffix ski in polish is like the skoi in ancient greek, meaning the progeny of  . . . . ,” so apparently the word Pelasgian is from the ancient name Pelagskoi, meaning the progeny of Pelag or Peleg.

    In Uzbekistan is the Oxus river, named for the ancient river god there Wakhsh or Vaksu, same etymological root as the Axius in Macedonia.

    Peleg was well known in the Mediterranean, so needed to be rationalized with their ancient pagan pantheon, while on the slopes of the western Himalayas, there was no memory of Peleg, a famous mariner in the ice age Mediterranean along with such as Sidon, Javan, and Tarshish.


    Worldwide Evangelism’s Fruit Fulfilling Prophecy to Abraham That All Nations Would be Blessed

    July 31st, 2014

    With hundreds of millions of Gentiles worldwide and a rapidly growing number of Jews now having accepted Jesus Christ their Messiah for salvation, what Elohim told Abraham is coming to pass, that all the nations would be blessed through his seed (Jesus incarnated then resurrected), that His spiritual impact brings many into His Kingdom.


    Time of Events in Ipuwer Papyrus Dated Precisely to Timeline of Exodus by Secular Archaeologists

    July 31st, 2014

    Some (probably biblephobic) experts of the Ipuwer Papyrus (now housed in Germany) have pinpointed the time of the disastrous scene to circa 1430 to 1420 b.c. (based upon information in the text we suppose), which is precisely the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt!

    By that time really, the Jews were probably well into their forty year sojourn in the wilderness east of Egypt, when the fields of the Canaanites to the north in the lowlands of the Holy Land were turning to desert such as the Negev, the Jews destined of course for the highlands entering Canaan from the east led by Joshua.


    Honor Entering Throne Room of Elohim in Prayer so Christians Must Listen Two Way Exchange

    July 31st, 2014

    Being human in this fallen world, Christians too often enter the throne room of Elohim in prayer only expressing their needs, wanting physical answers rather than spiritual as well, so when the believer in prayer only talks, not listening, the King is certainly free to tune out for awhile!


    Long Time Born Again Christians Almost Smile When Trouble Comes to See What Elohim Will Do

    July 31st, 2014

    Born again Christians of many years having seen Elohim “turn lemons into lemonade” many times almost smile when trouble comes (almost smiling on the spirit level at least) anticipating how He will make the troublesome good for His purposes and followers.


    Wiki Backs Into Knowledge Confirmation That Germanic Tribes Began Speaking There After Ice Age

    July 30th, 2014

    When you know what you’re looking for, you can find such as Wiki inadvertently confirming young earth creationism, for instance they say the Germanic Languages were begun to be spoken during the Iron Age of Northern Europe circa 1000 b.c., not saying who preceded them, because the Germanics were the first, having arrived there after the snow of the Ice Age had melted into the sea!