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    Human DNA and Language Trace Back to Ararat Region so Why How Evolved Out of Africa?

    August 31st, 2014

    Afrcian languages and DNA trace back to the Middle East, as do those of all the inhabited continents, so why does anyone really think humans evolved out of Africa?


    Richard Freund Judaic Studies on Atlantis at Maurice Greenberg Institute Should Consult Finkelstein

    August 31st, 2014

    Although we know of no collaborations between Richard Freund of the University of Hartford’s Maurice Greenberg Institute for Judaic studies on Atlantis submerged circa 1400 b.c. and Israel Finkelstein at the University of Tel Aviv on the climate change which ended the bronze age in the same timeframe, it clearly should be.

    Freund says tsunamis submerged the ruins off southern Spain, but there are many deeper than the ones with which he is concerned, so considering too that tsunamis recede, and the global drying really worldwide in the timeframe being proven by Finkelstein, they surely should collaborate with Genesis and Exodus in mind.


    Jewish Scholars Hamstrung by Uniformitarian Science Conflicting with Hebrew Heritage

    August 31st, 2014

    Judaists lean on the veracity of the Torah, the first five books of the Word, so jewish uniformitarian scholars such as Israel Finkelstein, Dafna Langgut, and Harvey Weiss, realizing the climate change they are proving which ended the bronze age was in the timeframe of the Exodus (and the Ipuwer Papyrus), perhaps now are questioning their timeline for the end of the Ice Age, they say which ended about 8,000 years before the climate change they are documenting!


    Biblical Stances are Now Called Political to Stifle Propagation of the Good News of Jesus Christ

    August 31st, 2014

    Part of being a Christian is to condemn the act of abortion for birth control, because Elohim knew us before we were in the womb, purely a religious position which of course spills over into the political.

    But because citizens vote by such issues does not lessen that the notion is based on religion, pastors free to admonish those who don’t value human life as does the Word.


    Golden Sources Say ISIL Imminent Threat Juarez Mexico for Car Bombings Border Towns

    August 31st, 2014

    Judicial Watch, Breitbart, and now many others, are reporting that “golden sources” have leaked that ISIL attacks based from Juarez, Mexico, are imminent.

    Government spokesmen say they have no such information, while law enforcement agencies and citizens are being alerted all along the border.


    Tel Aviv Professor Israel Finkelstein Says Entire Bronze Age World Crumbled Time of Exodus

    August 30th, 2014

    Israel Finkelstein says that the entire bronze age world crumbled circa 1200 b.c., evident by the transition of pollen in Galilee lake sediment cores from oak, pine, and carob to pollen of semidesert types of vegetation, that period of desiccation (because of reduced rainfall) over several centuries.

    Atlantis was bronze age, come to ruin by the sea level risen, obviously when the climate was drying out, when the Ice Age was ending, the sea level rise at the time of the Exodus and the results of the drying really felt shortly thereafter.

    Scientists are realizing that climate change was global, having caused many ancient cities’ sites to turn to desert, clearly the end of the Ice Age, but a tough pill to swallow for the uniformitarians.


    OU Genius Move Belldozer Quarterback Blake Bell to Tight End to Receive from Trevor Knight

    August 30th, 2014

    OU football has a new tight end, Blake Bell, the “Belldozer” the last two years, having scored twenty five touchdowns from the quarterback position running short yardage at the goal line (he started eight games at quarterback so can pass the ball too!)

    He’s 6′ 6″ and 260 pounds, 4.7 second speed for forty yards, so knowing what a quarterback sees, he can get open on passing routes knowing the great ability of star quarterback Trevor Knight.

    Coach Bob Stoops says Bell has great hands, so the potential is there for 100 catches and 10 touchdowns, maybe more.


    It’s Great that Jewish Scientists are Establishing the Global Climate Change at Time of the Exodus

    August 30th, 2014

    Call it righteous that jewish scholars, ‘though uniformitarian, are establishing that climate change rocked the world at the time of the Exodus, scientists such as Harvey Weiss, Israel Finkelstein, and Dafna Langgut, who are demonstrating by the physical evidence in the region that rainfall was much greater in the Middle East before the Exodus.


    When Kids Learn Geometry Shouldn’t They Know the Ancient Origin of the Word?

    August 30th, 2014

    Geometry means earth measure, but kids in school aren’t told how the ancients did it, explained under category Earth Measure Geometry at the foundation website.

    It’s the ancient template for our nautical mile mapping system, how the Great Pyramid was surveyed, and the explanation for the anomalous Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, so should that not be part of a good education?


    Notice Uniformitarians Misrepresent Positions of Creationists to Try to Refute Biblical Concepts

    August 30th, 2014

    If you’ve ever engaged in or observed debate about young earth creationism, the uniformitarians invariably will misrepresent the creationist position, because they can’t refute the actual position, for instance they will mock that the ocean must have covered the Himalaya mountains in Noah’s Flood, while the creationist position is that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, seen in the geology.

    And they will say millions of species of animals could not have fit on the Ark, making it impossible, while the creationist position is natural selection within the gene pools of the respective syngameons of creatures after the flood, so only about twenty thousand syngameons of creatures need have been saved, this born out in “resurrection biology.”