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    The Bible Is Far and Away Global Bestseller and Enough Bibles for Every Person in World

    December 30th, 2014

    Six billion Bibles are now in the world (take that Harry Potter!), and every year it’s still by far the bestseller globally, a hundred million new ones printed every year, so what do the skeptics think is responsible for that?

    The Bible is not being forced on people (unlike the Koran and Mao’s book), they buy the Word or accept it as a gift for obvious reasons, that it’s the only fully accurate rendering of ancient history, that it reveals Elohim’s plan for humanity.

    Now consider how many people read the Bible on the internet, websites too such as Genesis Veracity Foundation to help put the Word in archaeological perspective.

    Everybody knows they themselves sin, all in need of the Savior.


    Sumerian Noah Ziusudra Etymology Like Pelasgian Deucalion But Different Creature Symbolism

    December 29th, 2014

    The germanic word otter is Indo European like udra in Sanskrit, a water creature, so Zeus plus udra makes Ziusudra, the sumerian global flood hero, while the Pelasgians called him a lion, Noah, in their language Deucalion.


    Latin Word Theos from Greek God Zeus by Pelasgian Deus Etymology for Lion in Deucalion

    December 29th, 2014

    The origin of the word lion is greek, more specifically, the Greeks having taken the word from their predecessors the Pelasgians for their global flood hero Deucalion, also called Zeus, Deus lion, so our word theos (as in theosophy) is actually from the pelasgian name for Noah!


    Attica Means High Place Like Acropolis of Athens Root of Word Attic of Pelasgian Etruscans

    December 29th, 2014

    Wiki says the word attic is Latin for the high place of the inside of a vaulted ceiling house, but doesn’t it look like the word for the land of the Acropolis (meaning high place), Attica of pelasgian Greece?

    The ancient cyclopean wall remaining on the Acropolis was constructed by the Pelasgians, their “high place,” that same phrase later used by the Hellenes for it, Attica (the Hellenic language did not include double t’s in their words), so the Etruscans of Italy who were Pelasgians had brought that name for high place, the Latin use of it “in the attic.”


    Charles Darwin Wrote That Women are Eternally Primitive Because of Their Smaller Brains

    December 29th, 2014

    Because women have smaller brains, Charles Darwin wrote that women are “eternally primitive!”

    He said women are like children, selfish, shallow, and darwinists even thought men and women are of differing species, men “homo frontalis” and women “homo parietalis.”

    Darwinism is also racist, white Europeans seen as the most evolved, deemed such by white Europeans, what a surprise!


    Seek and You Shall Find Him Elohim Who Rewards Those Diligently Seeking Truth

    December 29th, 2014

    If you can’t admit there must be the Creator then you still have that hurdle to overcome, but once you do seek Him the promise in the Word is that you will find Him, and once found, He rewards those who diligently seek Him, but it’s up to you, for Elohim does not impose His will, leaving it to you to decide.


    Why Hellen son of Deucalion Explains Greek History Elysian Hellenes Followed Pelasgians

    December 29th, 2014

    That the Hellenes replaced the Pelasgians in domination of Greece (when the Ice Age had ended) is reflected in the greek legend that the son of the global flood hero (pelasgian Deucalion) was Hellen, father of the Hellenes or Elysians.

    But of course Elisha (son of Javan) was the father of the Elysians/Hellenes, and the Pelasgians were named for Peleg (skoi/ski), a son of Heber, after Noah (Deucalion) having been their ancestor by several generations.


    John Ankerberg Show Devoted Only to Apologetics ‘Though Fails to Defend Book of Genesis

    December 29th, 2014

    John Ankerberg on his TV show, in siding with old earth creationism, has never walked through the implications of just a local flood having been Noah’s Flood, and so, really is not doing a good job at all regarding the apologetics for Genesis, the foundational book of the Word, shame on Ankerberg.

    Ankerberg’s old earth creationist darling Hugh Ross says Noah’s Flood was the Persian Gulf flooded when the Ice Age ended, so why should we believe that flood killed everyone in the world except those on the Ark?

    And if the Persian Gulf flooded was Noah’s Flood, then why did the Ark land on the Mountains of Ararat?


    Insertion of Leap Seconds Proves Young Earth Creationism But the Biblephobes Deny It

    December 29th, 2014

    Since 1972 because of the accuracy of the atomic clock, leap seconds have needed to be added about every two years.

    There have been 25 leap second insertions since 1972, the last one in 2012, with no negative leap seconds ever needed, all additions, proving the earth is rotating slower about .6 seconds per year, so tens of millions of years ago the days would have been only a few hours long, not at all in line with what the uniformitarians are telling us!


    Fest Emmanuel Will Be for Believers and Honest Seekers Many from Jewish Community

    December 28th, 2014

    Many Jews are realizing that Jesus really did come into the world at the time prophesied in Daniel 9, that the later Seder Olam Rabbah deviously compressed the timeline between Daniel and the time of Christ such that any messiah according to the prophecy would have come about 200 years after He in fact did.

    So they will be very interested in Fest Emmanuel in 2015, beginning sundown on Sunday Oct. 4 ’til sundown the next day, when Jews the world over can see that Emmanuel, Elohim prophesied to live among us, is Jesus Christ the promised Messiah, soon returning for his children (born again believers) and to judge those who will have rejected Him.