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    Sluice of Dardanelles Marmaras Bosporus Waterway Poses Ice Age End Timeline Problems

    January 31st, 2015

    Because of the sedimentary core sample evidence that the world ocean poured into the freshwater Black Sea basin much more rapidly than the slow sea level rise with the end of the Ice Age proposed by the uniformitarians, such as Ryan and Pitman have posited that the Hellespont isthmus was a wall of rock which kept out the rising world ocean until it finally eroded through where today is the Bosporus strait, then pouring through into the basin.

    But the Bosporus is a long channel, and below it a long channel too, the Dardanelles (the sea of Marmaras in between), so obviously it was the outlet from the ice age lake down into the world ocean which was a few hundred feet lower, the ocean risen about three feet per year up what could have been Pliny’s river Rhode (the Rhodanim of Genesis 10).


    Iranian Born Again Christian Population Blossoming Led by Pastor Reza Safa on Nejat TV Farsi

    January 30th, 2015

    Reza Safa with his Nejat TV network (in cooperation with TBN) has been beaming his evangelical broadcasts by satellite into Iran for the last nine years, now millions of Christians in Iran who are praying that their Muslim countrymen will become in Jesus born again avoiding the coming judgment.


    Mitt Romney Declines Presidential Run Says Young Candidate Best Bet to Beat Democrat Nominee

    January 30th, 2015

    Mitt Romney says he thought that he would be the best Republican to win the presidency in 2016 until one of the next generation has newly emerged whose message is not yet well known countrywide but who may be as famous.

    Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio come to mind (Ben Carson is old), yet Walker and Rubio have been on the national scene longer than Cruz who ‘though is the most famous leading one to suspect Romney will be backing Cruz.


    All That Erosion Goes Somewhere Into the Sea But Uniformitarians Say for Billions of Years

    January 30th, 2015

    Some rocks on earth are said to be a billion years old, yet those rocks and the others should have eroded into the sea within about 15 million years (assuming the current rate of erosion).


    Sedimentary Rock Layers Caused by Dozens of Ocean Floods Say Biblephobic Uniformitarians

    January 30th, 2015

    The uniformitarians say the ocean has risen up onto the continents dozens of times through hundreds of millions of years to have left behind the sedimentary layers which became rock, so what do they propose caused the ocean to do that, and where is the evidence of the landscapes between the ostensibly multiple ocean encroachments?


    NFL Fans Will Probably Never Know If Tom Brady Deflated His Footballs Whole Career

    January 30th, 2015

    Many say the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is the greatest ever, but suppose he has been using deflated game balls during his whole career?

    It was riskier to have deflated the balls for a playoff game, easier during the regular season games, so that perhaps throughout his entire career.

    Using a deflated ball is like using a junior football, easier to grip (for the receivers too), so what kind of player would Brady have been without that advantage?  Why did he feel the need to break the rules risking the scandal now embroiling him?


    If the Word Had Never Been Recorded Then How Would World Have Been Different?

    January 29th, 2015

    If the words of the Old Testament had never been recorded, those words which have not changed since (that we know of) circa 200 b.c., proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls, then how would the world have been different?

    The Messiah theoretically would still have arrived, ‘though without the prophecies preceding for His coming, yet hundreds of legends of the global flood could have been cited by Jesus to the nations the judgment which had befallen the old world, and the judgment which will come in the future.


    Atheists Bill Nye the Science Guy Plus Richard Dawkins Should Refute Foundation Truths

    January 29th, 2015

    We hope thousands of you will flood the inboxes (on Facebook perhaps) of Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye, challenging them to try to refute the material at Genesis Veracity Foundation dot com, for they have been blinkered long enough.


    Stubborn Judaists Surely Jealous That Gentiles Hogging the Preaching About Jewish Messiah

    January 29th, 2015

    The jewish Messiah in being preached in all the world, almost all by Gentiles, so isn’t it about time Judaists realize Jesus is the promised seed of Abraham through Whom the nations would be blessed?


    Would Satan Try to Undermine Foundational Book of the Word by Such as Darwinism?

    January 29th, 2015

    Assuming “against all the odds” that the history in Genesis is true, then wouldn’t you expect Satan to have come up with something like darwinism to be mankind’s “scientific” alternative to the Word?