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    Plato’s Chain of Being Began Official Racism Continued by Darwinism Now Countered by Word

    March 30th, 2015

    The supposedly enlightened British noblemen who hunted the “Aborigines” in Australia in the late 1800’s were learned of the theory of darwinism, killing Aborigines as if they were subhuman, rather elitist wouldn’t you say?

    Plato had begun official racism with his “Chain of Being,” non European people ostensibly lower forms of life, then with Darwin the notion was further institutionalized, the killing of the Australians bearing tragic witness.


    Interesting That Quran Says Allah is Greatest Deceiver While the Word Says Elohim Can’t Lie

    March 30th, 2015

    The Word says that He (Elohim) cannot lie, while the Quran says Allah is “theĀ greatest of all deceivers,” so in which deity claiming to be the Creator should you put your trust?


    World’s Leaders Turning Back on Israel Forgetting That Her Enemies are Cursed by Elohim

    March 30th, 2015

    The Bible says that those who curse Israel are themselves cursed, so all the world’s leaders today who offer no military nor any other kind of support for Israel are playing a very dangerous game on behalf of their people.

    World leaders supporting a two state solution for the Holy Land really support the destruction of Israel, for who in their right mind thinks that the Muslims sworn to destroy Israel will stop with a “Palestinian state” sharing Jerusalem?


    Cousins of Atlantean Elephants Roamed Ice Age Arctic Coastlines When World Ocean Warm

    March 28th, 2015

    The entombed then frozen elephants discovered in the tundra usually in river valleys of the Arctic coastal regions lived during the Ice Age, when the sea level was a few hundred feet lower, so they also roamed on the land now submerged, and when the sea level rose as the Ice Age was ending, they no doubt retreated ‘though walking into the prodigious meltwater coming down the valleys.

    Elephants flourished in the Arctic during the Ice Age because the world ocean was much warmer, so the coastal regions (much of those lands now submerged) were lush with grasslands and forests, evident by the plant remains with the elephants now frozen in the mud which became frozen tundra when the dense cloud cover for the Ice Age had diminished to today’s climatic regime there since the time of the Exodus and the submergence of Atlantis.


    Challenge Bill O’Reilly to Interview Creationist Considering Geology Hydrology of Noah’s Flood

    March 28th, 2015

    Bill O’Reilly is certainly a smart man in some respects, science ‘though not one of his strong suits (which he might actually admit yet reluctantly), so because without reason he mocks young earth creationism, he should be challenged to interview a geologist for the model to explain it to him.

    An intellectually honest O’Reilly would be told about the carbon 14 and soft dino tissue in sedimentary rock layers proving they formed only thousands of years ago, that sedimentary means laid down in water, and that magnetic reversals proving rapid plate tectonics are frozen in lava rocks which took only weeks to cool.

    The mountains rose at the close of the flood after the sedimentary layers had been laid down while the new ocean basin floors of lava were cooling to sink (atop the mantle), receiving the floodwater, which surely O’Reilly could understand if he’d take off his pinhead hat.


    Life Sometimes Wonderful But No Match for Paradise so People Not Saved Lack Anticiptation

    March 28th, 2015

    Although our lives sometimes include great joys and victories, pain and sorrow are suffered far too much, so professing Christians not anticipating His return for relief from this fallen world should reflect on their real spiritual condition, because born again Christians are waiting with great anticipation for His complete relief coming soon.


    Ten Straight Weekends of Snowfall in Boston Portends Honest Discussion of Ice Age Hydrology

    March 28th, 2015

    This weekend it’s snowing in Boston again, now ten consecutive weekends of snowfall there, which is certainly unusual, and certainly not indicative of global warming.

    Instead the global warming alarmists call it “climate change,” very convenient for their purposes, until they might realize the freezing temperatures in Boston in March are not that unusual, but the snowfall is, so obvious is that more warm moist air has been offshore to meet the cold air for this unusual amount of snowfall on the coast.

    Colder air of course should cool the ocean offshore, but it hasn’t, lots of warm moist air off the ocean all winter, which portends of course that the ocean has remained warm all winter despite the cold weather because of heating from below, as it was to much greater extent during the Ice Age in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood.


    Radioactive C14 in Coal Oil Diamonds Would Not Be There If Substances Millions of Years Old

    March 28th, 2015

    Very embarrassing for the uniformitarians is that significant quantities of radioactive carbon 14 are found in coal, oil, and diamonds, proving that they formed thousands of years ago, not the millions proposed by the biblephobes.

    See John Baumgardner’s excellent website (Global Flood dot org) to understand that all the radioactive carbon 14 in those materials should have degraded within fifty thousand years of their formation.


    Ostensible Christians Like Bill O’Reilly Mocking Biblical Creationism Must Answer One Question

    March 28th, 2015

    Bill O’Reilly, who mocks young earth creationism, must answer one basic question: if the Word is not accurate about the six days of creation and Noah’s Flood, then where in the Word does real history begin to be reported accurately?

    If O’Reilly won’t answer this question then he is the “pinhead.”


    How Could Soft Cell Dinosaur Tissue Last Millions of Years If Not Airtight Sealed and Waterless?

    March 27th, 2015

    Unless dinosaurs upon death were entombed airtight and waterless in the sedimentary layers, how could soft cell dinosaur tissue have remained for millions of years?

    Mary Schweitzer and Jack Horner among others document many types of soft cell tissues for which the uniformitarians have no explanation, because the layers clearly were not sealed from air and water for millions of years!