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    Ted Cruz Says New York Times Has Tape of Trump Saying His Tough Illegal Immigration Talk is Ruse

    February 29th, 2016

    Wrapping up the primary campaign in Texas today, at his press conference in San Antonio this afternoon, Ted Cruz announced that the New York Times has a tape of Trump saying off-the-record that all his tough talk against illegal immigration is just an act, so Cruz then challenged the New York Times to release the tape immediately.


    Media’s Malpractice Really Fraud in Not Explicitly Stating Polls Cited Taken Before Debate and Tumult

    February 29th, 2016

    In not telling viewers that the polls being cited leading up to Super Tuesday were taken before Trump’s very bad weekend, the mainstream media thereby are leading their viewers to believe the disastrous weekend for Trump has not affected his popularity, that is blatant voter manipulation, so how much is Trump paying them anyway, or is it that they just like the high ratings which he has brought for them to this awkward point?


    Common Name of Jewish Men Josh Same Word as Jesus so Latinos Have No Monopoly on That

    February 29th, 2016

    Sometimes others view naming a child Jesus somewhat bold, yet Jews are often named Josh as in Joshua, Yeshua.


    Just Say You Mean All People of Syngameon When Species Cited for Human Kind of Creature

    February 29th, 2016

    In the darwinian model, species are supposedly unique, yet they interbreed with other species of the same kind, in modern biological parlance of the same syngameon, only about twenty thousand of which need have been on Noah’s Ark, so those who use “human species” in their conversation need be corrected, for if not, the human “races” can be deemed differing species by the teaching of darwinism.


    School Choice Biology Instruction Would Prove Misguided Racism is Based on Darwinian Evolution

    February 29th, 2016

    Donald Trump learned biology predicated on darwinism, also Leonardo DiCaprio (at the Oscars) who said we are all of one species, but species is really a meaningless term, because such as lions and tigers are inter fertile (of a syngameon), so no more are they different kinds of animals than are black humans from white.


    Trump’s Bizarre Refusal to Denounce Ku Klux Klan Could Indicate Need for His Perceived Base

    February 29th, 2016

    The Donald surely knows the KKK is not popular in general republican party circles, so in refusing to denounce the KKK yesterday in a CNN interview with Jake Tapper, the short fingered Trump may be reaching out to the KKK types whom he does not want to offend, whom he apparently considers an integral part of his base, to solidify their support while apparently other support is waning.


    Noah’s Flood Rift Zones Lurched Tectonics Caused Scouring Deposition Across Vast Expanses

    February 28th, 2016

    During Noah’s Flood circa 2350 b. c., the rift zones in the earth’s crust separated rapidly when Pangaea broke apart toward the continents’ current configuration, lurching of the crust during that rapid separation, which caused massive waves to sweep across the separating continents to deposit sediments scoured off the Canadian Shield, the Ethiopian, Amazonian, Antarctic, and Indian, pre flood basement rock exposed.


    Read Plato’s Atlantis in His Critaeus and Timaeus to See All But Date Fit YEC Template Perfectly

    February 28th, 2016

    We hope you take the time to read Plato’s accounts about Atlantis in his Critaeus and Timaeus, to see that it was a bronze age coastline empire of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic when the sea level was a few hundred feet lower, during the time of the Pelasgians and the Sidonians (who were the Atlantean’s kinsmen), when global navigation was the norm. Plato’s date of 9,000 years before his (Solon’s) time is clearly a great exaggeration, unless you want to believe bronze metallurgy and global navigation were that long ago.


    Public Opinion Manipulation Obvious in Mainstream Media’s Reportage of Polls Taken Before Debate

    February 28th, 2016

    All the primary polls (except those of early voters) now being reported in the media were taken before the debate last Thursday night, such as the current NBC/SurveyMonkey poll, presented by the media as if the levels of support for the respective candidates have not changed after the tempestuous debate.


    Strength of Earth’s Magnetic Field Decreasing 7% Per Century to Continue Proven by Mineral Reversals

    February 27th, 2016

    To rationalize the shocking (to them) decrease in the strength of the earth’s magnetic field, a 10% decline since the measure was begun taken 150 years ago, the uniformitarians say a magnetic reversal will revitalize the strength, but magnetic reversals occurred only within a matter of weeks, during Noah’s Flood, proven by the various orientations of the magnetic minerals in mid oceanic ridge lava rock which took only weeks to cool upon extrusion on the seafloor, mineral orientation reversals in sedimentary rock layers too showing they were deposited within months.