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    Irish Trace Ancestry Back to Japheth’s Son Magog of Slavic Language Like Gaelic Brought by Gaythelos

    June 16th, 2017

    Gaelic is quite different from the other indo european (japhetic) languages of the european Atlantic seaboard, Gaelic actually similar to the Slavic languages of eastern Europe, because Magog in several ancient Irish chronologies was the progenitor of the Gaelic speaking people, brought to Ireland by the people of the Galicia of eastern Europe to Galicia, Spain, then on to Ireland during the centuries following the end of the Ice Age.


    People Knowing Elohim Given Conscience Reject the Teachings of Islam & Example Set by Muhammad

    June 10th, 2017

    When you compare the incarnated life of Jesus Christ to that of the man Muhammad, what becomes apparent is that the founder of Islam did so by force of the sword, while Jesus of Elohim used the “sword of the Spirit,” the Word manifested in the flesh, the Lamb of Elohim Jesus Christ having rendered all subsequent lamb sacrifices without effect and actually an insult to Him.