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    Previously proposed was that I become a regular on Bill Maher’s Real Time show on HBO, to help him boost his ratings and in the process spread the Good News through the demonstration of the Genesis account’s veracity; a win-win scenario for Maher’s show if he indeed chooses to sign-off on what surely would be huge rating sensations, the crazed darwinian atheist vs. the christian young earth creationist in a comedic format, who could ask for more? 

    I hope Team Maher will study the material under the various categories here at http://DancingFromGenesis.com, to familiarize themselves with what they’d be up against, and perhaps formulate some ostensibly humorous retorts, good theatre, great tv, Maher would continue being a fool if he won’t jump at such a golden opportunity for his pocketbook, but we shall see, and I’ll be sure to update with any good news on the Maher front.

    See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com

    Bill might be fascinated to know that the Palestinians, whom he seems to love over the Israelis, never have controlled anything more than Gaza, the homeland of the Philistines, their namesake, so since the Canaanites preceded the Israelis in Ur-u-salim, then Jerusalem, perhaps Bill could put out a rallying cry for the Canaanites to check their family trees to see who is and then go take back the Holy Land.  Is Bill Maher a Canaanite?

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