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    Space is matter too, part of the expanded universe from the big bang beginning point, according to that popular theory, which ‘though disingenously is then obfuscatively contorted such that the universe (including space) is supposedly limitless, not bounded, but the universe must be bounded, according to the theory, since the universe had a beginning point and expanded, so where is the edge of the expansion of the universe (including of course space)?   

    When you think about it, since time is a function of matter, what’s beyond the expanded universe (including space) is timeless, as they say, beyond space and time, that is the realm of heaven, actually thanks to the big bang theory, corrected, where then early during the six days of creation, gravitational time dilation was in play such that the distant stars are not really billions of years old, only thousands, because the speed of light was greatly accelerated.

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