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    Political Game Barack Obama Says Open Conditions Alaska Gulf Mexico Atlantic Coast Offshore Oil Gas Drilling Nuclear Power Option Attempt Appealing to Tea Partiers Republicans Won’t Work What’s Next Political Desperation President Barack Obama Will Oppose Roe v. Wade for Conservative Support?

    Barack Obama yesterday announced that offshore drilling could begin under comprehensive energy planning to lower energy costs, included now with his previously stated willingness to build more nuclear power plants, so how far will the guy go in trying to soften the wrath against him from the political center and right?  The way he’s going down in the polls, next he’ll be advocating that Roe v. Wade be overturned.  The left knows he’s just kidding about all this, just to salve the political center and right who ‘though also know he’s kidding, now almost everybody’s seeing through his deception.

    Ever wonder about the ancient origin of the geometry for the timekeeping numbers for nautical mile mapping, with arc minutes and arc seconds, such as used for offshore surveying?  Why base six numbers, does it have to do with the ancient chaldean number system which was a base six sexagesimal system?  Yes.  See article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.  Will Obama seek that it be taught in the public schools, still trying for the Tea Party vote?  Will he refer his national viewing audience to this blogsite to see strong evidence for the biblical beliefs of half of America?

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