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    Hong Kong based Noah’s Ark Ministries has pictures on the web of a wooden compartment, built with mortar and tenon carpentry (of eight inch-wide planks), discovered at the 13,000 foot level on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, they say one of several of these compartments entered, some with massive beams, and the whole field of wooden remains said to cover at least a hundred meters, much of it under lava flow and glacier, and at 13,000 feet, that’s 2,000 vertical feet higher than any permanent habitation throughout history there, so it sure looks like the real deal, and so what will the darwinists say, Al Gore’s summer home, or Osama Bin Ladin’s hideout?

    Of course the darwinists are already laughing about what kind of flood could have gone up to the 13,000 foot level on Mount Ararat, but they insist on their own self-imposed prideful ignorance of the fact that the mountains and continents rose at the close of that flood, so mountains such as Ararat poked through the floodwater toward the end of the flood as the new ocean basins of basaltic oceanic crust between then-separated Pangea sank as that lava material lithified, receiving the flood water off the continents as they steadily rose, much because of a massive shift of magma from beneath the deepening ocean basins to under the continental crustal plates, pushing them up as the flood ended. See http://GlobalFlood.org.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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