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    Did you ever consider that when the heroic age navigators Jason and the Argonauts sailed into the Straits of Dardanus to enter on-up-into the Black Sea, no mention is made of Troy on the promontory just south there of the Dardanelles?  The Argonauts sailed right past the site of what would soon be the great city of Troy because its founders, Troas (Troy) and Ilus (Ilium) were son and grandson of Dardanus, after whom the Strait to the Black Sea was named.

    Dardanus first sailed to the region after the world ocean had risen about three feet per year for a century or so with the end of the Ice Age, the flood known to the greeks as the Flood of Ogyges, when hill-tops became islands according to greek legends and literature, after which cities such as Cecropia (later called Athens), Pylos, Tiryns, and Troy were built, not before, but after the Flood of Dardanus and Ogyges, who lived in the timeframe when the Ice Age actually ended.

    The submerged bronze age ruins in hundreds of locations across the globe attest to the fact that the ice age ended much later then wer’re told by darwinian academics, rarely discussed in the mainstream media and schools for obvious reasons; see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for much more confirmation that history as is described in the Bible, the science of the future, old school man.

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