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    If you want to see the predominant truth of Plato’s Atlantis story, just remove his date for the submergence of Atlantis, and then what do you have left?  It’s a clear description of bronze age naval warfare, with the western Atlantean empire against the eastern Mediterranean league led by the Greeks, whom Plato mistakenly calls Athenian in his story, because Cecropia was the name of that hilltop fortress then, Cecrops was a king in heroic age Greece circa 1300 b.c., one of the kings Plato mentions having lived in the general timeframe of the demise of Atlantis.

    Cecrops helped Greece rebound after the catastrophic climate change and sea level rise which disrupted all the ancient civilizations, when the Ice Age ended at that time of the Exodus, the climate change described in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus, and according to ancient greek history, the flood of Ogyges, which was the flood of Atlantis, timeline corrected to 1500 b.c., the timeframe which truly matches all of Plato’s account except his crazy 9600 b.c. date for bronze age naval warfare.  And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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