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    With the patriotic people of Arizona standing up to Barack Obama’s open borders policy, now having passed some proactive get-tough legislation to deal with the half million illegals in the state (many of them creating mayhem), all Americans need to know that the mexican claim is completely bogus that their ancient homeland, Atlan, was in what now are the western United States, what they say is the “land of the herons,” there amidst a vast desert, go figure, let’s not let them rewrite history to ruin America.

    All too plain is that Atlan is the root of the word Atlantic, and the Popol Vu says the ancient mexican ancestors had come across the eastern ocean, which is the Atlantic, so could it be any more obvious that Atlan was Atlantis, all named after Atlas, a son of Posidon?  And Posidon was no god, just a man, great Sidon, who was a son of Canaan, can you believe it?  Read on under category Atlantis Revealed, and see why they said the legendary Atlas held up the heavens in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

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