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    Today Barack Obama said that latinos whose ancestors have been in Arizona since before its statehood can expect to have their legal status papers checked when they go for ice cream because of the new law in Arizona to get some of the half million illegals in the state to leave, so Obama thinks those are fourth generation since before Arizona statehood?  President Obama also says the Palestinians have claim to Jerusalem, when but the Philistines never controlled more than greater Gaza, and the Canaanites those who preceded the Jews in Jerusalem, so who and where are the Canaanites today, perhaps Maher, Chavez, Hitchens, Wright, Farrakhan, and Khaddafi?

    And in defending the illegal aliens’ supposed right to be here (Atlan was really Atlantis), not wanting their papers checked when arrested or questioned about nonrelated infractions, Mr. Obama apparently wants company in his plight to withold his papers, of the long form birth certificate variety, which makes you wonder what he has to hide.  Have you ever googled Frank Marshall Davis Obama?  I wonder if that has much to do with it?  It really seems there are many papers to be produced as the 2010 elections approach, and will the Canaanites rally to form the CLO, and can democrats win without the illegal alien vote?

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