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    Glenn Beck Show 04/29/10 Topic Franklin Raines Fannie Mae Ringleader Reassignment Patent Granted Democrats Eco Fraud Patented Environmental Computer Program Chicago Carbon Credit Trading Board Trade Operation Cap Tax Trading Air Obama Progressive Greenie Scam Global Governance

    Whatever happened to Franklin Raines, the scammer from Fannie Mae who gave loans to just about anybody, and why is Fannie Mae not being addressed in the talks about financial reform on the Hill, and why was Franklin Raines never prosectued?  The answers in order are that he began work on a patented computer system for Al and Barack’s Chicago Board of Carbon Credit Trading, the brainchild of the globalists of the progressive left, now implemented there, but no customers, so they are planning to use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as funding mechanisms for green finance, with the scoundrel Franklin Raines at the reigns of the mechanics of it, previously of Fannie Mae, what a ruse, and Glenn Beck is the only one talking about it.

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