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    Look at all the root cari’s in Caribe tribe, Caribbean Sea, Carioca (the original name of the Rio de Janeiro site), and Caracas; so what’s with this widespread prefix root word in South America?  It’s from the bronze age Carians, across the Atlantic beyond Atlan, submerged since 1500 b.c., the feather-headressed Carians who were mariners based in the eastern Mediterranean, related to the Hittites and certainly mariners extraordinaire, some of the first to have settled what’s now called South America, along its eastern and northern coasts, probably much of that transoceanic voyaging after the Ice Age ended, when all the bronze age civilizations lost much land to the sea.

    Ancient Carioca in Brazil (Breasil), now Rio de Janeiro, means abode (oca) of the Carians, the suffix similar to the ionian greek term (oika), the Ionians having been the famous aegean mariners just to the west of Caria (southwestern Turkey), so the linkages are undeniable, yet unthinkable to the darwinists, who ignorantly say nobody sailed to the Americas before Christopher Columbus, part of the big lie, because the ancient mariners sailed the oceans of the world by the navigational method explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, and note the Andes mountains and the Antisuyo tribe of Columbia were named after Antaeus, Antis, a name of the Quechua tribe of Peru, Antaeus of atlantean lore, and Atlas was the namesake of Atlantis, a great grandson of Ham, known as Cheron, or Chronos, the time man.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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