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    Favorite Rap Artist of Barack Hussein Obama Ludacris in New Song Says “Paint the White House Black and John McCain Belongs in a Wheel Chair” Barack Obama’s I Pod Regular Ludacris Sings Hillary is a Bitch Black Liberation Theology of Jeremiah Wright and Raila Odinga Revealed in B. Hussein’s Militant Afro American Associates and Endorsements

    Barack Hussein Obama says his favorite rap artist is Ludacris, who recently came out with a song called “Politics (Obama is Here),” in which he says the only chair for McCain is a wheel-chair, Hillary is a bitch, and the White House should be painted black, which is not music┬áto the ears of millions of Hillary’s supporters and Independents who are wondering about Obama’s character and ties to radical black liberation theology, which teaches that marxist black muslims and “christians” are spiritual brothers in their fight to “paint the White House black,” a notion no doubt which would be music to the ears of B. Hussein Obama’s longtime pastor and mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

    And Obama campaigned for muslim backed Raila Odinga in Kenya, but who lost the election, which caused Odinga’s muslim backers to go on a murderous rampage, killing about 1,500 non Muslims, causing hundreds of thousands more┬áto flee for their lives, and burning much property, as they marauded through the streets with machetes and torches; Obama’s crowd, a crowd no doubt in which Ludacris and Jeremiah Wright would feel quite comfortable.

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