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    Ludacris’ New Song Politics Obama is Here Shows Racial Hatred of Black Liberation Theology Obama Listens to Ludacris on I Pod Favorite Rap Artist Ludacris Says Paint White House Black Music to Ears of Jeremiah Wright and Raila Odinga Islamic Jihad Comes to America Distrusts Obama’s Crew

    With B. Hussein Obama’s favorite rap artist, Ludacris, having now confirmed more suspicions about Obama’s character and associations with his new release “Politics (Obama is Here),” in which he says paint the White House black, Hillary is a bitch, and John McCain belongs in a wheel-chair, look for millions more Americans to come over to McCain’s side for the election in the fall.  Ludacris (Obama’s favorite rap artist) sounds like the personal psalmist for the black liberation theology of Jeremiah Wright and Obama, and of Raila Odinga, for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya in 2006 (when the photo of Obama in a muslim hadj outfit was “leaked”), but who lost, so his muslim supporters went on a bloody rampage, killing thousands of Christians and displacing hundreds of thousands more, not what the leftwing press wants to talk about, but Ludicris has provided a wonderful service now, to show the true colors of Obama and his crew.

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