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    Ludacris’ New Controversial Song “Politics Obama is Here” Hip Hop Disaster Ludacris Harms Barack Hussein Obama Campaign Sings “Paint the White House Black Hillary is a Bitch John McCain Belongs in Wheel Chair” Obama Loves Ludacris Music I Pod Favorite Hillary Supporters Have More Leverage at Democrats’ National Convention in Denver

    Team Barack Obama may have jumped the gun in renting a football stadium for Obama’s supposedly guaranteed nomination speech in Denver later this summer, because Ludacris’ new song “Politics (Obama is Here)” has provided another headache for the B. Hussein campaign, popular in Germany, but dropping in the polls in the U.S., and now, with Obama’s favorite hip hop artist singing “Hillary is a bitch, and paint the White House black,” look for Obama to drop somemore, as the legion of funky associates of Obama’s continue to pull him down.

    Hillary merely suspended her campaign last spring, didn’t end it, so she has her delegates secured going into the convention, and Obama’s delegates can change their minds, so it will be a wild convention, lots of fireworks; and I think, by now, there are millions of Hillary supporters who are up to speed on the Messiah Lord Obama’s disturbing relationship with Raila Odinga of Kenya (who promised Sharia Law if elected), so look for an very interesting uprising at the convention, which will badly damage the Obama brand, perhaps even causing a mutiny, with Hillary emerging from the convention as the nominee.

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