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    Obama’s Ludacris Rap Song Problem Catastrophe Ludacris No Friend of Barack Hussein Obama Must be Working for Hillary Clinton Who Ok’d Ludacris’ Edgy Rant Against White America Did B. Hussein Know Rap Hip Hop Groove “Politics: Obama is Here” was Set for Release Did Ludacris Tell Obama about New Song?

    Who in the world (if anybody) told Ludacris that his new song “Politics: Obama is Here” would be of benefit to his supposed friend Barack Hussein Obama?  The song says Hillary’s a bitch, McCain’s chair should be a wheel chair, and the White House should be painted black, and since Ludacris’ songs are in Obama’s regular I Pod rotation, it’s obvious that B. Hussein didn’t ok the songs’ release, so you wonder if Ludacris is not really a Hillary supporter, as with “friends” like Ludacris, who need enemies?

    This will really jack up Hillary’s backers, and cause millions of undecided voters to go McCain’s way, and as more people learn of B. Hussein Obama’s relationship with muslim backed Raila Odinga of Kenya, the rantings of Ludacris and Jeremiah Wright will all make sense as normal fare for the black liberation theologist, the Messiah Lord Obama, who considers muslim jihadists to be spiritual brothers in his brand of Christianity, not what the American people are looking for in their next president.

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