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    Did Noah’s Flood Cover the High Himalaya Mountains How Could the Deluge of Genesis Have Inundated the Alps and Andes Mountain Ranges of the World Uplifted at the End Close of Noah’s Flood Caused Tectonic Orogenies of Continental Uplifts Runaway Plate Tectonics Compressed Mountain Ranges Rose Up Quickly How is Noah’s Flood as Described in Genesis Geologically Possible Plausible?

    Ancient tribes now scattered all over the globe have a better grasp of the geologic history of the earth than does mainstream academia.  Over 600 tribes have ancestral recollections of the global Deluge, the one written about in Genesis, and the geologic record actually bears out their understanding, much to the chagrin of geologists who try to shoehorn billions of years into the biblical account, so you may now be asking, how could Noah’s Flood have covered the high mountain ranges of the world?

    The answer is that the Deluge did not, because the mountain ranges rose at the close of the Deluge, uplifting the thousands of feet of sedimentary layers which had accumulated in the tumult of the global flood which scoured the pre Flood world, having then redeposited the eroded material in vast layers of sediments, which grade into each other, entombing billions of creatures, 99% of which were marine creatures, just what you’d expect from a global Deluge, because most of the drowned land animals (and humans) floated and decomposed in the receding Flood waters, as the ocean basins deepened, forcing up the continental plates by plastic flow of the mantle, like a waterbed, all resulting from the runaway plate subduction during the year of Noah’s Flood.

    Some continental plates crashed into each other, to form the Himalaya Mountains for instance, and some oceanic plates dove under continental plates, to heat at depth and then rise up to form mountain ranges such as the Andes, while still other mountains rose because of magma squeezing up through fissures in the continental crust, such as the Mountains of Ararat (where Noah’s Ark landed), which show pillow basalt formation or basaltic magma, indicating they uplifted through water (the water of Noah’s Flood!)  Read more about all this at http://GlobalFlood.org, and in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And be sure to see the big picture http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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