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    What was Ludacris Thinking about for Song “Politics: Obama is Here” but Now Going Down Dropping in Polls Ludacris Sabatoges Torpedos His Buddy Barack Hussein Obama’s Candidacy Campaign Why Did Ludacris Release Rap Tune Against Hillary Clinton and John McCain with Democrats’ National Nominating Convention on the Horizon Did Somebody on Team Hillary Clinton or John McCain Put Ludacris Up to This Rap Release “Politics: Obama is Here?”

    B. Hussein Obama’s favorite rapper, Ludacris, really did a number on his “buddy’s” candidacy for president, saying Hillary is a bitch, John McCain should end up in a wheelchair, and the White House should be painted black, in his new production release “Politics: Obama is Here.”  But not for long, as the Democrats’ blockbuster national convention approaches, just a few weeks away, with Hillary’s supporters already chomping at the bit, and now this, Obama’s main man in the rapper world calling Hillary a bitch.  Will this tune be in the Messiah Lord Obama’s regular rotation on his I Pod, as are the other tunes by the race-baiting Ludacris?  This song is not much different in tone than the other Ludacris songs, so if B. Hussein wasn’t running for president, you can bet he’d be groovin’ to this rap too on his I Pod.

    The Lord Messiah Obama and his crew, with such luminaries as Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, and Ludacris, have allowed America to see what really makes Obama tick, and when you learn about Obama’s relationship with Raila Odinga of Kenya, you will see that Obama’s pro black liberation through Islam position is more than just rumor, because Odinga had promised his Muslim backers islamic Sharia Law for Kenya if elected, and Obama actively campaigned for this guy, but he lost, which caused the Muslims of Kenya to go on a bloody rampage, killing 1,500 non Muslims, burning many buildings, and displacing about 400,000 people who ran for their lives when Odinga and Obama’s Muslim allies went crazy. 

    So with the Democrats’ convention approaching, and Hillary’s supporters surely fit to be tied, the nominating process will probably be a bit more tedious than Team Obama seems to expect, and there’s a good chance that many of Obama’s Democrat presidential delegates will change their minds, perfectly allowable according to the rules, but if Obama emerges from the convention as the nominee, he will be so damaged in the process that John McCain will beat him in a landslide victory in November.

    You have to wonder if Ludacris is really this clueless, or if he’s secretly working for Hillary or McCain, just stringing Obama along until this coup-de-gras against B. Hussein’s candidacy.  I’d be interested to hear what Ludacris says his thinking was in releasing this song.  Did he think it would not hurt the Obama candidacy, did he actually think it would help Obama?

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