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    Barack Obama Playing the Race Sympathy Card with Remark that Barack Hussein Obama would be Different (Half Black) Uncomfortable Face on Currency Dollar Bills B. Hussein Claims Racism when Associations in Muslim World are Obama’s Big Problem not TV Ad Equating Obama’s World Pop Celebrity to Paris Hilton’s and Britney Spears’

    In saying that Team McCain’s recent campaign commercial equating Obama’s pop culture global celebrity to that of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears is racist, Barack Obama played the race card with no basis whatsoever in responding that his opposition (with this production of a commercial using Spears and Hilton) is afraid of him, and he’d look different on the dollar bills of America (which of course shows Obama’s arrogance as only great presidents end up on our bills), and therefore, since Obama’s opposition ostensibly couldn’t stand a half-black guy on our dollar bills, they have come up with “racist” commercials such as this one which equates Obama with Britney and Paris, not known for their substance, but for their style; a fair campaign ad, one which Obama will just have to get over.

    And google Obama Odinga, to see that Americans aren’t worried about Obama’s skin color, but are worried about his ties in the Muslim world.

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