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    Air America’s Rachel Maddow on Race to the White House Says John McCain’s Campaign’s Britney Spears Paris Hilton Barack Hussein Obama Campaign Commerical TV Ad is Fear of Jungle Fever Half Black Obama Sexual Innuendo to Play on Supposed White Fear of Black Interracial Dating Rachel Maddow Say’s Team McCain is Playing Taboo Racial Sex Card

    Rachel Maddow of Air America Radio was a panelist on David Gregory’s Race to the White House tv show on MSNBC tonight, and she says the McCain commercial equating Obama’s pop celebrity with that of all-style-and-no-substance Paris Hilton and Britney Spears is actually a “jungle fever” play, supposedly linking Obama to Paris and Britney sexually, playing on the supposed fear of Americans of interracial dating and marriage.  Poor Rachel has lost it, and the other panelists were all but laughing-out-loud at the notion that the commercial was a “jungle fever” commercial.  What a hoot.

    And google Obama Odinga, to see why it’s not B. Hussein’s skin color which is bothering Americans.

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