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    You may have noticed that the “intelligent design movement” has all but faded away, really absorbed into its truly logical conclusion that either the history in the book of Genesis is accurate, as it reads, or Hugh Ross and the others in christendom who try to accomodate the darwinian timeline into the text are correct, but if Ross and co. are right (including that Noah’s Flood didn’t happen as described), then is there really any difference between their interpretation of the Genesis account and what the darwinists would say about it as it could be “interpeted” within the darwinian rubric?

    Facing this biblical dilemma (which shouldn’t be one), the thousands of preachers in America who avoid this issue are willingly playing into the hands of the darwinists, casting doubt on what’s written in Genesis in the very churches which claim to uphold the Bible as holy writ, so one cannot say they are defending the faith in full, as they lay in bed with those who would undermine the foundational book of the Bible.  And after all, as the skeptics rightly say, why believe the Bible when its first book is “pure mythology?”

    So see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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