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    Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, a typical progressive liberal writing for that magazine, with his reportage of General McCrystal and his mates speaking ill of Team Obama’s military capabilities and goals, apparently did not know that McCrystal actually fell on his sword of his own volition, to let the world know that the u.s. military (by and large) doesn’t like the way Team Obama is handling things.  And McCrystal himself, from what I have read, is a social liberal, however, fiscally, I don’t know where he stands, but with some military brass now saying our national debt is one of the biggest threats to America, I’d certainly bet that McCrystal agrees with this assessment, so surely, Mcrystal and millions of usually democrat voting Americans like him will be lining up to vote-out Obama, as Hastings and the Rolling Stone see the boomerang come back on them too fast to handle.

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