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    Saad Mosheni has hired a small army to protect himself from the Taliban as he comes and goes in Afghanistan, the first tv mogul there, and not adhering to the koranic dictates of islam in his programming, but to what the people want to see, with a Dr. Phil like call-in tv show, and one with exposed (by koranic standards) dancing girls, the programming limited at this point to these and just a few more shows, however, the ambitious Mosheni owns Kaboora Productions in Kabul, no doubt seeking great ideas for tv shows appealing to the afghani people, so how about their ancient history?

    Ever wonder about the name Hindu Kush, the mountains which run northeast to southwest forming much of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan?  Hindu is from Indus, the great river of Pakistan which flows down from the Himalayas, and Kush is the biblical Kush, son of Ham (the namesake of the Gulf of Chambay of northwest India), whose power and influence extended from those mountains in western Asia to Kish in Mesopotamia to the land of Kush south and east of Egypt, what darwinian linguists can’t get their heads-around because they don’t believe the Bible, how can that name Kush be so extensive from the ancient world?

    The Kusht River flows down into the caspian desert basin to the north of the Hindu Kush mountains, and the caspian basin contains the ruins of many ancient towns from the bronze age which but now are in the great desert of that region today, indicatng the catastrophic climate change which struck the world beginning circa 1500 b.c. when the Ice Age ended, good stuff for afghan tv, and that which should not really offend even the muslim taliban in Afghanistan, good educational tv for the afghan people, 85% of whom are illiterate.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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