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    During the 2008 presidential campaign, yours truly was blogging that if only hapless republican candidate John McCain would support strong borders and penalties against employers of illegal aliens, and would adamantly support school choice (vouchers), then he would beat even Barack Hussein Obama, which didn’t happen of course (and McCain now pretending to be catching up, so he should be a democrat), when but now it looks as ‘though the Tea Party will effectively control the mood of the Congress after the upcoming 2010 elections, with those two policy items on the agenda, and a strong defense of Israel too, an american tradition, now being thwarted by B. Hussein.

    The Bible says that enemies of Israel’s are enemies of God, so why would Obama want to put us on the wrong side of the God of the Bible when this president of the U.S. claims to be a christian?  Obama told Nicolas Kristoff of the New York Times that “the prettiest sound on earth is the muslim call to prayer at dusk,” so what’s up with that do you think?  Not exactly what you’d expect from a christian american president, but then again, one of Obama’s mentors (along with Frank Marshall Davis) was Jeremiah Wright, good buddy of Louis Farrakhan and Mohammar Khadafi, so that’s really just about all you need to know to vote the bums out.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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