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    How do you explain a death-row inmate who turns from mean to gentle after having received Jesus Christ as savior?  Who would he be trying to impress (besides God) with such a change of attitude and behavior when his time is so short, blaming only himself, repentent, asking all for forgiveness?  What purpose would all that serve if not that he were really a changed person spiritually, and so, meant to be a witness of the grace of Jesus Christ during his few days left on earth?

    And how would you explain his almost fearless approach to the end of his carnal life?  Would he have just decided to take that approach to impress his earthly dad, or would he have really almost been looking forward to his promising eternity with his newly accepted spiritual father?  The witness is clear, having tasted the joy of the Lord, which is our strength, he would have begun to experience God’s wonderful sense of irony, and humor, and miracles (of heart and mind at least in his case), and the sense that eveything is under control no matter how bad it looks on the physical plane, because our loving God has a plan.

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